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Box2d Todd's box2d Tutorial! Box2D-Home How to use only collision detection for cocos2d IPhone box2d | Ray Wenderlich "A SpaceManager Game | for iphone cocos2d box2d Forum

"Learn iOS: UI Series" Click the change avatar to read photos and take pictures from the album two functions

The functions are as follows:1. Click on the avatar to select the change Avatar Mode ① album ② Photography.2. Click on the album to achieve the replacement by reading the system album and getting the picture.3. Click on the camera to take pictures

Fourth three cornerstones of Android development-activity, service and handler (7)

Detailed analysis of message mechanism in 4.3.2AndroidLet's look at the messaging mechanism in Android in detail.A friend familiar with Windows programming knows that Windows programs are message-driven and have a global messaging system. Google has

iOS Network Chapter 2-HTTP Protocol communication Rules

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Http-hypertext Transfer Protocol) defines the transport rules for communication between the client and the server. Currently the latest version is 1.1,http is an application-layer protocol, consisting of requests and

Terminating app due to uncaught exception ' nsunknownkeyexception ', Reason: ' [<viewcontroller 0x19862

and the Xcode code runs to the Uiapplicationdelegate [self.windowmakekeyandvisible]; When stopped, prompt program received signal "SIGABRT"Today opened the project after the collapse of the title, the original project I changed xib so the hint of

Android Slidingmenu Property Description

Slidingmenu Introduction:Slidingmenu is a relatively new setup interface or configuration interface effect, in the main interface left or right slide display settings interface, can easily do a variety of operations. There are a lot of applications

Android ant automatic Batch packaging-with third-party project library

If you need to keep packing every time you pack, by constantly copying and pasting, when you hit hundreds of packs, I'm sure you'll go crazy, and of course, this kind of thing can be solved by our programmers, because our job is to make the tedious

IOS AutoLayout Automatic Layout Intermediate Development tutorial (5)-Modify the value of the constraint, defer loading

How do I modify the value of a AutoLayout constraint? There are 5 kinds of methods I have known 1. Modify the frame (sometimes it may not work, but can animate) 2. Modify the value of the float for the constraint 3. Use Visualformat language 4. Use

One of the Android source problem solutions (Input method)

This article will take a question and answer form, collect some of the usual changes to the Android platform source encountered problems. Based on the Spreadtrum platform, other platforms are basically similar to modifications.Case 1:What role does

About Apple's private API

IntroductionA. Basic KnowledgeIn addition to exposing the Api:published API (or the Api:documented API documented in the document), the APIs in the iphone also have two types of APIs: private Api:private API and undisclosed api:unpublished API (or

Based on Android2.3.5 system: ANDROID.MK file parsing

*************************************************************************************************************** ************Easywave Time: 2015.01.23Category: Android system source code analysis-based on Android2.3.5 system: ANDROID.MK file Parsing

iOS development nsdateformatter,nsdate and NSString date conversion, nsstring any format

Generally written in java+oracle background, may give you back the time style is this:2014-01-20 13:24:33Look at this time string is more complex, but the iOS SDK has been packaged for us to convert NSString to any nsdate or nsstringUsing the

Android Pre-upload signature

     android Program Signature detailed, packaged, posted to Google Play steps  . Category: Cndn Li CSDN android Android app sign Android app release Google Play release  2012-09-03 12:49 8674 people Read reviews (0) Favorites report androidgoogle

Lint Usage Summary of Android performance optimization

to be honest, pay attention to lint. The lint tool is often helpful for memory optimization, performance optimization, code specification, etc. in Android application development. After the development of each module, lint, there is an unexpected

IOS objective-c Runtime One: Classes and objects

// ---------------------------------------------------Reference: South Peak son's technical blog Http:// language is a dynamic language that puts a lot of static language in

Qt on android:http download and JSON parsing

Baidu provides a query IP attribution to the open interface, when you enter an IP address in the search box to search, will open by the ip138 provided by the Baidu box application, you can directly enter the IP address within the box query. I looked

Android Paint and Color class painting instances

To draw, you have to adjust the brush first, and then draw the image onto the canvas after the brush is adjusted so that it can be displayed on the phone screen. The brush in Android is the paint class, and the paint contains many ways to set its

IOS Certificate and Signature FAQ

 IOS Certificate and Signature FAQCategory: IPhone2012-06-06 19:57 9426 people read reviews (1) favorite reports Iosxcodecryptographyappleiphone TestDirectory (?) [+]Tutorial:Here is an article from a full-time iOS developer in Melbourne,

How Android Gets the multimedia files on the SD card

Get video files: Contentresolver contentresolver = Mcontext.getcontentresolver ();string[] projection = new String[]{};cursor cursor = contentresolver.query (MediaStore.Video.Media.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI, projection,NULL,

One of iOS apps-exception handling (Uncaughtexceptionhandler)

Use reasonIn the development of iOS, we will encounter the case that the program throws an abnormal exit, and if it is in the process of debugging, the information of the exception is clear at a glance, but it is sometimes difficult to get the

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