Android Advanced file access rights

Android is Linux-based, so file access rights are the same as Linux. where R stands for readable, W stands for writable, and X represents executable.File access rights are divided into three groups.1-3 Current User (app) access rights.4-6 access

Android Learning Notes Database (SQLite) (ii)

First, modify the table structure of the database (update database version).1, in the Personsqliteopenhelper class, the Personsqliteopenhelper constructor method needs to pass in 4 parameters, the last one is the database version. The Onupgrade

How Linux moves a copy deletes a file with a special literal character prefix (-,--,;)

In Linux systems, many metacharacters, such as semicolons (semicolon), spaces (space), backslashes (backslash), dollar signs (dollar sigh), question marks (question mark), and asterisks (asterisk) are often interpreted as commands ,-(dashes) or--the

Android for window jitter effect

When we enter the content is wrong, enter the next time, should not take effect, the page is not a hint of what is also not very friendly, this can let the input box shake a bitThe following will be animated animation, we can use a bit OHCycle.xml

The project file contains two config files, app. config and app1.config, how to get the configuration in the App1.config

To configure the C # foreground screen through a configuration file, Curiosity did the following: a new app. config and app1.config two profiles were created in the project,If you want to read the configuration information from App1.config, how

Reprint iOS Engineering adaptation 64-bit experience sharing

After all, still come. Apple has issued an ultimatum to support the 64-bit:As we announced in October, beginning February 1, new IOS apps submitted to the APP Store must include 64-bit support and is built with the IOS 8 SDK. Beginning June 1, app

Android Handler Details + example

This article mainly describes the use of handler in Android, handler with multi-threading, Message Queuing is very close, in the normal development of the actual program is more common. This article is divided into 4 simple examples.Handler Use

Android Data Cloud Sync (i) Generate Operation SQLite Record

Synchronous thinking:This paper introduces the data synchronization problem of the client for the latest data, which is often applied to the cloud notes, which can be used to remember similar apps.Here I built a ListView, the item on the ListView

Android First Use

*Just learned Android and did a feature to record the problems encountered1, when using the ListView, set the adapter adapter, forget the specific implementation within GetCount (), GetItem (), Getitemid () method, resulting in window leaked errorAt

IOS Runtime Notes

Objective-c language is a dynamic language that puts a lot of static language in the process of compiling and linking time to the runtime. The advantage of this dynamic language is that we have more flexibility in writing code, such as the ability

Android Ring Menu (Processed menu key and return key + added animation)

Don't say much nonsense, look first: Package Com.example.circlemenuofbottom.anim;import Android.view.animation.rotateanimation;import android.widget.relativelayout;/** * @author LZD * * qq:2622596982 * * Email:

Android Learning 22 (parsing XML using sax)

The previous blog was using pull to parse the XML file, but it was not our only option, although it was very useful. Sax parsing is also a particularly common method of parsing XML, although its usage is more complex than pull parsing, but it is

〖android〗 fast deployment of sshd and bash shells (Programs: droidsshd and Betterterminalemulatorpro)

~ ~ This article only makes the personal configuration record ~ ~Because I often need sshd to connect the device, it crawl Logcat log too convenient, easy to troubleshoot problems, and multi-person sharing ;And with the limitations of the USB hole,

iOS function variable parameters

1. The parameter type is the NSString type, after which the params is the first parameter followed by a comma and three dots (fixed format)-(void)  test: (nsstring*) params,... {    nsstring* curstr;    va_list list;     if (params)     {        //1.

An analysis of iOS development--KVO

Target: Listen to what's added to the Nsmutablearray objectThe code is as follows:C code -(void) Viewdidload { [Super Viewdidload]; Self.dataarray = [Nsmutablearray arraywithobject:@"1"]; [Self addobserver:self

Android Learning 21 (parsing XML with pull)

Parsing XML using PullIn order to test the data obtained from the Internet, we need to configure a server, I am using tomcat6.0, how to configure Tomcat I will not explain. After configuring the Apache-tomcat-6.0.39\webapps\root path in the next

Add a picture in the Android UI how to make a part of this picture transparent

You can take advantage of the canvas canvas class, which is a concrete way to see the official API.Http://'s the idea: do some processing of your pictures, such as making the upper part

iOS Development-Log printing (common)

Q: How do i print the current function and line number?A: We can print the current function and line number by using some precompiled macros as printing parameters when printing. Such as:NSLog(@"%s:%d obj=%@", __func__, __LINE__, obj); NSLog (@ "%

"WP8.1 development" uses mobile phones to control multimedia playback of computers

In order to use the computer to watch the movie convenient control, I suddenly think, do a mobile app to remotely adjust the volume on the computer through the wireless network. After the success of the attempt, I thought, just the volume seems

News that Apple Watch will be released in March retail staff starts training in mid-February

Sources say Apple has completed the development of Apple Watch software. Apple Watch is scheduled for sale at the end of March. Earlier, Apple said Apple Watch would be on sale in early 2015. Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of Apple Retail,

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