Android--Camera2 (Android5.0)

Camera2Camera2 is one of the new features in Android5.0, the new API. Compared to the original camera API, the difference is: Native support Raw photo output Burst shooting mode It is no longer software but hardware that restricts

Conditional compilation issues for Android platform Java code

In the code development process, whether it is C + + or Java, it is necessary to face the problem of porting the platform, so it is inevitable to consider the issue of conditional compilation. The implementation of conditional compilation is easy to

Jni_android in the project call. So dynamic Library implementation

Transferred from: Create a project in eclipse: Testjni2. Create a new Class:TestJNI.javaPackage Com.wwj.jni; Public class Testjni { public native Boolean Init (); Public int ADD (intint y); Public void

Android implements IP address input for imitation computers

The need has recently been changed to a special,It 's estimated that some people have come across this disgusting demand.,The client actually needs to enterIPAddress,I feel a little ripped .,Customer InputIPAddress,hehe,anyway,No, it's not

Wix installation Deployment (v) Bootstrapper bundled installation

The XML configuration of WiX is really laborious, it's a bit like a spit slot, the first four completed features in Windows Installer through the configuration can quickly get out. Unfortunately, there are a lot of locking features in the

General CSS style summary for mobile WebApp development

The HTML page tags I used:SECTION,DIV,ARTICAL,P,OL,UL,LI,HEADER,FOOTER,SPAN,FORM,INPUT,LABEL,H1,H2,H3, I will not say the details, only to the novice said, why so many labels, Can you solve the whole project with only 16 of them?The reason is not to

G Push curved screen mobile phone second generation: Back scratch self-healing in just 10 seconds

January 6, 2015 morning News, South Korean manufacturers LG in CES2015 U.S. consumer Electronics Show formally launched the next generation of curved mobile phone LG G Flex 2, compared to the full improvement of hardware configuration, and has a

Deep understanding of Android (1)--understanding JNI in Android

I took part in the CSDN blog star selection, if in the past a period of time the Sun Cockroach's blog to help you, here hope to be able to cast your precious vote, every day can be cast once: ? username=

Windows (free cygwin) Eclipse debugging C + + (COCOS2DX Android)

Original link: say Windows under, Mac under the lastEnvironment: win8.1, Java 1.5, Eclipse 4.3.1, ADT bundle 22.6.2.v20140321, NDK r8e, Cocos2dx 2.2.3Prerequisite: Download Good cocos2dx, NDK (r8e

iOS Development-Project renaming (graphic)

PS: Canvassing ~I participated in the 2014 Blog Star Contest, please help cast the voteHttp:// In iOS development, sometimes want to change the name of the project, will

A summary discussion of how to uniquely identify an Android device

Presumably when you're developing an Android project, you'll have a few more questions like "How to uniquely identify an Android device." Not only before, but even now and in the foreseeable future, this problem will persist.If you use search tools

iOS Learning notes-data persistence

In iOS learning process, sometimes need to maintain user data, such as login information, user settings, etc., this time need to learn data persistence, this section of the main learning iOS data persistence related knowledge.There are four ways to

Android so Lib library remote HTTP download and dynamic registration

I. BACKGROUNDIn the development of Android application implementation, sometimes need to introduce third party so Lib library, but third party so cubby larger, such as open source third party play component FFmpeg library, if directly packaged APK

Mobile app Security Development Guide (Android)--Data storage

1.Data Storage overview Mobile apps often need to handle sensitive data related to users or business in certain scenarios (such as user logins), sometimes to meet certain business needs, and to store sensitive data locally, and

(Android) Use of the Parcelable interface

What is parcelable? Parcelable, defines the interface that writes data to parcel, and reads from parcel. An entity (represented by a class), if it needs to be encapsulated in a message, the interface must be implemented and the interface is

Solve the problem that the right text of Android comes with TextView is not aligned

1 PackageCom.sixin.view;2 3 ImportAndroid.content.Context;4;5 Importandroid.text.Layout;6 Importandroid.text.StaticLayout;7 ImportAndroid.text.TextPaint;8 ImportAndroid.util.AttributeSet;9 ImportAndroid.widget.TextView;

Android Mobile Web Integration Webtrends

Recently, you need to integrate WebTrends under Android in the Sencha Touch + phonegap architecture, documenting some of the processesCheck the Xia Guan Network SDK description, it seems to support in mixed mode to do something, the approximate

Android executes sqlite3 script via PC script


Recent research on some of the Android DB frameworks in the market requires a lot of repetitive input, such as/data/data/com.example.testandroiddb/Databasessqlite3 demo.dbCREATE TABLE xxx;Insert xxx;select * from XXX;...Very inconvenient, just want

Unity in the mobile platform, file operation path detailed

today, this article is actually a commonplace problem, similar articles on the internet abound, here I just do a detailed summaryconvenient for everyone to better, faster grasp, of course, if there are insufficient places to welcome correction!!!we

"Android Layout" set Android:gravity and Android:layout_gravity properties in your program

The Android:gravity and Android:layout_gravity properties may often be used in the UI layout.On the difference between these two attributes, there are already many people on the internet to explain, this way to briefly say. (Information from the

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