iOS push service, PHP server

This article reprinted to certificateCertificate Generation Reference: Https:// generate three filesXxx.cerXxx.certsigningrequestXxx.p12Using PHP for push

iOS Development Swift Chapter-Brief introduction

iOS Development Swift Chapter-Brief introductionFirst, IntroductionSwift is Apple's new programming language released in 2014 by WWDC (Apple Developer Conference)Swift in the Chinese translation of the "Swift", is its logo is a swallow, like

IIS7.5 APPCMD simple usage and examples

1 adding applications to the poolAppcmd.exe add apppool/ "v4.0"/managedpipelinemode: "Integrated"2 add site, specify site name, bind, physical pathAppcmd.exe add Site/name: ""/id:1/bindings:http/*:81

iOS Development swift-functions

Definition of a function(1) The definition format of the function1 func function name (formal parameter list)--return value type {2 //function body ... 3 4}(2) format of formal parameter listFormal parameter name 1: Parameter type 1, parameter

IOS 8: "Go" to maximize the Xcode Debug Console window

Source Address: how to get back the console windows in XCode4 made a little change, Run when the automatic switch to Console Tab and is to maximize the display, the effect

How to find the optimal adaptation resources for Android

when we provide a number of different resource files available for Android when the system is selected, Android The resource that best matches the current configuration is selected at run time according to a set of rules that are adapted. To

----Common macro definitions and explanations for iOS development

__file__directory where the current file is located__date__"Alternate text" is a string literal with a compile date formatted as "MM DD yyyy" (For example: "Mar 19 2006"). If the date is less than 10th, a space character is placed in front of the

"COCOS2D-JS Official Document" 24, how to use JS directly on the Android platform to call the Java method

A new feature has been added to the Cocos2d-js 3.0beta, which allows us to invoke Java's static methods directly in JS via reflection on the Android platform. The way it's used is simple:var o = Jsb.reflection.callStaticMethod (ClassName, MethodName,

"Go" 5 ways to test mobile websites and simulate mobile browsers on your PC

Looked up a lot of information, tried most of the methods, the following will be the efforts of the day to share to everyone, but also let everyone avoid reading so many articles, the following methods, are I personally test the success of the

Android Development-api Guide-<data>


English Original: (update) Date: 2014-6-30Moved from the original blog: Grammar:

Decrypt internal logic in all apps ' running process

Add: 0x01 Preface These days, APK is all encrypted ah, Shell Ah, anti-debugging Ah, the small partners said that they have been unable to play happily. Static analysis is more and more unreliable, Apktool,

Android System Startup Research 1

The Android system is huge, and it takes a long time to figure out how the system works. The system startup section looked several times but did not summarize, today briefly summarizes.The first focus of Android is to start the zygote process, which

Android about Ratingbar Rating strips

Ratingbar Scoring bar System UI controlsWrite Main.xml file :Android:id= "@+id/ratingbar"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"android:layout_marginleft= "10dip"Android:isindicator= "true"Android:numstars=

Android Development Practice: Mastering the camera's preview direction and photo orientation

Android Camera related application development, there is a need to clear the knowledge point is the camera's preview direction and the direction of photography, this article focused on this issue.The sensor direction of the image : The image data of

ProgressBar of common Android components

The ProgressBar component is a progress bar that cannot be dragged, and he is able to display the current download progress, which contains a sub-progress bar, such as the buffering progress shown when playing streaming media. The example is to

Optimize SharePoint 2013 sites on mobile devices

optimize on mobile devices SharePoint siteThis article is translated by spfarmer from Waldek MastykarzThe mobile market continues to grow, and in the near future, using mobile devices to browse websites will surpass computers. To ensure a

"Learning the path to iOS: C-language" storage memory partitioning

I. partitioning of memory storage areas :1. Stack area : The stack area mainly stores variables , arrays defined inside the function . function call , open space , function execution complete , reclaim space , space opening and recycling have System

OpenCV notes (19)--Remapping the image

What is remapping? The translation is a remapping. Because each image itself is f (x, y), it is a function of the pixel value of the pixel position as an argument. Then we re-transform the values of the pixels on these locations,g (x, Y) = f (h (x,

Nagios Monitor Traffic Script

Demand is that we need to monitor the traffic on the server, there is a circulating on the network, it needs to be monitored by the machine to turn on SNMP. But it feels like you're using Nagios and you have to open SNMP ... A bit

Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type Application/x-css

A simple page was made with tornado. The CSS in the results page is loaded, but it has no effect. Debug with Google Chrome, said to be resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type APPLICATION/X-CSS. It probably means that the

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