The road to Android automated testing--provider (ii)

Again, the second test method:Prerequisites: Requires your test engineering to run in a unified process with the project being tested, using instrumentationtestcase related subclasses.1. Obtain the DB list of the application being tested, by calling

Android Three-step display GIF animated picture

Today brings you a class library that shows animated GIF images in a simple, three-step way.1. Add Gifview.jar to your project.2. In the layout XML, write this:3. In the activity, write this:Gifview GF1 = (gifview) Findviewbyid (R.ID.GIF1);

Release version of COCOS2DX 3.0 on the Android platform signing process

When your game is ready to be released, it needs to be compiled into release version, the command needs to add-m release, the compiler command is as follows: Cocos compile-p android-m Release At the end of the compilation, the

Android Training-Start-save data-save key-value pairs collection

Save a key value pair collection Previous lesson next lesson this lesson teaches you Get a handle to a sharedpreferences (Handle) Write Sharing preferences Read Sharing preferences You also need to read Using the

Android Real machine test connect local server

Seen from the Internet, there are basically three ways to achieve title functionality:(1) Deploy the application background server to a server that can be accessed through the public network, the mobile phone to access the public IP address, similar

Get iOS device information

Sometimes the project is to get information about the phone, so that users know their use:Wrought wrote the code directly.  /* Get Mobile Info information such as the application's name and version number is stored in a dictionary of Mainbundle ,

Android-webview Routing Login

Due to the requirements of the project to make the router login, some routes can directly open the Web login, there are some open login windowOur route is an open login window, I do not open the login windows when I write my own webviewThe answer to

Android Learning Mini Demo (22) TextView with delete button

Many times, there are some very simple needs, such as you use a button to pop up a page, after selecting an object, you will have some of the object's properties, such as the name, and so on, displayed on the button.and follow, and will think, can

IOS Modify Address Book contact addresses crash cause analysis

In the current project, the iOS system address book needs to be read, modified operation. At the time of the address modification, there was a strange phenomenon:If the contact does not have an address field (or a brand new contact), it is possible

(app volumes series IV) app management with app volumes

This blog is the last in this series of app Volumes blogs, and in this blog I'll tell the reader how to use the app Volumes Manage applications and personalize applications and content. first, let's talk . Appstack extraction process, this

Android Contacts Fuzzy query search (number, name, initial spelling, full spell), bulk select contacts

Android Contacts fuzzy query search (number, name, initial spelling, all-in-one), bulk select contacts The company's recent projects encountered a need to read contact contacts, and need to support the contact of Fuzzy query and batch selection, the

Android uses Uncaughtexceptionhandler to catch global exceptions

Resources:Http:// Thread.setdefaultuncaughtexceptionhandler (New

The development technology of mobile IM app

The development of communication technology makes the communication between people more and more convenient and smooth, when speaking of mobile im Communication, you may first think of, Mo Mo, forex such as the application tool,IM Communication

iOS about RAR decompression third-party library Unrar4ios Usage Summary

The author of the recent company project to do RAR decompression function, found on the internet for a long time seemingly about RAR decompression data very little, but a lot of people recommend a "Unrar4ios" third-party open source framework, so

18_ Mobile network Connection Status

Determine the network connection status of your phone to identify mobile and WiFi connections.The following procedure, refer to from network information requires that the

Android Official Technical Document translator--android Lint

This article is translated from Androd official technical document "Android Lint", the original address: Http:// This article address: Reprint please indicate

iOS Development-Post/get detailed

One. DifferenceFrom the surface of the meaning of the Get and post the difference get is to get data, post is to send data. This is a misunderstanding. In fact, both can be, in the iOS send request to the server can take parameters.So how did these

Content sharing implementation mechanism after Android signature

APK generally occupies a dalvik, a process, a task. A task is a stack of activity that "may" contain activity from multiple apps Classification APK Task Working space Dalvik virtual Machines Activity

Designing an adaptive layout for iphone 6 (iOS8)

After Apple joined auto layout from iOS 6, it began to encourage and suggest developers to use adaptive layouts, but so far I've felt that most developers have been avoiding this issue, whether for historical reasons, At least they still cling to

iOS instruction set query tips

Tag:io   ar   os    use     file    on     code    ef   as    1, write the. c or. m file in the shell terminal, you need to compile the. o file (that is, gcc-c ***.c/***.m), you can generate ***.O file 2, in the shell input AR CRS lib***.a ***.O,

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