Parcelable interface usage in Android

1. parcelable InterfaceInterface for classes whose instances can is written to and restored from a Parcel. Classes implementing the Parcelable interface must also has a static field called CREATOR, which is an object Implementin G The

Problems with encoding and decoding (encryption and decryption) commonly used in Android

1. URL EncodingThe purpose of encoding is to include special characters such as Chinese in the address.Decoding is to restore the encoded content to the original contentThe format is as follows%9c%3c%f3%98 rule:%hex_byteis to convert the actual

Alpha Version Release of Teamwork:appendix 1 BUG BASH

During the week-long release week, we perfected the final details of the app itself, the functional code was in place, the UI was constantly improving and optimized, and the team had a bug check of the entire app before it started to release, and

Android API guide Translation (official) device compatibility compatibility 1.2

Please correct me if you can't translate the wrong place. Regularly update an article every two days, welcome attention.1.2Device compatibility1.2 Device compatibilityAndroid is designed to run on many different types of devices, from phones to

Nagios combined with Pnp4nagios plot

System CentOS6.5 64-bitThe Nagios service is already installed, and RRDtool is installed first,  Yum install libjpeg-devel libpng-devel pango* libart_lgpl-devel pango-devel* cairo-devel* libxml2-devel libjpeg-devel li

Build-web-application-with-golang notes

2.2 Go Basics1.: = This symbol directly replaces Var and type, which is called a short declaration. However, it has a limitation that it can only be used inside a function, and it cannot be compiled by using outside of the function, so it is

Mobile Front End: Hide the address toolbar on your phone

When moving the front-end interface, we'll see the Address toolbar, which doesn't look like an app, so how to hide the address bar, here is a more appropriate code, support for iOS and Android. /*! Normalized address bar hiding for IOS & Android (c)

Sync request, asynchronous request, get request, POST request for iOS

1, the synchronization request can request data from the Internet, once the synchronization request is sent, the program will stop the user interaction until the server returns the data to complete before the next operation, 2, the asynchronous

Android Network communication Resolution

The purpose of network programming is to abstain indirectly from communicating with other computers through network protocols. There are two main problems in the network programming, one is how to locate the network on a ring more than one station,

IOS Operations Database (FMDB)

Recently, the company is doing offline cache of things, with the SQLite database saved. Using a third-party class library fmdatabase the database, this is a small demo I wrote, nonsense not to say, first on:In the operation of the database

WebKit development, App Mobile front-end knowledge points

If you're a front-end er and want to make your own app on a mobile device, how do you do it? Fortunately, the WebKit kernel browser can help us do all this. Contact with the development of WebKit WebApp for some time, now some of the skills to share

iOS Country City Selector read local JSON file

Recently in the product has such a demand, read the local JSON file of the country and city information, displayed on the Pickerview, on-line check, found that there is no suitable resources available, so they wrote a simple demo.:Here's how to read

How to use JNI in Android

From:// to use JNI in AndroidFirst look at the Android platform Frame diagram: (Online theft)    You can see that the Android upper application and Applicationframework are written in

Android Obfuscation file proguard.cfg detailed (reprint)

-injars Androidtest.jar "jar Package Address"-outjars out "Output address"The jar of the library referenced by-libraryjars ' D:\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-9\android.jar ', used to parse the jar class specified by Injars

Analysis of the implementation of Android4.0-fragment framework (I.)

After repeated study and comparison, individuals feel that learning knowledge with problems is the most effective way of learning, so the text on the way to ask questions to tell the fragment framework implementation way.1. What is fragment?Fragment

Mobile phone QQ5.0 The implementation of the red dot drag and drop removal

The new version of the mobile phone qq5.+ a new "one-key fallback" function, that is, the red dots on the page can be dragged and removed. You can refer to the design process of the red dot on [know] ( Follow

How the iOS platform enables cross-platform communication

Apple mobile phone led the fiery iOS, a lot of developers in the development of the iOS platform, I believe you have also used QQ voice video dialogue function, but do not know whether you have tried to develop an iOS platform based on audio and

Installation of a candidate version of Android Studio 1.0 under Linux

Latest Android Studio Canary build:1.0 Release candidate 1Http:// also find here Baidu Network

"Android Development" Android performance optimization

Android Performance optimizationAccording to the hierarchy structure of Android, performance optimization is also layered, this article will be application, Framework, Native, kernel each layer to summarize, each layer will mainly from the

Upgrade the Android SDK using the command line method

Why use the command line? Because the Google site is difficult to access domestic, with the Android SDK manager download is very troublesome. But I have a server in the United States, with the command line can upgrade the SDK, and then copy down.1.

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