Android Learning Note-xml processing

How SAX works: When you scan to the beginning and end of documents (document), the beginning and end of elements (element), the end of documents (document), and so on, the time-processing function of the comrade, the time-processing function to do

Android Network Request Tool class

Package Com.example.util;import;import;import; Import;import;import;import

Android client project global exception handling and server data saving

Love life, Love android! Believe that every Android developer loves their work, the production of code every day, constantly solve the bug,Enjoy, continuous learning, continuous summing up, we should accumulate their own code of good habits, slowly,

IOS UI design and Development buttons, icons, and pictures

1. System built-in buttons and iconsUsing system-provided Buttons and Icons2. Customize icons and picturesiphone comes with the icon size is generally 29pxx24px, home-made icons preferably close to this size, the color of the icon should be pure

A bug fix for Libevent DNS resolution on Android

In testing one of our developed APK (using Libevent-2.1.3-alpha as the network library) when found a strange problem, domain name resolution has the Times wrong non-recoverable name resolution failure. In the company occasionally error, then the

Android DNS Code Analysis

the Android DNS code is in Bionic/libc/netbsd(Although NetBSD is an obsolete project, the DNS functional part of the code is used by Android)NetBSD code obscure, only one side to write the program, while playing log verificationCopy a simple program,

Automatically correct the Android simulator's IMEI applet and download each version of the SDK tools and ADT

The download path for ADT 22.6.0 is: download path for the ADT22.6.1 version is: Http:// download path for the SDK Tools r22.6 version is:

Android program crash processing

Reprint please specify the source: the actual project development, there will be a lot of anomalies directly lead to the program crash out, in the development we can view the error log

Android Hundred Day Program: Progress bar dialog box implementation

Displays the dialog managed by the activity.This kind of dialog has a variety of, which is more common is loading time, the display of a loading progress bar.Android displays such a progress bar is still very convenient, because there are ready-made

Android edittext Insert Emoticons (string) to cursor position

An Android app that was written before the preface has a bug when replying to a post inserting an emoticon, that is, the expression string cannot be inserted at the cursor specified in EditText, each time the expression string is added to the end of

The Alpha report of the Notepad app

Project name Notepad app Project version Alpha version Head Echo Software team of Computer College of Beihang University Contact information

Android Development Error--could not find class

error Message:Could not find class * * Referenced from Method * *05-21 22:51:22.548:E/DALVIKVM (226): Could not find class ' Org.ksoap2.serialization.SoapObject ', referenced from method c of

Page Request Session Application Range

Objects in JSP pages, including user-created objects (for example, JavaBean objects) and JSP implicit objects, have a range attribute. The scope defines the time period, These objects can be accessed in which JSP page. For example, a session object

Using ANDROIDPN to achieve push

About server-side push to Android clients, there are three main ways: polling, the application should be phased with the server to connect and query whether there is a new message arrives, you have to implement the communication between the server,

Common crash scenarios for iOS and bug debug workarounds

This blog will be updated from time to time, I will be in the project to organize the breakdown of common crashes after sharing to everyone:1.unrecognized Seletor. Error: This is a simple situation where a message is sent to an object that it does

The use of iOS learning WebView (mainly the full-screen translucent implementation below)

1. Loading Web pages with UIWebViewRun Xcode 4.3 and create a new single View application, named Webviewdemo.2. Load WebViewAdd WebView member variables in VIEWCONTROLLER.H and add implementation in VIEWCONTROLLER.M[CPP]View Plaincopy

"IOS" project display (not yet updated)

Contact Informationqq:736809040Email:[email protected]Professional Skills1, development experience 1-2 years2. Master Objective-c3, proficient in iOS various Advanced Control class library use and Sqllite storage4. Rich objective C and cocoa

Detailed description of iOS development

? Before many netizens to my translation of the use of the property in the tutorial is somewhat puzzled, do not know when to release, when to = nil, and objective-c memory management and COCOS2D memory management rules are not clear. This

An explanation of design patterns such as MVC in iOS

An explanation of design patterns such as MVC in iOS In iOS programming, using design patterns can greatly improve your development efficiency, although you will need to spend more

Android modifies the default values in the setting in frameworks

Several files associated with the setting default value in Frameworks/frameworks/base/packages/settingsprovider/res/values/defaults.xml/frameworks/base/packages/settingsprovider/src/com/android/providers/settings/databasehelper.javaThe relevant

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