iOS Development line of code series: line up the input box

Recently summed up the development process often used in the function, found that sometimes I am doing repetitive labor. So I decided to take out the frequently used functions and make them easy to use next time.My idea is to solve this problem with

iOS Development UI Chapter-a brief introduction to the use of static cells

iOS Development UI Chapter-a brief introduction to the use of static cellsFirst, the realization of the effect and descriptionDescription: Observe the above display effect, you can find the entire interface is a tableview to show, the above data are

Android Wakelock mechanism

Wake Lock is a mechanism of locking, as long as someone holding this lock, the system will not go into hibernation, can be obtained by the user-state program and the kernel. The lock can be timed out or not timed out, and the timeout lock will

Knowledge Association from the Android handler internal class to the WeakReference

Handler: General usage:The handler is used to process and get a message from the queue MessageQueue. In general, we want to rewrite Handler's handlemessage (Message msg) {} method to handle the following code:public class Mainactivity extends

function Call of iOS development runtime

The article from the Little Wolf's iOS blog, has always felt that Csdn's blog UI is not too good-looking, look at the blog is not very cool, so I built a blog. Welcome to the link to see my blog. Also welcome to add QQ Group to discuss iOS technical

Entboostchat 0.9 (Jailbreak version) released, iOS free enterprise IM

Embu Interconnect released iOS free enterprise im 0.9 Jailbreak preview version, support all IPHONE4/5 phones (6 not on real machine test), ipad tablet, main features include single chat, group chat, enterprise organization structure, text,

Android image Blur processing

/** Horizontal direction Blur */private static float Hradius = 5;/** Vertical direction Blur */private static float Vradius = 5;/** Fuzzy Iteration Degree */private static int iterations = 3;/*** Image Gaussian Blur processing* */public static

Android database Master cheats (vi)--litepal modification and deletion operations

Reprint Please specify source: the previous article, we learned to use Litepal to store data. Indeed, it is significantly simpler and more convenient than using Android native Api,litepal

Introduction and use of the Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) for iOS multithreaded programming


Introduced:The Grand Central Dispatch abbreviation (GCD) is the technology developed by Apple to optimize applications that support multi-core processors and other symmetric multi-processing systems. This is based on the thread pool pattern that the

3.APP Resources-resource types/string Resources

1. StringSaved at Res/values/strings.xml"1.0" encoding="utf-8"? > string name="hello">hello!string> This layout XML applies a string to a View:TextView android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout _height="wrap_content" android:text=

"CSS" bootstrap automatically adapts to the grid system of PC, tablet and phone

Grid system in English as "grid systems", but also translated into "grid system", the use of fixed grid design layout, its style neat and concise, after the Second World War is popular, has become the main style of publication design today.In 1692,

iOS crash log 1

Terminating app due to uncaught exception ' nsinternalinconsistencyexception ', Reason: ' Could not load NIB in bundle: ' Nsbu Ndle (Loaded) ' with name ' Secondviewcontroller "Check the name of Xib first, there's no mistake.Then enter the Targets->

Android database Master cheats (vi)--litepal modification and deletion operations

the--litepal storage operation .Litepal's project address is: ways to modify and delete dataAs we have learned in the previous article, an insert () method is provided in the Sqlitedatabase class

XML parsing-pull parsing in Android

With two XML parsing DOM and Sax methods in front, Dom is a more logical way of thinking, and Sax event-driven focus on efficiency, in addition to these two ways, you can use the Android built-in pull parser to parse XML files. The pull parser works

Android Sparsearray Source Analysis

Preface last night to add an int to the dictionary table in the Android application, using HashMap implementation, Eclipse gave a warning, last night, the project on-line tension, I directly ignored, today I looked at the specific eclipse hints as

Android Development Series (23): Implement a Toast hint message box with a picture hint

Toast in Android is a very common message prompt, but the default message prompt is a single line of plain text, so we can set up some other message prompts for it, such as a stripe.Implementing this is simple:is to define a layout view, and then

Shouldautorotate Method not called in iOS6


Android Development Series (24): Features and usage of notification

There are two kinds of hints about messages: One is toast, the other is notification. The former is relatively short-lived, while the latter remains relatively long.And our usual mobile phone applications such as NetEase, bar paste and so on have a

The difference between Android display intent and implicit intent

The intention is very important in Android application development, understand the intention of the role and use, the development will be a great help. If you do not understand the intent, future development applications will feel missing

About certificates used in iOS development

Everyone must download a certificate before using the Apple account for developmentApplewwdrca.cerThis certificate is only used once, equivalent to enter the Apple Park tickets, with this certificate on behalf of Apple authorized to your application,

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