Android platform Architecture and features

The Android platform incorporates integrated strategy ideas, including the underlying Linux operating system, middleware in the middle tier, and upper-level Java applications. Let me summarize the features and architecture architecture of

iOS crash log 1

Terminating app due to uncaught exception ' nsinternalinconsistencyexception ', Reason: ' Could not load NIB in bundle: ' Nsbu Ndle (Loaded) ' with name ' Secondviewcontroller "Check the name of Xib first, there's no mistake.Then enter the Targets->

Mobile payment Smart IC card for NFC communication with Android phone

This article is from, the citation must be noted! at present, the common intelligent IC card running Javacard virtual machine, smart IC card can be run by the simplified Java language written by the card application

Android Sparsearray Source Analysis

Preface last night to add an int to the dictionary table in the Android application, using HashMap implementation, Eclipse gave a warning, last night, the project on-line tension, I directly ignored, today I looked at the specific eclipse hints as

Android Volley full Parse (ii), use volley to load network pictures

Reprint Please specify source: the previous article, we learned what volley is and how it is used in its basic usage. In this article we are about to learn more advanced usage of volley,

Clojure ring makes WebApp no mystery.

The first thing to note is that the Clojure ring is not a new idea, according to the description of its Git homepage, which is derived from Python's WSGI and Ruby's rack. Recently wrote a few weeks of Clojure code, think Clojure ring is too simple

Android Development Series (24): Features and usage of notification

There are two kinds of hints about messages: One is toast, the other is notification. The former is relatively short-lived, while the latter remains relatively long.And our usual mobile phone applications such as NetEase, bar paste and so on have a

iOS Nsurlcache, ASI settings cache and usage steps

1 a Nsurlcache2 steps to use the cache3 //get a global cache object4Nsurlcache *cache =[Nsurlcache Sharedurlcache];5 6 //Set Cache capacity7Cache.memorycapacity =1024x768*1024x768;8Cache.diskcapacity = -*1024x768*1024x768;9 Ten //set the requested

The difference between Android display intent and implicit intent

The intention is very important in Android application development, understand the intention of the role and use, the development will be a great help. If you do not understand the intent, future development applications will feel missing

Simple analysis of ANDROID.MK files simple analysis of filesa file is used to describe the source code that needs to be compiled to the compilation system. Specifically: The file is a small part of the gnumakefile that is parsed one or more times by the compiled

View database db in Android phone app

Premise: A phone with root over it.Use Android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\adb.exe to execute under CMD:ADB rootADB pull/data/data/ d:\Pull the db to the D packing directoryUse the SQLite Expert tool to view specific

About certificates used in iOS development

Everyone must download a certificate before using the Apple account for developmentApplewwdrca.cerThis certificate is only used once, equivalent to enter the Apple Park tickets, with this certificate on behalf of Apple authorized to your application,

Remove unused resources from Android projects

To clean up useless resources, the first thing to do is to find them, and we know that the Anroid SDK has a tool called lintthat can help us look at problems in the project, one of which is to find useless resources, so this is a simple step,

Android Monitor Return key

In Android development, the monitoring of Return key events is often used, following an example to demonstrate the Android to the return key event monitoring.public class Backkeytest extends activity{/** called when the Activity is first created. */@

Learn jni--android using JNI call C

first, what is JNI: jni is Java Native Interface from J ava1.1 begins, the Java Native Interface (JNI) standard becomes the java Part of the platform that allows Java code to interact with code written in other languages. JNI was

How Android disables screen hibernation and lock screen

IntroductionOften we develop the program when we do not need the system to wake the system lock screen function, such as we do xxxnowtv or XXX player, such as the program, users sometimes watch TV or video when you do not want the system lock screen

iOS development Getting Started tutorial (i)

Introduction to OC Syntax (i) data types and operators1.1 NotesComments, like other languages, allow single-line, multiline comments, and a canonical code that requires some formal comments, as follows:/*This is a multi-lineComments*/This is a multi-

In Layman's MyBatis series (vii)---Mapper mapping file configuration insert, UPDATE, delete

In the article "Simple MyBatis Series (vi)---objectfactory, plugins, Mappers Introduction and Configuration" Simply put a full stop to the MyBatis configuration. So from the beginning of this article, will introduce the mapper mapping file

OS X upgrade to 10.10 Appium cannot test the resolution passed

IOSChecker.prototype.getMacOSXVersion = function (CB) {EXEC ("Sw_vers-productversion", function (err, stdout) {if (err = = = null) {if (Stdout.match (' 10.8 ')!== null) {this.osversion = ' 10.8 ';CB (NULL, "Mac OS X 10.8 is installed.");} else if

Several common methods of parsing XML Sax,dom,pull take Android as an example

Preparatory workFirst is a person.xml fileallen" 36james25The corresponding JavaBeanpublic class Person {private Integer id;private String name;private short age;public Integer getId () {return ID;} public void SetId (Integer id) { = ID;}

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