Why the app is signed, signed with Keytool Jarsigner

Sign: Writes specific tag information to a specific field in the application, indicating that the software has passed the signer's approval. Procedure: Digitally sign a given application with a private keyRole:Identify application AuthorsDetects if

Tutorial: How do I reduce the size of my iOS app?

This article was translated from: reducing the size of my AppQ: How can I make my program install a little bit smaller, so that the program downloads and installs faster?A: This article collects some tips for reducing the size of the program

Call the Android own calendar feature

Android phones are equipped with a built-in Calendar app. Third-party applications can use the Calendar content provider interface to read the user's calendar information and schedule new events in the calendar. This calendar can be synced directly

Multithreaded usage with GCD in iOS


GCD IntroductionGCD full name Grand Central Dispatch, can be translated as "awesome Hub scheduler".Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functions.GCD Advantages:GCD is the solution that Apple has proposed for multi-core parallel computing.GCD

Ionic emulate Android Log

rubertdemacbook-Pro:myapp rubert$ Ionic emulate androidrunning command:/users/rubert/myapp/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js/users/rubert/Myappadd to Body class:platform-androidrunning

Socket Android Phone client and PC server-side LAN inline test

Socket Android Phone client and PC server LAN inline test, the author uses the PC servers, Android tablet client, PC Simulator client,A while ago to deepen The memory of the socket communication and the depth of knowledge, I imitated some elements

Whether the Android comparison string is empty (IsEmpty)

It is often necessary to determine whether a string variable is empty, and a small test was made today.Stringutils.java:Package Com.yx.equipment_collection.utils;import Android.annotation.suppresslint;import android.text.TextUtils; Import

Introducing an encryption module to SQLite in the Android JNI environment

The free SQLite Open stream code only provides two functions, only implement these two functions to achieve the overall database encryption. And then he took a little effort to find a well-realized open Source Library from the Internet

Android Query Database issues

============ Problem Description ============Process user logins in server-side Servlets I wrote that.if (Sqlconn.executequery ("SELECT * from User_test" WHERE name = ' "+ username +" ' and password = ' "+ Password +" ' ") =

Android Server Query database operation

============ Problem Description ============Implement the user login function, get the user's name (username) and password (password) in the mobile client, and then query the user on the server side, how should the query statement be written?

Front-end Android Primer (2) – Introduction to the program catalog and UI

One, the directory structure of the Android programOpen the HelloWorld project we created last time, we will see a directory structure, this is the Android program directory, the approximate role of these directories are as follows: SRC:

Resolution PROTOBUF cannot be used directly on iOS, using protobuf-net to communicate on iOS

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------Earlier in the company to transplant the project to iOS, but protobuf, but there is

CSDN front Page Headlines Wijmo 5 CTO: From Web to Mobile, my 25 years of programming career

The 52-year-old Bernardo Castilho, the CTO of ComponentOne, a grapecity (Chinese name for grape), is full of fun and rigor and a sense of history in his conversation.As a young man, we worship the goddess of all kinds of entertainment, his idol is

[Android] Parcelable encountered IOException writing serializable object (name = XXX)

Activity passes values between intent, supports basic data types and string objects and their array objects byte, byte[], Char, char[], Boolean, boolean[], short, short[], int, int [], Long, long[], float, float[], double, double[], String, string[],

Android HTTP network programming (IV)

Some of the previous posts briefly described some of the common HTTP operations, which are almost all network requests made in the newly opened thread, and print out the obtained network data in the log. So, here's the problem! (er ~ Feel the next

Research on iOS multithreading GCD

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) is a solution for multi-core programming developed by Apple.The dispatch queue is divided into the following three types:1) Run the main queue in the main thread, obtained through Dispatch_get_main_queue.Java code /*!

Android WebView Security Research

1. What is WebView UXSSWebView is the underlying component of the Android Chrome browser and is the core class in the WebKit framework, derived from view in the Android SDK to not invoke the browser in Android Activity layout. directly implement

Description and role of folders in Android projects

(Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/goodshot/article/details/11529731)the role of folders in Android projects1. SRC: Store all the *.java source programs.2. Gen: Save the path for the automatically generated code file for the ADT plugin, and the

The role of the Android timestamp

I was in the video with the mediarecorder of the problem of the synchronization of videos and audio, asked some people after the feeling should be no time stamp, before always think time stamp is to show users a data, check the discovery is not, the

Java Siege Lion Road (Android)--sqlite

One. Junit1. How to useConfigure in the Androidmanifest.xml file, configure the instrumentation under the manifest lending point, configure uses-library under the application lending pointDefining class Inheritance AndroidtestcastDefine test methods,

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