Spring3 Js/css/jpg/gif and other static resources cannot be found (no mapping found for HTTP request with URI) problem resolution

Recently used in the project to Spring3, in the exclamation Spring3 annotation configuration is refreshing at the same time unexpectedly appeared this discordant thing, really unbearableIssue: A similar warning appears when the program loads or is

"Android" Slidingmenu property details

Simply note the properties.Slidingmenu commonly used properties are:Menu.setmode (slidingmenu.left);//Set Left slide menuMenu.settouchmodeabove (Slidingmenu.touchmode_fullscreen);//sets the screen range to slide, which can be slid across the

Reviews App Wiki-git standard practice

Fetch and pull Fetch = pull + Merge Fetch-p, used to synchronize cleanup work to local repository Rebase--yan Merge and Rebase are two methods of merging (on merge, rebase below) There is no difference between the results of the

Android implements a variety of bidirectional side-by-Side slide menu custom controls to attack

1. OverviewAbout custom control side-slip has written two ~ ~ Today decided to change the one-way to two-way, of course, the simple changes before the code is not interesting, today will not only change the one-way before, but also add a slide-slip

Two ways to parse JSON data using Gson in Android

JSON is an XML-like common data Interchange Format, which has higher transfer efficiency than XML; This article will introduce two methods to parse JSON data, the need for friends can refer to JSON is a common XML-like data Interchange format, with

iOS bulk capture video screenshot UIImage mp4 iOS video

iOS Batch Capture video // GenerateNSString *path = [Nshomedirectory () stringbyappendingstring:@ "/documents"];NSLog (@ "path%@", Path); for (int i = 0; iNsmutabledictionary *info = (nsmutabledictionary *) mitems[i]; Video informationNSString

IOS UIlabel, UIButton add underline

1. Add an underscore to the UilabelUILabel *label = [[UILabel alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, -, -, -)]; Label.backgroundcolor=[Uicolor Redcolor]; Label.numberoflines=3; Nsmutableattributedstring*content = [[Nsmutableattributedstring

Android Boot Systemserver Boot

Systemserver is at the heart of the Android system, and most of the system services that can interact directly in the APK app are executed in this process, common analogy windowmanagerserver (Wms), Activitymanagersystemservice (AmS),

Android implements a variety of bidirectional side-by-Side slide menu custom controls to attack

Reprint please indicate source: http://blog.csdn.net/lmj623565791/article/details/39670935, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"1. OverviewAbout custom control side-slip has written two ~ ~ Today decided to change the one-way to two-way, of

Android Obfuscation file proguard.cfg

1. Proguard EffectProguard the ability to obfuscate, compress, and optimize code by removing useless code, renaming the class name, method name, and property name in code to obscure names, similar to JavaScript obfuscation and

Dark Horse programmer-ios Learning-C language Primer-non-MAC compilation C Environment, algorithm understanding-01

Very happy to write the first technical blog! I haven't written a blog since 2011! All right, nonsense! Following bodyiOS Development course has C language, then, we currently do not buy Mac computer, then we have installed virtual machine, using

Less general purpose PC Mobile Library

//Less file (mobile-generic less file)//author marchen//time 2014/9/1//protocol MIT//only consider WebKit kernel mobile browser and Firefox kernel browser//Custom less mix function/*********** CSS3 Style collection *************///box model border

Android Custom Controls--3d gallery and image matrix

Reprint Please specify source:http://blog.csdn.net/allen315410/article/details/39932689Implementation of the 1.3D GalleryWe know that the Android system has provided us with a "container"--gallery to show the picture, but the effect of this Gallery

[Android Custom Controls] Android Custom Controls

Reprinted from: http://blog.163.com/[email protected]/blog/static/103242241201382210910473/To develop a custom control: 1, understand how view works 2, write subclass 3 Inheriting from view, add property 4 for Custom view class, draw control 5,

Android Studio Simple Introduction and usage issues summary

Android Studio Simple Introduction and Usage issues Summary This development tool was introduced by Google at the 2013 I/O developer conference. It has now been updated to version 0.5.8.Many of GitHub's projects are now developed using Android

Introduction to Android NDK development

A lot of online is to use the Javah command to generate a header file to complete the JNI writing, but in fact, ADT Integration NDK, click the mouse can be, lazy method on-line introduction very little, here mainly talk lazy people jni

CreateFileMapping How to use

CreateFileMapping's MSDN translation and usage experienceTesting the creation and opening of the file map always get the "Invalid handle" error, after careful look at MSDN only to realize that the function is not understood, here to translate the


DescriptionThe previous RPN calculator was done according to the course, which is the calculation of the suffix expression. Now this calculator is the calculation of infix expression, and the calculation process is also displayed on the screen, is a

XML Data Interchange Format in IOS

XML is a self-describing data interchange format, but the XML data Interchange format does not have the portability of JSON, but admittedly, XML is also widely used, such as the use of XML in ROS (an open-source robotic operating system) to describe

How iOS data storage is summarized

There are four folders in the iOS sandbox directory. respectively:-documents: All application Data files should be written to this directory. This directory is used to store user data or other information that should be backed up

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