Nagios (method of invoking a third-party mail server with the system's own mail under CenOSX64)

Nagios:cenosx64 use the system's own mail to call the third-party email server to send alert messages, the send address can be customizedWays to send mail using an external mailboxBin/mail will send mail by default using local SendMail, which

iOS tools class obtains device unique identification (compatible with ios5,6,7)

Uidevice+identifieraddition.h:#import @interface Uidevice (identifieraddition)-(NSString *) uniquedeviceidentifier ; @endUidevice+identifieraddition.m#import "Uidevice+identifieraddition.h" #import "nsstring+md5.h" #import "EnvConstant.h" #include

Android Development (Notoginseng) Android uses ANDROID_SERIALPORT_API to operate the serial port to resolve permissions issues

Recently, there is a project to use the Android device to operate the serial port of the Zebra gk888t printer, using the printer to print the two-dimensional code.How to connect hardware devices:Android device connects the serial port of the Zebra

Apple Watch will be a classic

Apple Watch is undoubtedly another outstanding product that Apple brings to us, and it will become a classic product in the field of smart wearable. Apple Watch is ahead of the world-its advance not only in its technological innovation, but also in

Android transforms the image into stream storage and converts the flow to an image

1. Convert picture to binary stream Public byte [] Getbitmapbyte (Bitmap Bitmap) { new bytearrayoutputstream (); // parameter 1 conversion type, parameter 2 compression quality, parameter 3 byte throttle resource Bitmap.compress

003 Jing Hong ios/android/wp Client

I am the first floor:Want to do iOS client this idea, for a few months, this week to quit the internship work, run back to do iOS client development, is the fourth day. Why do you want to do this, because now the client is in is too bad I feel a

Android custom Controls--Imitation iOS switch button

Reprint Please specify source: in the company to do client product development will find that the difference between Android and iOS, iOS thanks to the "Old Joe" of the careful design,

Android instance explained spinner style modification

For Android project development, spinner is often used to implement the drop-down box effect. For spinner, there are several ways to load adapters:1. Direct loading of Android Arrayadapter,simpleadapter;2. Customize the adapter that inherits the

Windows.Andy.Code4App.dll win8.1/wp8.1 General Class library @ver1.0.1

In the previous Windows.Andy.Code4App.dll win8.1/wp8.1 General class library @ver1.0.0 has already explained the Win8.1 and WP8.1 partial extension General Class library, this article continues to extend to the common class library. Write not good,

PHP monitors whether the Apple Store has "2014-09-15" (server side)

The annual Apple new products just a few days after the release, September 12 on the official listing, in accordance with the Convention, farmers have to fight on the net, the Apple Store in Hong Kong after the official opening of the 12th 3 o'clock

"Tool class" to get the phone SIM card operator

Join permission:uses-permission android:name= "Android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" /> 1 PackageCom.example.textphone;2 3 ImportAndroid.content.Context;4 ImportAndroid.telephony.TelephonyManager;5 6 Public classSimcardinfo {7 /**8 *

Android string format open Source Library phrase Introduction

In the previous blog Android through the display of String.Format formatted (dynamic change) string resource, the string in the String.xml file is formatted by String.Format, this article describes an open source library phrase that can achieve the

Android 4.1 Set default boot Live wallpaper

Latest in the work on Android 4.1 to do some customization, just encountered the setting of third party live wallpaper as the default boot wallpaper problem, then make notes as follows.The files that need to be modified are:Found in

Mouse moves on font, font color gradient

Here the method of communication with the JavaScript in this blog "Mouse move out of the background color gradient" in the same way, I posted the code is all there, we can copy the past directly to see the effect, there are better suggestions of the

Give iOS developers a little benefit, briefly describe the properties and usage of Uiimagepickercontroller

1.+ (BOOL) issourcetypeavailable: (Uiimagepickercontrollersourcetype) sourcetype; Checks whether the specified source is available on the device.[Uiimagepickercontroller Issourcetypeavailable:uiimagepickercontrollersourcetypephotolibrary]; Check if

Android root principle and process analysis

Pre-knowledgeThe internal storage device of the Android phone is the ram and the Rom,ram is running memory, the power loss will lose everything, the contents of the ROM will not be lost after power off.For example, the specification of a mobile

Android Learning-Other-string transcoding tool;/*** Encoding of converted strings*/ Public classChangecharset {/**7-bit ASCII character, also known as the basic Latin block of the iso646-us, Unicode character set*/ Public Static FinalString us_ascii = "

Common math functions for iOS

Need to introduce header file #import 1.Trigonometric function Double sin (double); sineDouble cos (double); cosineDouble tan (double); tangent2.Inverse trigonometric functionDouble asin (double); Results between [-PI/2, PI/2]Double ACOs (double);

Why is Android activity thinning out oncreate, OnStart, Onresume, OnPause, OnStop, Ondesdroy so many ways to get apps to reload?

Why is Android activity thinning out oncreate, OnStart, Onresume, OnPause, OnStop, Ondesdroy so many ways to get apps to reload? Original link:, reprint Please specify, thank you.Recently in

Six important experimental lab3 of Csapp

Csapp && LAB3Level2 & Leve3 not finished, to be updated! : )In this lab, you'll gain firsthand experience with one of the methods commonly used to exploit security weaknesses in op Erating systems and network servers. Our purpose are to help you

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