Fragment of "Android development" and acitvity communication

We talked about common functions related to fragment, since fragment is called "small activity", now let's talk about how fragment communicates with Acitivity. If you do not know the last article, you can look again. Portals.fragment communicates

Android File Manipulation Tool class

Tag:android    Technical     file operation     Package Cn.ibabyzone.library;import;import;import; Import;import;import

That's the thing about moving.

Looking back, the mobile Web page code writing is far less complex than I thought (probably because I did this project for the sake of simplicity). But in terms of getting started, it's actually pretty simple, and I've summed him up in a few ways:

Fragment development of "Android development" 1

   Always know that fragment is very powerful, but has not been to study, now some free time, so I went to learn a brief introduction of fragment. I will also write down their learning process, if there is any shortage of places to hope that Daniel,

iOS performance optimized for locating application memory issues

locating the application's memory issuesManaging the memory that your application uses is one of the most important aspects of creating an application. From the smallest iOS device to the largest OS X computer, memory is a limited resource. This

iOS Development Tips (Series 18: Extended Uicolor, hex color settings supported)

Create a new category named Uicolor+hex, which indicates that the Uicolor supports hex hex color settings. Uicolor+hex.h file, #import #define Rgba_color (R, G, B, A) [Uicolor colorwithred: ((r)/255.0f) Green: ((G)/255.0f) Blue :((b)/255.0f)

Android's Soundpool

Development Android software We may often need to play multimedia sound files, generally use the MediaPlayer class but this class occupies a lot of resources, for games and other applications may not be very suitable, The Soundpool class

iOS Development Memo: Attribute list file Data persistence

A property list file is an XML file that can be converted from one property list file to another, such as arrays and dictionaries in the foundation framework.Nsarray class commonly read and write property list file method :+arraywithcontentsoffile:

Write an efficient Android code

write an efficient Android codeThere is no doubt that Android-based devices must be embedded devices. Modern handheld devices are more than just a phone, it is a small handheld computer, but even the fastest top-end handheld device is far less than

Unit tests in iOS (i)

Reprinted from Http:// : This article does not discuss what unit testing is, or its pros and cons of a project, and I think unit testing is an effective tool for developers to ensure the quality

Android Programming Get network Connection status (3G/WIFI) and call Network Configuration interface

Http:// Get Network Connection Status With the promotion of 3G and WiFi, more and more Android applications need to call network resources and detect the network connection status becomes the necessary function of network

Calculate the file size in a folder in iOS

Typically used to delete a cache, calculate the cache size//size of a single file-(Long Long) Filesizeatpath: (nsstring*) filepath{ nsfilemanager* manager = [ Nsfilemanager Defaultmanager]; if ([manager Fileexistsatpath:filepath]) {

Failed to load ApplicationContext

java.lang.IllegalStateException:Failed to load ApplicationContextAt Org.springframework.test.context.CacheAwareContextLoaderDelegate.loadContext ( CACHEAWARECONTEXTLOADERDELEGATE.JAVA:99)At

Use of Android handler (ii)

 Use of handler (ii)The relationship between handler and threadHandler by default, it is actually on the same thread as the activity that called it.For example, in Example 1 of the use of handler (i), although the thread object is declared, it

The day to do QA--ios Test Primer (iv)

Frankly, do QA this half of the year I did not grow, even if there is little growth, I am very sad, and people around the fact that there is no one who can really understand their sad, in fact, they are not hard enough to themselves, once felt lucky

Install and use Android NDK r8d on Windows System (II)

Iv. Integration of the C/D + + development environment in eclipse1, install the eclipse of A/C + + Environment plug-in: CDT, here choose Online Installation.First sign in to to find the online installation

IOS_21 Group Purchase _ Controller inheritance diagram

Eventually:Controller inheritance diagram:DescriptionClick the button on the dock to the left of the main controller,such as "group Purchase", "collection", "Map",There are many similarities to the functionality implemented.Specify the

A list of SQLite database queries that Android programmers must master

Fundamentals of SQL queries: two scenarios. First, single-table query: Filter the records in the table according to where conditions, form an intermediate table (this intermediate table is not visible to the user), and then select the corresponding

IOS changes the case of letters

Using lowercasestring,uppercasestring-(void) test{ nsstring *teststring = @ "Hello World"; Lower case NSString *lowercasestring1 = [teststring lowercasestring]; NSString *lowercasestring2 = teststring.lowercasestring; Upper

IOS crash Flash-back information capture tool class

The IOS SDK provides an out-of-the-box function Nssetuncaughtexceptionhandler for exception handling, but with very limited functionality, most of the causes of crashes, such as memory access errors, repeated releases, and so on, are not captured

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