iOS Development Memo: Attribute list file Data persistence

A property list file is an XML file that can be converted from one property list file to another, such as arrays and dictionaries in the foundation framework.Nsarray class commonly read and write property list file method :+arraywithcontentsoffile:

Unit tests in iOS (i)

Reprinted from Http:// : This article does not discuss what unit testing is, or its pros and cons of a project, and I think unit testing is an effective tool for developers to ensure the quality

"Android Zero-single-row development diary"--android data Storage (top)

Before explaining the Android data Source component--contentprovider, I felt it was necessary to figure out the Android data structure first.Data and programs are the two core elements of an application, and data storage is always one of the most

"Android from zero single row development diary"--android four components of the ContentProvider

Data Source Component ContentProvider Unlike other components, the data source component does not include specific functional logic. It is only the interface that provides data access for the application. Many of the data built into Android are used

Failed to load ApplicationContext

java.lang.IllegalStateException:Failed to load ApplicationContextAt Org.springframework.test.context.CacheAwareContextLoaderDelegate.loadContext ( CACHEAWARECONTEXTLOADERDELEGATE.JAVA:99)At

android--User Login and save the user name and password

The previous learning process has finished learning Android, but in the next nearly a year has not been developed Android, so all the knowledge of Android is a little forgotten, so will continue to learn Android, make this study notes. In addition:

Install and use Android NDK r8d on Windows System (II)

Iv. Integration of the C/D + + development environment in eclipse1, install the eclipse of A/C + + Environment plug-in: CDT, here choose Online Installation.First sign in to to find the online installation

IOS_21 Group Purchase _ Controller inheritance diagram

Eventually:Controller inheritance diagram:DescriptionClick the button on the dock to the left of the main controller,such as "group Purchase", "collection", "Map",There are many similarities to the functionality implemented.Specify the

A list of SQLite database queries that Android programmers must master

Fundamentals of SQL queries: two scenarios. First, single-table query: Filter the records in the table according to where conditions, form an intermediate table (this intermediate table is not visible to the user), and then select the corresponding

iOS gives the picture a water stamp and creates a watermark image into the sandbox

-(void) waterimage{UIImage *bgimage = [UIImage imagenamed:@ "scene"];Context: Bitmap-based (bitmap), all things need to be drawn to a new picture up1. Create a bitmap-based context (open a bitmap-based context)Size: The dimensions of the new

IOS changes the case of letters

Using lowercasestring,uppercasestring-(void) test{ nsstring *teststring = @ "Hello World"; Lower case NSString *lowercasestring1 = [teststring lowercasestring]; NSString *lowercasestring2 = teststring.lowercasestring; Upper

Jump between iOS Apps

Let 's talk about How to open app2 from App1 in an iOS opener.The basic idea is that you can set a URL for app2, in App1 open the URL to open the app2, in this process, you can transfer some parameters. The following is a discussion of the

Adding a move constructor and a move assignment operator in a string

13.50 No destructor defined#include #includestring>#include#include#include#includeusing namespacestd;classstring{ Public: String (): Elements (nullptr), First_free (nullptr) {}String (Char*c); String (Conststring&); String&operator=(Conststring&);

Perfect solution for Android full exit program

Background: The hypothesis has two activity, Activity1 and Activity2, 1 jump to 2, if you want to exit the program in 2, the general online is more common saying is to useSystem.exit (0)OrAndroid.os.Process.killProcess (Android.os.Process.myPid

"Golden Sun Test" Android Automation-learning process: monkey principle and improved optimization

Chapter: Basic principles of automation--monkey and improved optimization (third speaking)NetEase Cloud Classroom: content and notes:First,

IOS crash Flash-back information capture tool class

The IOS SDK provides an out-of-the-box function Nssetuncaughtexceptionhandler for exception handling, but with very limited functionality, most of the causes of crashes, such as memory access errors, repeated releases, and so on, are not captured

Android SDK Manager Domestic Slow download issue

Original address: the Android SDK Manager Setting window, set the HTTP proxy server and HTTP proxy port 2 parameters, respectively, set to:HTTP Proxy Proxy por:8

XE6 Mobile development Environment for iOS (6): Install XE6 paserver to Mac OSX 10.8 (there is a picture of the truth)

There are few articles on the mobile development environment that can be found on the Delphi XE series online, so this article will try to tell you the answers you want with detailed content and silly expressions.Before installing Paserver, let's

Android Local Socket Learning Summary

Reprint Please specify source: ############################################## Objective: To implement socket communication between the local C program and APK. Principle: There is no network

Ios_22 Customizing the keyboard toolbar

Eventually:Main.storyboardKeyboardtool.xibKeyboardTool.h keyboardtool.h// Keyboard processing// Created by Beyond on 14-8-24.// Copyright (c) 2014 Com.beyond. All rights reserved. #import @protocol keyboardtooldelegate;typedef enum {

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