Compiling Android 4.4.2 Source code

In the previous article, and you share in the Chinese download Android 4.4.2 source code process (see download android4.4.2 source of the entire process (with the downloaded source)), now write down the compiled notes.Although in Android Doc, there

Installation instructions of Nagios on CentOS 6.4 64bit

# Installation instructions of Nagios on CentOS 6.4 64bitAuthor:larry ZhaoQ q:920057952B L O [Email protected]# NTP ServiceYum Install NTPService NTPD StartChkconfig ntpd onCrontab-e* * * * * */usr/sbin/ntpdate

Python Flask on Sina App Engine (SAE)

I have heard of Python's name, and with the understanding of programming language deepened, I feel the power of dynamic language-really big.While I was not busy at this time, I wrote an app in Python and deployed it to the Sina app Engine (SAE). The

Brother: The social mini-game app will be the next gold mine!

"To seek the elder brother every day an original dry goods, the 45th article"The opportunity to move the Internet is very large, who first to do who the opportunity is greater, so seize the opportunity is very important. Today's app market, the

The Android ListView plus checkbox implements the tick information for a single save checkbox

A recent project to increase the Android side of a function, is to add an activity with a lot of checkboxes on the tick information, and then you can choose the multi-box, it seems very simple. But it's a lot of trouble to really do it.Although I

android4.0.4 Add HDMI settings

Recently to 4412 the most basic has been tuned and then feel nothing to do so add an HDMI setting can not idleThe following is the use of Canton Road icool210 Development Board source code modified as followsIn the beginning, I first put these

iOS development: Get City, province and other information through latitude and longitude

iOS system with the positioning, with Cllocationmanager can easily achieve the positioning of the operation, obtained is a set of latitude and longitude, of course, you can also obtain the corresponding provinces, cities, streets and other

Android in the connection to ADB are down, problems and solutions

Self-summary of the problems and methods that often appear in Android that are not solved(the third method after four days of torture ....) Hey1. Error: BUILD FAILEDD:\workspace\ganji\build.xml:144:the following error occurred while executing the

Android based KSOAP2 call WCF Service (ii): Android article

The previous article completed a WCF service through a very simple example. Next, let's look at the Android side.The Android side calls WCF, which is implemented based on the KSOAP2 package.(This requires fan Qiang access, you know):

Android Alarm Clock Small case of Knowledge point summary

The previous article on the recent small alarm clock did a functional elaboration, and now to summarize the whole development process used in some of the knowledge points:  1.TimePicker of monitoring  The Timepicker control is the core of the entire

FFmpeg on Android Output slide screen problem processing

FFmpeg a problem with a flower screen on some machines.The original code is as follows:while (Av_read_frame (Formatctx, &packet) >=0 &&!_stop && null!=window && binit) {//are This a packet from the video stream?if (packet.stream_index==videostream) {

Android Custom Recyclerview for true gallery effects

Reprint please indicate source:, this articlefrom: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"Previous blog I used custom Horizontalscrollview to write a landscape picture carousel with Horizontalscrollview

20+ Mobile development Framework for developers

This article collects 20 developer-specific mobile development frameworks to help them develop new, useful, and interesting applications for mobile enthusiasts. 1.Fries The fries is a stable html-css-js framework for creating Android-like native UI

How to upgrade the Android database

Add the upgrade operation to the table in the base class:Public abstract class Dbbasetable {private static final String TAG = "dbbasetable";/** * @return the DB table name */abstr Act String getName ();/** * creates the DB table according to the DB

Building a JavaScript-based mobile cms--Generation blog (i)

The dynamic article in the Qi CMS is loaded from the API of my blog because there is no other good CMS as interface at present. Before directly taking the blog's db file +nodejs+restify generated a blog API, and can support cross-domain

Money Valley-Mobile phone money app for mobile internet era

What is Money Valley?" Money Valley " is Guangzhou Lollipop Information Technology Co., Ltd. launched in the year of the platform-level mobile phone money application . At present, the user of Money Valley has broken through million, in order to

iOS Development Database Chapter-fmdb Brief Introduction

iOS Development Database Chapter-fmdb Brief IntroductionA simple explanation1. What is FmdbFmdb is the SQLite database framework for the iOS platformFmdb encapsulates the C language API of SQLite in OC modeAdvantages of 2.FMDBUse more

Android platform invoke Web Service: Demo sample

recently in the study Android , with the popularity of mobile devices, when software on the road to commercialization, in order to compete for the market, must support Android , so it started to touch the Android , just understand the fur just fine,

Install and start the Windows Phone 8 App with the command line

First, install and start the application"C:\Program Files (x86) \microsoft SDKs\Windows phone\v8.0\tools\xap Deployment\xapdeploycmd.exe" /installlaunch D:\Projects\WindowsPhone\Bin\Debug\WindowsPhone_AnyCPU_3.2.3.xap /targetdevice:xdDescription


DisclaimerThe the I ' m doing this relies in a feature I wrote for Graphite that is only recently merged to Trunks, so at time of the writ ing that feature isn ' t in a stable release. Hopefully it ' ll is in 0.9.10. Until then, you can at least

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