Android Custom Recyclerview for true gallery effects

Reprint please indicate source:, this articlefrom: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"Previous blog I used custom Horizontalscrollview to write a landscape picture carousel with Horizontalscrollview

20+ Mobile development Framework for developers

This article collects 20 developer-specific mobile development frameworks to help them develop new, useful, and interesting applications for mobile enthusiasts. 1.Fries The fries is a stable html-css-js framework for creating Android-like native UI

How to upgrade the Android database

Add the upgrade operation to the table in the base class:Public abstract class Dbbasetable {private static final String TAG = "dbbasetable";/** * @return the DB table name */abstr Act String getName ();/** * creates the DB table according to the DB

Building a JavaScript-based mobile cms--Generation blog (i)

The dynamic article in the Qi CMS is loaded from the API of my blog because there is no other good CMS as interface at present. Before directly taking the blog's db file +nodejs+restify generated a blog API, and can support cross-domain

iOS Development Database Chapter-fmdb Brief Introduction

iOS Development Database Chapter-fmdb Brief IntroductionA simple explanation1. What is FmdbFmdb is the SQLite database framework for the iOS platformFmdb encapsulates the C language API of SQLite in OC modeAdvantages of 2.FMDBUse more

Android platform invoke Web Service: Demo sample

recently in the study Android , with the popularity of mobile devices, when software on the road to commercialization, in order to compete for the market, must support Android , so it started to touch the Android , just understand the fur just fine,

Android Studio shortcuts, Android studio shortcut keys Daquan

Android Studio is Google's Android development tool based on IntelliJ idea, a bit like Eclipse adt,android Studio that provides integrated Android development tools for development and debugging, based on Gradle build support.Common shortcut keys

Install and start the Windows Phone 8 App with the command line

First, install and start the application"C:\Program Files (x86) \microsoft SDKs\Windows phone\v8.0\tools\xap Deployment\xapdeploycmd.exe" /installlaunch D:\Projects\WindowsPhone\Bin\Debug\WindowsPhone_AnyCPU_3.2.3.xap /targetdevice:xdDescription

Android File system directory analysis (mobile system directory analysis)

# pwd && ls-a-L/ DRWXRWXRWT root root 2009-06-10 09:53 sqlite_stmt_journals DRWXRWX---system cache 2008-09-06 22:51 Cache D---rwxrwx system system 1970-01-01 SDcard lrwxrwxrwx root root 2009-06-09 22:11 etc,/system/etc Drwxr-xr-x root root 2008-09-06

iOS data parsing using gdataxml parsing, multilayer structure, the same directory method

Project examples (including Gdataxml framework)* DescriptionBring Gdataxml to your projectJoin the LIBXML2 frameworkImport #import "GDataXMLNode.h"In targets next, go to build Settings, search the

Android Research game development frame animation implementation

 1. The principle of frame animationFrame animation frame animation as the name implies, a frame of a frame animation is a frame animation. Frame animation and our childhood to see the principle of the cartoon is the same, in the same area to

[Android Studio] How Android Studio Prompts for function usage

Eclipse has a very good function, that is, when your code calls an Android API, the mouse moves to the corresponding function or method, it will automatically have a hangingThe floating window prompts the description of the function (which contains

Android entry eighth of the GridView (nine chart)

This article from GridView and ListView are often used as multi-control layouts, and the GridView is the first choice for implementing nine charts! This article is about how to use the GridView to implement the nine

Illegal Access:this Web Application instance has been stopped already

July 23, 2014 2:34:35 pm Org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader loadclassInformation: Illegal access:this Web application instance has been stopped already. Could not load

2014.7.23 cocos2d-x3.2 to Android

The link here is that the project created on the cocos2d-3.2 can be debugged by visual gdb after the USB link to the real machine. The overall project Baidu is relatively smooth. Here are a few of my questions. Application in Android directory:

IOS---Date-time format conversions

1, how to put a string such as "20110826134106" into any date-time format, the following list of two types:nsstring* string [email protected] "20110826134106";Nsdateformatter*inputformatter = [[[NSDateFormatter alloc]

Nagios platform migrating from Apache to Nginx


Nginx's performance is far superior to Apache, but because Nagios's web interface contains PHP and C-CGI programs, it requires two sets of fcgi management tools (not required) and two sets of interpreters (must). PHP with php-cgi Run can, c-cgi I

Android Label Control

Version: 1.0Date: 2014.7.24 Copyright: © kince Reprint Annotated source in some applications may need to set some tags to facilitate the use of some information, such as mobile phone assistants or shopping software will have some tags. For the early

"IOS" Using SQLite and Fmdb

SQLite in iOS is exactly the same as in Android, except that the calling method is different. If a single call from the Android package is better than a set of helper, and iOS native C language of several functions in operation, more trouble.

"Important" u3d store local Game archives-Methods for loading XML files on different platforms--ios MAC Android

There is a slight difference in how XML files are read on the PC and on iOS, and it is tested that the following methods are not supported for loading XML files on iOS:XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument ();Xmldoc.load ("Assets/resources/text.xml");

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