Android OpenGL ES Draw Sphere

Recently, I started to learn OpenGL drawing because of my interest. This article takes "drawing the sphere" as the point, summarizes the recent study.> Initial OpenGL ES contact OpenGL starts with Android. As is known to all, Android view is thread

Android Slidingmenu Use detailed

Reprint please indicate source: apps have the ability to slide the menu, some apps are side-slip menu ~slidingmenu This open source project can help us to realize the slide-off function,

Android developer View rewrite related Api-onlayout,onmeasure,measurespec

1.onLayoutAndroid.view.ViewGroupprotected void OnLayout (Boolean changed, int l, int t, int r, int b)The OnLayout method is called when the layout operation is performed. View to set size and position for each child of it. Subclasses with children

0 basic understanding of the mobile phone parameters of the intelligent machine how to see

Welcome Reprint Opendevkit Article, article original address: Cell phone parameters, the basic can reflect a machine in the end is good or bad. This chapter leads you to read the parameters of Samsung Galaxy S5, so

The basis of using Mvcsitemapprovider to implement Sitemap in MVC

Mvcsitemapprovider is a menu, site map, site map path feature, and more tools for ASP. It provides the ability to configure the use of an pluggable architecture, which can be XML, a database, or dynamically generate a navigation structure.There are

"IOS" MD5 encryption and network data security

While doing Web applications,,keep users ' data safe at all times,so be encrypted. MD5the algorithm is used in many domestic.  features of the MD5 algorithm :*the same dataencryption results are the sameof the.( +of characters)*Non-reversible.

Millet boil not big porridge music view ecology more advantages

650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-3119 "alt=" Picture 1 "src=" Uploads/2014/07/%e5%9b%be%e7%89%8713.jpg "width=" 691 "height=" 476 "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle;

Android uses surface to display YUV data directly

After studying the surface system of Android for some time, I have been insisting that all the images displayed on surface or on screen must be converted to RGB to display, and YUV data will be converted to RGB by color space. Can be recently in the

Root exploit for Android and Linux (cve-2010-4258)


/*This article is prepared by Mo Gray Ash, reproduced please indicate the Ash Gray mailbox: [email protected]*/I. Introduction to Vulnerabilitiescve-2010-4258 This loophole is very interesting, the main idea is that if the clone function

Compare iOS network components: afnetworking VS asihttprequest (reprint)

In developing iOS applications, how to efficiently exchange data with the server-side API is a common problem. General developers will choose a third-party network component as a service to improve development efficiency and stability. These

iOS Common encryption methods

Sample Project Https:// the MD5 Class#import @interface cjmd5:nsobject+ (NSString *) Md5hexdigest: (NSString *) input; @end#import "CJMD5.h" #import @implementation cjmd5+ (NSString *) Md5hexdigest: (

Request processing for iOS elearning------5 JSON Format data

JSON is gradually replacing XML as a common format for network data.Starting with iOS5, use Nsjsonserialization to parse the JSON. There are third-party libraries, such as Sbjson, Jsonkit, Touchjson and so on. From the performance,

How to use apps to create self-profit from stars

How to use apps to create self-profit from stars1. Understand each conceptFor everyone to read this article, first explain a few concepts.App (application): All applications that can be used on mobile devices to meet people's needs for consulting,

android4.0 USB Camera Instance (vi) FFMPEG MPEG encoding

In front of this is to do h264 coding study for two days found in FFmpeg h264 code seems to rely on third-party library x264 or how simple how to come to the whole of a MPEG code ffmpeg transplant Front I have a ffmpeg decoding has given a specific

Request processing for iOS elearning------6 JSON Format data

#import "MainViewController.h" #import "Video.h" #define Kbaseurl @ "Http://" @interface Mainviewcontroller () @property (Strong, nonatomic) NSArray * DataList, @property (weak, nonatomic) UITableView *tableview; @end

10 great cross-platform tools that mobile developers must understand

2014-02-25 22:32 1105 People read Comments (1) favorite reports Directory (?) [-] Htmljavascriptcss article Article C LUA Chapter Other language articles Game Development Chapter In this article, we have counted the

IOS read-write XML file

Write the file, pass in the information to be saved *********//Save the XML-(void) SaveXML: (NSString *) data{Creating a File ManagerNsfilemanager *filemanager = [Nsfilemanager Defaultmanager];Get pathParameter nsdocumentdirectory to get that

Go Android Animation

Before 3.0, Android supported two animation modes, tween Animation,frame animation, and introduced a new animation system in android3.0: Property animation, These three animation modes are called Property Animation,view animation,drawable animation

[Turn] Introduction to AppArmor

Introduction to AppArmor Contents Post 1 Introduction (this is it). Post 2 AppArmor on Ubuntu. Post 3 Anatomy of a profile. Post 4 generating Profiles. IntroductionThe intent

iOS learning iOS sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and file operations (i)

1. iOS sandbox mechanismiOS apps can only read files in the file system created for the program, and not be able to go anywhere else, this area is a sandbox, so all non-code files are saved in this, image, icon, sound, images, attribute list, text

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