iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d use (screenshot)

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d use (screenshot)A simple explanationIn program development, it is sometimes necessary to intercept a piece of content on the screen, such as a fishing talent game.Core code to complete the screenshot

Call and Apply methods in JavaScript

Ext.: We can consider call and apply as a method of an object, calling the function indirectly in the form of a calling method. The first argument to call and apply is the parent object that is to

iOS Get file extension memo

nsstring *lastcomponent = [CachePath lastpathcomponent]; nsstring *pathlessfilename = [CachePath stringbydeletinglastpathcomponent]; nsstring *originalpath = [Pathlessfilename stringbyappendingpathcomponent:lastcomponent];nsstring *pathextension = [[

Using the Afinal framework to implement HTTP requests to get phone number attribution from the network

About the introduction and use of Afinal framework, please click on the left related article classification, to understand, this article is no longer repeat.This article is mainly to use the afinal framework, to achieve a simple, from the network to

Android Mms receives information flow

The reception of information is done by the bottom, when there is a new information when the bottom of the completion of the reception will be intent to notify the upper application, information related content is also included in the intent,

Interview Philipp Crocoll: the Android platform consolidates Java and C #

In this interview, we discussed topics related to keepass2android with open source developer Philipp Crocoll. Keepass2android not only features powerful password storage, but also a good example of using Java and C # in a single Android app.InfoQ:

Android Multimedia-mediaplayer Wake-up lock and audio focus

Wake-up lock for MediaPlayerGenerally use MediaPlayer to play the audio stream, it is recommended to use a service to host the MediaPlayer, rather than directly in the activity to use. But in the power design of the Android system, in order to

About "Some characters cannot be mapped using" GB2312 "character encoding. "The question

Today, when I was doing the project, I encountered a problem. Because it is done on the basis of others to change things, so, some things can not be in accordance with their own habits. For example, I created a project when I just built the set

Cocos Android Analytics

Cocos2d-x Android Environment SetupCocos2d-x environment Building is relatively simple, but small problem is still a lot, I try to cover a comprehensive number.Download softwareCygwin, NDK (ADT): C + + RelatedIf you don't have an Android development

Android Custom View (one)

Mnesia in the process of operating data frequently may error: * * WARNING * * Mnesia is overloaded: {dump_log, write_threshold}, you can see that the Mnesia should be overloaded. This warning occurs in the Mnesia dump operation, which can occur with

Relative and absolute paths to iOS

iOS programs have fixed file access restrictions, only within their own sandbox.UIImage *img=[uiimage imagenamed:@ "Cellicon.png"];This code loads a PNG image resource from a relative path as a UIImage object without any problems. Because it has

How to use the functions of apply and call

Although apply and call can implement same function. However, there is a litter different between them. Please pay attention-to-look at the examples below:Define an object person1 person=function(name,age) {2this . name=name; 3 this. age=

Windows Phone 8.1 Development Technology Overview (Universal APP)

A moment ago really lazy WP8.1 has come out so long time now just update blog Let everyone wait, today I first introduce WP 8.1 development framework, what is Microsoft's respected Universal APP, and we want to develop Universal What to look for

Android-universal-image-loader the use of the asynchronous Load Class library (Hyper-verbose configuration)

Turn notesThis image of the asynchronous loading and caching of the class has been used by many developers, is one of the most common open source libraries, the mainstream application, the random anti-compilation of several fire projects, can see

IOS Memory Management

First, prefaceFor the majority of people from C + + or Java to learn object-c (hereinafter referred to as OC), the language of OC looks very strange, it is a bit cumbersome to use.OC does not have a garbage collection mechanism like Java, which

"Direct fetch with のandroid common code module parsing and sharing" のnotification and Notificationmanager

Android project to do more, will find that many of the original things are reusable, this series introduced some of their own projects commonly used in the public module code (of course, only talk about the technology do not talk about business),

Summary of some front-end knowledge collection in mobile Web development

In the development of Devemobile and Easemobile theme, accumulated a number of mobile web development of the front-end knowledge, the purpose of the summary of the record, close-up this article to forget about.There is no difference between mobile

Android Request WebService and parse

Directly on the code:Write a bean that encapsulates the dataPackage Com.mbl.wbsconn;import Java.util.list;import;public class Basebean {protected String usid; Protected string pwd;protected string error;protected string msgtp;protected

iOS Development UI Chapter-uiwindow Brief Introduction

iOS Development UI Chapter-uiwindow Brief IntroductionFirst, Brief introductionUIWindow is a special kind of uiview that usually has only one uiwindow in an app.After the iOS program starts, the first view control created is UIWindow, then the

Android device Identification-no perfect solution-only trade-offs

This article links Several commonly used device identification codeImei,sim card serial number, WiFi module MAC address, android_idTelephonymanager Telephonymanager = (telephonymanager)

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