Android Dynamically changes screen orientation

Landscape and portraitExample descriptionHow do you program the display direction of activity? In Android, to change the orientation of the screen display through the program, you must overwrite the Setrequestedorientation () method, and to get the

Two ways to move a C # borderless form

Reprint:, you need to use a WIMDOWSAPI function, so you must introduceUsing System.Runtime.InteropServices;namespaces;Then, there are two ways to use the API, one that does not need to

Android Bundle delivers simple data, object data

During the process of Android development, the process encounters data transfer between components and processes, and there are many kinds of data transfer, which is very convenient to use bundles.Bundles can pass a variety of data, which is a

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d use (screenshot)

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d use (screenshot)A simple explanationIn program development, it is sometimes necessary to intercept a piece of content on the screen, such as a fishing talent game.Core code to complete the screenshot

Image Resources for Android resources (1)

Before looking at someone else's program in the Drawable folder has XML resources, to tell the truth that the first time to see such XML image resources, I really do not know what to do. Take time to learn a similar resource, only to understand the

Call and Apply methods in JavaScript

Ext.: We can consider call and apply as a method of an object, calling the function indirectly in the form of a calling method. The first argument to call and apply is the parent object that is to

Android:viewpager extension--Viewpagerindicator with navigation (with image cache, loading images asynchronously)

Everyone has used Viewpager, GitHub on the Viewpager to expand, navigation style richer, this open source project is viewpagerindicator, very useful, but the example is relatively simple, actually used to do a lot of expansion, For example, in the

iOS Get file extension memo

nsstring *lastcomponent = [CachePath lastpathcomponent]; nsstring *pathlessfilename = [CachePath stringbydeletinglastpathcomponent]; nsstring *originalpath = [Pathlessfilename stringbyappendingpathcomponent:lastcomponent];nsstring *pathextension = [[

Using the Afinal framework to implement HTTP requests to get phone number attribution from the network

About the introduction and use of Afinal framework, please click on the left related article classification, to understand, this article is no longer repeat.This article is mainly to use the afinal framework, to achieve a simple, from the network to

Android System anonymous shared memory (Anonymous shared Memories) Java Call Interface analysis

One, Ashmem driver~/android/kernel/goldfish----include----Linux----ashmem.h----mm----ASHMEM.CFor a detailed description of the driver, see "Android system source code scenario analysis", author Luo Shenyang.Second, the runtime library cutils

Android Mms receives information flow

The reception of information is done by the bottom, when there is a new information when the bottom of the completion of the reception will be intent to notify the upper application, information related content is also included in the intent,

Detailed use of the iOS UILabel (Label control) and special effects

UILabel *label = [[Uilabelalloc] initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, 0, 75, 40)]; Declare Uilbel and specify its position and length widthLabel.backgroundcolor = [Uicolorclearcolor]; Sets the label's background color, which is set to a transparent

Windows Phone 8.1 Development Technology Overview (Universal APP)

A moment ago really lazy WP8.1 has come out so long time now just update blog Let everyone wait, today I first introduce WP 8.1 development framework, what is Microsoft's respected Universal APP, and we want to develop Universal What to look for

Why does the iPhone look better than other phones?

Users ask: The image industry does not require many years of accumulation in order to have excellent performance? Where does the image base of the iPhone come from, and why Sony has the basis for Konica Minolta to be able to do it on mobile phone

Eclipse under ADB error: Android adb server didn ' t ACK, workaround


Reprint Please specify source : server didn ' t ACK this problem will be annoyed a lot of novice friends, I have just started to do Android when also encountered this problem, but their own

Android using HttpClient method and error-prone problem

HttpClient provides Android developers with a simple way to operate HTTP network connections, there are two ways to connect, get and post, first look at how to implement theThe default is Get mode//first put parameters into list , and then

Summary of some front-end knowledge collection in mobile Web development

In the development of Devemobile and Easemobile theme, accumulated a number of mobile web development of the front-end knowledge, the purpose of the summary of the record, close-up this article to forget about.There is no difference between mobile

Android Development Exception information collection program code

The global application is created first, and this application is globally universal.Package Com.demo.utils;import Com.demo.exception.crashhandler;import;/** * Global Context, Call Anywhere * @author Administrator * */public

Android picture rotation, scaling, displacement, tilt, symmetry complete example (ii)--bitmap.createbitmap () and matrix

Mainactivity as follows:Package Cc.c;import;import;import;import;import Android.os.bundle;import android.widget.imageview;/** * Demo

Android Mini-game templates-gravity sensor

Long time no Update blog, today to talk about Android games ——— gravity induction, generally used in the game more, such as this kind of game has: Temple escape, need for speed, balance ball, measurements gravity maze, gravity racing and so on.First

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