first, KVC and Kvo *"KVC":key valueCoding( key code ) * purpose : indirect modification or acquisition of object Properties , Reduced program ( classes and Classes ) the degree of coupling between . *"KVO":key valueObserver( key values observed ),

iOS elearning------4 UIWebView Three ways to load local data

UIWebView is an iOS built-in browser that can browse Web pages, open documents html/htm PDF Docx txt, and other formats. The Safari browser is done through UIWebView.The server tells the browser to use that plug-in to read the relevant files by

android4.0 USB Camera Instance (five additions) JPG compression

In the end, we said a function that directly converts YUV to JPG, but the conversion is not successful. The original function is the research of yuv420 to JPG.yuv420 the sequence of interlaced scanning is like thisYYYYYYYYUvuvAnd the yuv422 sequence

Android Picture Cache frame Android-universal-image-loader (ii)

This is intended to directly tell you how to use it, in fact, this is not a difficult framework, the approximate use of the process is as follows:Get cached picture directory file Cachedir = storageutils.getowncachedirectory (activity,

Ways to get directory paths for various files in iOS

The iphone sandbox model has four folders, what is the location of the permanent data store, and what is the simple way to get the path to the emulator.Documents,tmp,app,library.(Nshomedirectory ()),The manually saved files are in the documents file.

A strange exception message in Tomcat's WebappClassLoader

If an app throws a lot of class not found information, you'll generally suspect packet collisions. But the webappclassloader of Tomcat has this problem:If there is a problem with an app publication, the started property of WebappClassLoader is set

Play to Android Camera Development (ii): Preview camera Base photo demo using Textureview and Surfacetexture

Google since Android4.0 out of the Textureview, why launch it? is to make up for surfaceview deficiencies, on the other hand is to balance glsurfaceview, of course, this is my speculate. About the relationship between Textureview, Surfaceview,

Uncontrolled memory mapping in Camera driver (cve-2013-2595)


/*This article is prepared by Mo Gray Ash, reproduced please indicate the source.Mo Ash Gray Email:[email protected]*/1 Vulnerability DescriptionThe vulnerability arises mainly because the camera driver provides several interfaces for user-space

[Android] [Memory Leak] Inputmethodmanager memory leak phenomenon and its solution

[Android] [Memory Leak] Inputmethodmanager memory leak phenomenon and its solutionphenomena : on the k_touch_v9 model of a particular model , an interface appears Inputmethodmanager hold a Activity, causes the Activity cannot be recycled . if the

Image Resources for Android resources (Image level resources)

Image State resources can only define a limited number of States. If more states are needed, use an image-level resource. You can define any number of image levels in the resource file. Each image level is an integer interval that can be toggled by

Get Phone Screen Displaymetrics property method

First of all, there is a point to declare that, in fact, in Android, the canvas is the height of the width of the screen is actually high.As a result, there are many ways to get a high screen width:1.Java codeWindowManager WindowManager =

Android Ubuntu platform under ADB-driven installation

  in the Android platform to do development, ADB always need to use, and, because Linux does not have windows such as a fool, some things still need to set their own, otherwise it will not be connected. Google also has a description of these

The SQLite optimizer for Android development

The original address of this article is: http://blog.csdn.net/horkychen/article/details/18892223About The optimization of SQLite, the first is to be able to use the SQL Statement batch processing, do not single-stroke operation, theCursor is more

Android converts a picture from Base64 to a string to convert the picture string to bitmap

1.Bitmap Convert to Picture stringBitmap Bitmap =new bytearrayoutputstream (); // This method is used to compress the picture, the first parameter is the picture format, the second parameter is the retention rate of the captured picture, if the

Welcome to Swift (initial translation and annotations of Apple's official Swift document 18)---116~122 page (chapter II)

Strings and characters (strings and characters)A string is a sequence of characters, such as "Hello, World," or "Albatross." In swift, strings are declared using a string type, which represents a sequence of values consisting of a set of character

Struts2 four ways to get request, session, and application

Struts2 four ways to get request, session, and applicationget Request, session, application for map typepublic class LoginAction1 Extendsactionsupport {private MAP request;Private MAP session;Private MAP Application;PublicLoginAction1 () {Request=

60 Open Source Cloud Applications "Part 3" (The Open source app you Can use in the cloud)

60 Open Source Cloud Applications "Part 3" (The Open source app you Can use in the cloud)This article is translated from http://www.datamation.com/open-source/60-open-source-apps-you-can-use-in-the-cloud-3.html, the original author Cynthia Harvey,

Welcome to Swift (initial translation and annotations of Apple's official Swift document 14)---90~93 page (chapter II)

Debugging with assertions (assertion Debug)An assertion is a run-time check mechanism that assumes that the logical condition is true. Before executing arbitrary code, you can use assertions to confirm a basic condition. If the condition is true,

"Reprint" depth parsing font settings in Android

Original: http://mobile.51cto.com/android-265238.htm1. Set the font in the Android XML fileYou can use Android: typeface, such as android:typeface= "monospace". In this example we are in the activity of android:text= "Hello, world! Hello

android--Long Press the popup menu to get information about the item currently being pressed

There are several options in the ListView, which can pop up a context menu and get detailed information about the options that you press by long pressing each option.Key steps:private static final int delete_id = Menu.first + 1;// uses Menu.first

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