"Smallfan iOS Learning Note 02" Basic syntax

This article comes from: Blog Park Codersmallfan. Reprint Please specify source: http://www.cnblogs.com/codersmallfan/p/3746837.htmlLearning iOS students generally have a certain programming language foundation, so the basic grammar of this piece of

Using annotations instead of the Findviewbyid method in Android

Respecting the original http://write.blog.csdn.net/postedit/26507351This article mainly explains the function of annotation implementation Findviewbyid, first of all, we are familiar with how to define a note in Java and parse an annotationThe

Pan Thai A900 Brush 4.4 Special Chinese version of TWRP2.7.1.1 support automatic identification of mobile phone version (the world's first)

Because I hand on the a900s has bricks, so temporarily can't get ROM, first upload has been done before the brush 4.4 dedicated version of the new TWRP Recovery This edition is my custom, To differentiate the previously released version of 2.

Android Download apk install APK open apk

Today there is a need to download an apk file, and then when you are done downloading, the text of the button changes, becomes the click Install, and then after the installation is completed, it turns on.Here's how to download apk:/** * Backstage in

Learn about JNI in Android (four) Simple example, warm and understanding new

In the 0th article simply introduced the JNI programming pattern, in the next two or three articles, we have made some simple introduction to some of the concepts of JNI, do not know what I said clearly no, but I believe a lot of children heel me,

Android platform invoke Web Service: Example

recently in the study Android , with the popularity of mobile devices, when the software on the road to commercialization, in order to compete for the market, there must be support Android , so I started to get in touch. Android , but only to

iOS Development UIView Controls

1. Everything objects2.LBS: Location-based services (HOT)3. It's a good idea to check git when starting Xcode to create a project4. Change the contents of a control such as Uilabel in the SB interface, the frame of the control will change with the

Android Learning----------Long Press the list item pop-up menu, add event to menu item, get context

Here is a ListView first, long press a list item in the ListView, pop Up a menu, the menu has two entries, "Update this bar" and "Delete this Bar", and both of them have listening events, the whole is like a friend dialogue operation. Where the menu

Android uses canvas to draw a variety of graphics

Canvas is popular as a canvas, and we can use brush paint to draw arbitrary graphics on top of it.Principle:You can think of canvas as an avatar or an interface to your surface, drawing on your surface. The canvas encapsulates all the draw calls.

Android uses sharedpreferences to save objects

Core principle:Serialization of objectsSteps1. To save the object to implement serialization serializable2. Save the serialized object as a string (the practice in this article is to save as a byte array in a string that is converted to 16 binary)3.

Android Programming Get network Connection status (3G/WIFI) and call Network Configuration interface

Http://www.mobiletuts.meGet Network Connection StatusWith the promotion of 3G and WiFi, more and more Android applications need to call network resources and detect the network connection status becomes the necessary function of network

iOS Learning notes-basic MVC Learning

1. Parameter descriptions for @propertyArc is a set of memory management mechanisms introduced by Apple to simplify the programmer's memory managementUsing the arc mechanism, the application and release of objects will be automatically added to the

Android System Architecture

First look at the picture:  The above figure shows the diagram of Android Architecture. The Android OS can be referred to as a software stack of different layers, where each layer was a group of Sveral program Components. Together It includes

Move WEB-CSS to replace higher-quality images for retina screens

Source: InternetAnonymoustime: 12-24 10:37:45"Big Small"Reviews: Retian seems to be a trend on screen display, which is a new challenge for web designers, and mobile app designers have learned how to display better quality images for Retina screen

What's the difference between a Yonghao and a lei June with a "fan" phone?

Inside and outside the IT circle to look forward to the Hammer mobile phone conference (the lake is also known as the famous crosstalk performance artist Yonghao's talk show) finally in the 5.20 Night at the National Convention Center, suppressed a

Android multithreaded Research (1)--thread base and source code analysis

From today on we have a look at the multi-threaded knowledge of Android, Android easy to get started, but to complete a complete product is not easy, let's start from the thread step into the android inside.First, Thread Foundation reviewPackage Com.

41-50 (UIApplication and Delegate,uiapplicationmain,uiwindow, full process of program start, delay loading of controller view)

Tag: Class C tar a int width41.UIApplication and delegate42.UIPickerView43.UIDatePicker44. The complete process of program initiation45.UIApplicationMain46.UIWindow47. How to create a controller48. Delay loading of the controller view49.

Meaning of assign, copy, retain and other keywords in ios

Assign: Simple assignment, not changing index countCopy: Create an object with an index count of 1 and then release the old objectRetain: Frees the old object, assigns the value of the old object to the input object, and then increases the index

Upload Android or Java library to MAVEN Central repository (reprint)

This article mainly introduces the use of sonatype to submit jars or AAR to Maven's central repository .Would you like to upload your jar or AAR to the MAVEN official repository, which can be used by other people in the central repository, then look

Index queries in iOS

////YCViewController.h//Group Query One////Created by Amin on 14-5-19.//Copyright (c) 2014 Amin. All rights reserved.//#import@interface Ycviewcontroller:uiviewcontroller{nsmutabledictionary*Allteams; Nsmutabledictionary*teams; Nsarray*Teamsname; } @

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