iOS pointer to function and block

One: block Basics Block Basics Basic concept: block is used to save a piece of code; ^: is a block sign like *: A sign of a pointer Features: 1: Save a piece of code; 2: can have parameters and return values; 3: Can

Android Google Official document parsing--device compatibility

Android is designed to run on many different types of devices, from phones to tablets and televisions. As a developer, the range of devices provides a huge potential audience for your app. In order for your apps to be successful on all these devices,

Cocos2dx realizes Android's TTS voice (Implementation of language reading)

It's really simple, but there are some details that need attention.About the application of the voice on Android, we need to download the SDK on their own, and then according to the API provided by the voice flight speech on their Android demo run

(Android Review) Basic use of the ListView

1, MainactivityPackage Com.example.sqlitetest;import Java.util.list;import Android.os.bundle;import;import;import Android.view.view;import Android.view.viewgroup;import Android.widget.AdapterView;import Android.

IOS call system texting and calling function

IOS call system texting and calling function's start by introducing one of the simplest methods:Call Call function[[uiapplicationsharedapplication] Openurl:[nsurl urlwithstring:@ "tel://1008

jquery to move up or down

When I recently made the report, I exported all the fields directly, but it was not very flexible. Recall that the teacher talked about the project to do the following move up and down the function of flexible control, so try it.JS Codefunction

Javaweb: Determines whether the current request is a mobile device access

This period of time is to do PC-side business, the result manager found me, may want to do mobile applications, background logic or I write the logic, but need to change some, to see how to deal with.Because the mobile and PC side is slightly

Android Image compression method

First: Let's look at the mass compression method firstPrivate Bitmap Compressimage (Bitmap image) {Bytearrayoutputstream BAOs = new Bytearrayoutputstream ();Image.compress (Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, BAOs);//Quality compression method, here 100

Understand, your app life, do not understand, die!

recently, some developers, start-up companies and I viyi88, consulting some of the things about their own apps. The most likely question is: "How does my app promote increased downloads?" "and vowed to say that their app is doing very well, just don'

Android Studio always prompts to restart ADB solution!

Sometimes when you connect your phone to a computer for debugging, Android Studio always prompts you to restart ADB, but after you restart it, you immediately jump out of the dialog box that prompts you to restart. You will be prompted again because

Android-universal-image-loader Study Notes (3)--Memory cache

The previous two blogs wrote the file cache, now say Android-universal-image-loader's memory cache, the memory cache involves the classThe inheritance relationships for these classes are as follows:Like a file cache, the memory cache involves two

[Android] Volley source Analysis (ii) Cache

The cache, as part of Volley's core, volley the heavy-colored to achieve it. In this chapter we follow the volley source of ideas down, to see the volley cache of the processing logic.As we recall the simple code of yesterday, our entry begins with

How Android Studio Prompts for function usage

Eclipse has a very good function, that is, when your code calls an Android API, the mouse moves to the corresponding function or method, it will automatically have a hangingThe floating window prompts the description of the function (which contains

Several ways to turn off the iOS virtual keyboard

In iOS app development, there are three types of view objects that open the virtual keyboard for input, but how to turn off the virtual keyboard without providing an automated method. This needs our own realization. These three types of view objects

Android Post mode upload file (simulate form format data submission)

The form submission includes:Post/upload.php?zp_id=ab46ca6d703e3a1580c1c9b8b3a8fb39 http/1.1Accept:image/gif, Image/jpeg, Image/pjpeg, Image/pjpeg, Application/x-ms-application, APPLICATION/X-MS-XBAP, Application/, Application/xaml+

MQTT protocol iOS Port porting 3

ServerMqFramework.h#import "MqttFramework.h" @interface servermqframework:mqttframework/** * @brief get the handle of the module controller single example * @param [in] n/A * @ param [out] n/A * @return void * @note */+ (servermqframework*)

Welcome to Swift (initial translation and annotations of Apple's official Swift document 22)---148~153 page (chapter III-collection type)

To insert an element at the specified index of an array, you can call the array's insert (Atindex:) Method:Shoppinglist.insert ("Maple syrup", atindex:0)Shoppinglist now contains 7 items"Maple syrup" is now the first item in the list "The Insert

An explanation of the log mechanism in Android

There are several types of log output in Android:LOG.V (string tag, string msg); VERBOSELOG.D (string tag, string msg); DEBUGLOG.I (string tag, string msg); INFOLOG.W (string tag, string msg); WARNLOG.E (string tag, string msg); ERRORThe above log

Android Development Notes-passing class objects via Intent

The object required to be passed must implement one of the above 2 interfaces to pass directly through the intent.Methods for passing these 2 kinds of objects in intent:Bundle.putserializable (key,object); Implements the Serializable interface

Web page parsing in iOS non-UTF-8 format

There are a lot of methods on the Internet for iOS XML parsing, there are a lot of page parsing about non-UTF-8 format, I tried to read several, but did not succeed. Today inadvertently but it was done, so I want to share with you. In fact very

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