Linux Kernel (Android) encryption algorithm Summary (iii)-Application call Kernel cryptographic algorithm interface

In the Linux Kernel (Android) Cryptographic algorithm summary (cipher, Compress, Digest) article, it describes how to include three different types of kernel encryption algorithms in the kernel, and gives examples of how to invoke them in kernel

iOS Development experience Sharing

Some tips for iOS development:1) [Multiple Threads] iOS multithreading Note that all UI actions must be on the main thread:Any code that would update the UI should be do on the main thread. Data loading should typically is done in some background

Mobile Internet combat--mobile audio and graphics optimization processing

Objective:Mobile applications, need to save traffic (bandwidth), large resource packs on the user experience is harmful. As a result, mobile development requires thin resources (audio/picture), but also guaranteed audio/picture quality. This article

SqLite3 of iOS data storage

There are many ways to store data in iOS, and when you have a large amount of data, preferences, archiving and plist will not meet your needs.You need to use SQLite or CoreData to store the data.Here's how to use SQLite to store dataTo use SQLite,

iOS uses Cfurlcreatestringbyaddingpercentescapes for URL encoding

 The iOS program needs to encode the URL UTF8 when it accesses the HTTP resource, and I have always liked to encode it using NSString's Stringbyaddingpercentescapesusingencoding method. Today, when using analyze to analyze the project, it is

IOS 8 Application Build Details mining application initiation Process

IOS 8 Application Build Details mining application initiation ProcessThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep

New version of Tlplayer for Android, TIGERLEAPMC for Windows released

Tlplayer for AndroidThe new version fixed the image tilt and so on, and added the dynamic watermark function.Support HLS (m3u8), HTTP,RTSP,MMS,RTMP and other network protocols.The statement tlplayer on the variable speed, not just Android support,

How to export downloaded music files from the iOS Cool Music box (implemented using Java programming)

How to export a downloaded music file from the iOS Cool music BoxThe contents of this article are used for technical study, do not use for improper use, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.Music files downloaded from the cool music iOS

Return value issues for service class Onstartcommand in Android

During Android development, the Onstartcommand (Intent,int,int) method of the service object is called every time StartService (Intent) is called. Then do some processing in the Onstartcommand method. Then we notice that this function has an int

Debug Android mobile Web with Firefox

Divided into 2 parts:Cell phone:1. Install the latest version of Firefox2. Open the browser and enter About:config3. Set the devtools.debugger.remote-enabled value to TrueDevtools.debugger.force-local value is False(There is more than one set on a

Modify the name of the Android project (non-Eclipse rename)

Issue backgroundIn Eclipse,import new Android source project, if Eclipse's workspace already exists the same name project, it cannot be imported.There are many ways to modify the project name on the Internet, which is the rename way of using

Multi-service line frustrated Xiaomi deep in Waterloo Mire

Recently, the music and millet melee sparked widespread concern in the industry, two companies have disputes, the root cause is the existence of a number of business competition, in addition to the well-known TV, Box, the recent music has

Android Multithreading analysis V: Download images asynchronously using Asynctask

Android Multithreading analysis V: Download images asynchronously using AsynctaskRoche (Http:// CC License, reproduced please specify the sourceIn the first article in this series, "one of the Android multithreaded analysis:

Android Multithreading analysis V: Download images asynchronously using Asynctask

Android Multithreading analysis V: Download images asynchronously using AsynctaskRoche (Http:// CC License, reproduced please specify the sourceIn the first article in this series, "one of the Android multithreaded analysis:

Android Add button and respond

1. First create a new two button tag in the Activity_main.xml file.  1 LinearLayoutxmlns:android= "Http://"2 Xmlns:tools= "Http://"3 Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"4

Fatal error C1189: #error: WINDOWS. H already included. MFC apps must not #include <windows.h>

When using the MySQL API or the Winsock API under Windows, you need to include # include .When compiling, you will encounter the problem shown in the title.  The simplest and most resolute way to do this is to include other WinSock2.h before it

. NET code farming to IOS-a preliminary study

Haven't written a blog for a long time, before also intends to graduate design involved in the two algorithms come out to say (face analysis + sound analysis), Bowen wrote half, and then really too busy, that essay also sank in the draft list did

OS Chinese italic Italic Font chinese-ios_girl

Cgaffinetransform matrix = cgaffinetransformmake (1, 0, TANF (cgfloat) m_pi/180), 1, 0, 0);Uifontdescriptor *desc = [Uifontdescriptor fontdescriptorwithname: [Uifont systemfontofsize:17]. FontName Matrix:matri X];Font = [Uifont fontwithdescriptor:d

Writing and reading of iOS files

//Get file path /** 1 * Bundle is a directory that contains all of the resources of the application, which can be obtained by mainbundle the directory resource*/NSString*filepath = [[NSBundle mainbundle] Pathforresource:@"Contactsinfo"Oftype:nil];

Android NDK and Java for local socket communication

With regard to the socket communication between Android applications and the framework, it is believed that friends who care about this issue have seen the article "Android uses sockets to make the underlying and framework communication" The

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