The meaning of @ in the Android XML resource file

An [email protected] represents a reference resource1. Reference a custom resource. Format: @[package:]type/nameandroid:text= "@string/hello"2. Refer to System resources. Format: @android: Type/nameAndroid:textcolor= "@android: color/opaque_red"Note:

Android in Matrix's pre post Set method understanding (Reprint Source: Linux Community Author: ZJMDP)

Although the previous study of linear algebra and graphics principles, but in the actual encounter matrix or puzzled for a while, today through to colleagues to find a little way, the summary is as follows:Matrix is mainly used to scale, pan, rotate

Sync, update, download Android Source & SDK from the domestic mirror station

Download the android source from China mirrorsPreviously all from Google's site download synchronized updates, but now has a domestic mirror site is much betterHelp Https://

IOS Countdown and Access time in this time zone

CountdownWrite a timer in Viewdidload.[Nstimer scheduledtimerwithtimeinterval:1.0 target:self selector: @selector (timerfiremethod:) Userinfo:nil repeats: YES];Then the method of declaring the timer-(void) Timerfiremethod: (nstimer*) Thetimer{Define

iOS use of SQLite3

iOS use of SQLite3First, in Firefox open sqlite3 (if not, select Tools, add-ons, added) new Sqlite3 database, Contacts,Create a members table, field Id,integer, primary key, self-increment, name,varchar;email,varchar,null;birthday,datetime,null.Add

Android Studio Experience (ii)--Create project and Genymotion trial

I've had an Android studio in the Sunday, and it's been a little bit more, but let's start with creating a project, first of all we need to familiarize ourselves with project and Module Concepts in Android Studio. In Android studio, project is a

Rookie takeoff: The first time to compile Android source on Ubuntu

Calculate a calculate oneself to do Android development, still poor so few months will be full two years, but oneself even the Android source code has not compiled once, think really is justified, think of compile once, in the middle also really met

IOS 8:mutable property returns immutable value

The title is a bit around. For example: Declare an immutable group in the header file, such as-(Nsarray *) images, and then define a variable attribute variable in the anonymous class extension, such as @property (Nonatomic, strong) Nsmutablearray

Android Telephony MMS Learning Notes

This article mainly from the following aspects to learn MMS processing in the Android system: MMS initialization, MMS send, MMS receive (including push MMS receive and extract MMS content from mmsc), MMS storage/deletion and other data

iOS Control header file interpretation

Take Uitextfield to illustrate:1.Ns_class_available_ios(2_0) @interface uitextfield:uicontrol , nscoding > @endThe contents of the middle of these two lines of content,such as @property (nonatomic,copy) NSString *text; is the Uitextfield

Talking about IOS version number has been trying to be compatible with different use of the version number form, but in use we found that many developers on how to better use the version number to mark the application is very strange. This is a basic article that briefly

iOS development swift-Properties and methods

First, definition of ClassThe difference between swift and objective-c definition classesOBJECTIVE-C: typically requires 2 files, 1. h Declaration files and 1. m implementation filesSwift: only 1. Swift files requiredDefinition format for classes in

The path to Android learning

Original link: Received some friends of the micro-blog private message, said can give some guidance to Android novice, I can only say that guidance is not, after all, I am also

How to create Oracle ASM devices using Device-mapper multipath devices in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

How to create Oracle ASM devices using Device-mapper multipath devices in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6?EnvironmentRed Hat Enterprise Linux 6 device-mapper Multipath (DM Multipath) Oracle ASM UdevResolutionFollowing steps to create Oracle ASM disks

Android development Environment Step, ADT, JDK, SDK, NDK, Eclipse, CDT

The following information, only to prepare for forgetting.Here are the process records that I configured to install the Android environment.1. First you need to install JDK with Java Runtime environment2. Then install Eclipse, which is the tool used

IOS UTI Unified Type Identifier: Determine file type by suffix

Today in the learning document and data sharing, the first thing to do is to deal with the uniform type identifier UTI. See it for the first time, so write it down for it, first understand the concept of UTI and MIME1. The same type identifier

Android Command Line Development Introductory Tutorial 1

In fact, master Notepad + command line programming is very effective, whether it is the computer hardware configuration and performance problems, or for the understanding of the program internal operation mechanism, debugging and so also have a good

Get up and develop the weather software for Android (iv)--use Gson to parse data

From the previous article in the past only 4, 5 days, we hurry to the hot strike continue to complete the series of weather software development. To undertake the contents of the previous chapter using volley to achieve network communication,

"Test" Android Monkey

Here is a monkey test method: Single Module Monkey testThe following is an example of the monkey Directive:[Plain]View Plaincopy Monkey-s--throttle 450-p

hadoop2.4 Support Snappy

We hadoop2,4 the cluster does not support snappy compression by default, but recently the business party said that some of their data is snappy compressed (this part of the data is provided to them by another cluster is snappy compressed format)

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