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The Android task and the return stack are fully parsed, counting the details that you don't know

Reprint Please specify source: main content of this article comes from Android Doc, I have done some processing after translation, English good friends can also directly read the original

iOS 8: "Go" ios dev-dev + Enterprise Edition wireless release One build package

Source Address: The project enters a fast iteration, requiring fast delivery of the Adhoc version and the Enterprise wireless release version. The bundle identifier and code signing are

iOS XE6 Mobile Development Environment (7): Install XE6 paserver in Mac OSX 10.8 (there is a picture of the truth)

iOS XE6 Mobile Development Environment (7): Install XE6 paserver in Mac OSX 10.8 (there is a picture of the truth) 2014-08-22 21:06There are few articles on the mobile development environment that can be found on the Delphi XE series online, so

IOS System Time Format differences

Today, there is a strange problem that has not been noticed before, and of course it is seldom written, because the company project is partly developed by the outsourcing company, and there is no careful review code. Because the iOS time format

Android Enterprise Development Learning--handler

I study handler is according to this way of thinking, so I also follow this idea to write: 1. What is handler? 2. What did handler do? 3. How we can use handler to achieve different functions for different scenarios                                   

Viewer mode Observer in Android

Reprint Please specify source: Observer pattern "defines a one-to-many dependency between objects, and when an object's state changes, all objects that depend on it are notified and

Use JS in WebView to call function functions of Android/ios

Recently done a project, mixed with Nativecode and HTML, in order to facilitate the JS call app some methods, unified encapsulation of a JS method, recorded as followsThe Android side first wants to webview in the Allow JS the callWebView Mywebview =

IOS GCD Programming Summary


First, Brief introduction1.GCD introduction?The full name is Grand Central Dispatch, which translates as "the backbone scheduler"Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functions2.GCD AdvantagesGCD is Apple's solution for multi-core parallel

Considerations for developing Adobe AIR mobile applications

Http:// AIR has evolved beyond the initial goal of being a desktop application platform. Today, it supports standalone application development across mobile, desktop, and

Android Development-Multi-threaded download plus breakpoint continuation

File download in the app is also used a lot, the general version of the update to use the file to download to do processing, has seen a lot of great God has had this aspect of the blog, today I also to practice, write the general, but also ask you

Probing into GDB debugging under iOS

Original address:, debug platform construction1, GNU Debugger. First install the GDB debugger under iOS and add Source: Search for GNU Debugger, install it. (Some of the sources of

Android Development Learn--aidl

Aidl:android Interface definition Language, which is the Android interface definition language.What is AidlThere is no sharing of memory between processes in the Android system, so there are mechanisms that need to be provided for data communication

Android's lone formula: simulator creation and ADB (Android Debug Bridge Android)

vga:640*480 pixels |HVGA (half VGA): 480*320 pixels |QVGA (Quarter VGA): 320*240 pixels |WVGA (width VGA): 800*480 pixels |fwvga:854*480Second, ADB (Android Debug Bridge: Android Debugging Bridges)Common commands:PullADB

Android Code checker tool Sonarqube

The Code checker can help us check for some hidden bugs, and sonar is the better one in the Code checker tool. WebsiteSonar OverviewSonar is an open platform for code quality management. Through the plug-in mechanism, Sonar can integrate different

Common common functions and methods of the company's Android project

/** * Some common functions */public class Functionutil {private static long Lastclicktime = 0;/** * Start with this, and then no limit, call Checkphone method. Determine if the phone format is correct, when registering and modifying the mobile

Introduction to four data persistence methods commonly used in iOS

Introduction to four data persistence methods commonly used in iOSThere are basically four ways to persist data in iOS: Attribute list, Object archive, SQLite3, and core data1. List of propertiesMain classes involved: Nsuserdefaults, General

Android NDK Development (ii)-from Hello World

Reprint Please specify source: previous article on the Android NDK development of some basic concepts, as well as the NDK environment to build, I believe that the friends have seen the NDK

Android's WebView app

This example mainly introduces how to design the UI through WebView (how to return a friendly interface to the user when the Web UI requests the error), how to use WebView to implement the download function, and to implement the free login function

The most understandable Android JNI development data in history--NDK environment building

Google has improved the NDK development process, and for the development of the NDK under the Windows environment, if the NDK used is a prior version of R7, it is necessary to install Cygwin to use the NDK. And at the beginning of NDKr7, Google's

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