Android SQLite database Version Upgrade principle analysis

Android uses the SQLite database to save data, the database version of the upgrade is what is going on, here to say.First, the Software v1.0Install v1.0, assuming the v1.0 version has only one account table, then go to inherit Sqliteopenhelper

A brief summary of several common information encryption methods in iOS

I. MD5 encryptionMD5 encryption is one of the most commonly used encryption methods, which is to generate a 32-bit alphanumeric mixed code from a string with corresponding characteristics.MD5 main features are irreversible, the same data MD5 value

iOS learning iOS sandbox (sandbox) mechanism and file Operation Nsfilemanager

1. Create a directory in documentsCreate a directory called Test, first find the documents directory,[CPP]View Plaincopy Nsarray *paths = Nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains (NSDocumentDirectory, Nsuserdomainmask, YES); NSString

GCD in iOS


Excerpt from: is a library provided by Apple for concurrent programming on iOS and OS X, and GCD is its market name. GCD has the following advantages: –GCD can put computationally

Apple all common certificates, appid,provisioning profiles configuration instructions and production graphics tutorial (fine)

Transferred from Holydancer's csdn column, original address:'s certificate complex lock, production management is quite troublesome, today decided to reset a game project all the

Deep understanding of Android (04)--in-depth understanding of property services

1. Attribute ServiceIn Windows, there is something like a registry that can store key-value pairs such as Key/value.In general, the system or some applications will store some of their own properties in the registry, even if the system restarts or

ios-c_day8___ Array Exercises

2015.1.283. Given an array of characters with 5 elements, the members of the array have Arabic characters, try to set the numberThe group is converted to an integer, such as the contents of the character array: {' 1 ', ' 2 ', ' 3 ', ' 3 ', ' 2 '}

Android-jni adding standard C + + files

JNI joins standard C + + filesThis address: Http:// references: you need to invoke the standard C + + library , you need to add the method

IOS-C_DAY4___ Branching structure

2015.1.22Single branch structureif (conditional expression)//{Execute the statement;//}/*int Main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {int score;scanf ("%d", &score);Error correction processingif (score100) {return-1;}if (score >=90){printf ("Excellent \

Mobile Gesture Library Hammerjs 2.0.4 Official document translation

Hammerjs is an excellent, lightweight touchscreen device gesture library that has now been updated to version 2.04, with the 1.0 version somewhat Tianrang, after all, rewriting the event name and adding a number of methods that allow simultaneous

Use of Android bundle

Send data:Bundle bundle = new bundle ();Bundle.putstring ("Sex", "man"); Bundle.putdouble ("height", 40,38); Intent Intent = new Intent (); Intent.putextras (bundle); Intent.setclass (Thisone.this, Thatone.class); StartActivity ( Intent); Receive

Compiling android4.4.4 for NEXUS4

Reference Configuring the development environment Initializing a Build environmentCompiling the Android4.4.4 requires the use of a 64bit system. So I installed an Ubuntu 14.04 64bit on the virtual machine.First install

Android Livereload-jimu Mirror

Friends who have used Sketch should know a function called Mirror , it can put your design manuscript on the phone preview, for designers to improve a lot of efficiency. And today I want to introduce the Jimu Mirror , and Sketch Mirror Similar, you

"Learning the path of iOS: UI series" To make calls, send text messages, send email functions

① Texting1. Create a button to add a button response event UIButton *callbutton = [UIButton buttonwithtype:uibuttontypecustom]; Callbutton.frame = CGRectMake (on the other); Callbutton.backgroundcolor = [Uicolor cyancolor]; [Callbutton settitle:@

Image processing for Android development (i): Building a picture cache with soft references

In Android development, picture processing is a difficult point. For a lot of picture processing, accidentally will appear oom error. Then, building the cache is a very necessary means. Building the cache with soft references is just one of the

Implementation of iOS sync GET request

The first step is to create the URLNsurl *url = [Nsurl urlwithstring:@ "Http://"];The second step is to create a network request via a URLNsurlrequest *request = [[Nsurlrequest alloc]initwithurl:url

multiple ways to convert int and String to each other in Android

1 How do I convert string strings to integer int?A. There are two methods:1). int i = Integer.parseint ([String]); Ori = Integer.parseint ([string],[int radix]);2). int i = integer.valueof (my_str). Intvalue ();Note: The string is converted to

Android UI Programming (7)--fragment

A fragment is a part or a behavior in the interface of an activity. You can combine multiple fragment into one activity to create a faceted interface and to reuse a fragment in multiple activity. You can also think of fragment as a modular activity

How to store data under Android (iii)

The best way to store data under Android: relational database SQLite. Database creation: Using the Sqliteopenhelper class Combined with the help of the Sqliteopenhelper class and the Sqlitedatabase class, we can perform curd operations on the

One of the Android source problem solutions (Input method)

This article will take a question and answer form, collect some of the usual changes to the Android platform source encountered problems. Based on the Spreadtrum platform, other platforms are basically similar to modifications.Case 1:What role does

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