The configuration process for Apache SSL forwarding

Configuring SSL Reference: HTTP://TUD.AT/PROGRAMM/APACHE-SSL-WIN32-HOWTO.PHP3 1 Installing Apache Apache_2.2.11-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8i.msi Follow the prompts step-by-step, installation can be. * The Apache installation directory is represented

APACHE+SVN Certification deployment of combat


Apache: I'm using a Yum installation, such as: Yum-y install httpd* 1. Install the APACHE+SVN combination module Yum Install Mod_dav_svn-y 2. Set the Web page to access the SVN account and password, Apache does not provide plaintext account and pa

XHTML Code Specification

Before we start the formal content production, we must first look at the specifications of the Web standards Code. Understanding these specifications can help you take fewer detours and pass code verification as soon as possible.1. All tags must have

Browse the table of contents with the TreeView

void __fastcall tform1::formcreate (tobject *sender){Currentdir=getcurrentdir ();Updatetreeview ();Updatelistview ();}//---------------------------------------------------------------------------void __fastcall Tform1::updatetreeview (){Ttreenode *rn

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application development (i) (3)

18.1.3 various database server function introduction Server data management includes several software that enables users to access any node in the network and to ensure confidentiality, recoverability, and integrity in a multiuser environment. As me

Clone of BSP in wince

When it comes to wince, the BSP clone is actually a copy of the BSP, but it changes some of the information in the BSP. In the wince, the BSP cloning should be very simple, today to do a simple introduction. I rarely use a BSP clone, do wince also h

How to Reduce. NET application memory footprint

The most recent week is busy, the main work is to do a call "Keyboard Wizard" things, simply put a lot of data into memory, the data for quick retrieval, and then find the input conditions to match the best 10 records and show. Specific and the follo

Use XAMPP easy to build station (top)

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) as an open source software solution that competes with proprietary and commercial software such as Windows, IIS, and. NET, is becoming more and more popular with its unique security, fast, easy to use, easily devel

One of the considerations for installing SVN on XAMPP

On previous versions of XAMPP (such as 1.6.5), Apache ran the and mod_dav_ that SVN relied on two files are already in existence, and in order for XAMPP to work with SVN, the XAMPP developers recompile the two files. In the ne

Simple SQL Tutorial GROUP by and having

Before introducing the group BY and having clauses, we must first talk about a special function in the SQL language: aggregate functions, such as SUM, COUNT, MAX, AVG, and so on. The fundamental difference between these functions and other functions

SQL server2000 Installation Tutorial

SQL Server 2000 is the latest version of Microsoft's large database server, and its performance metrics have a tendency to overtake Oracle databases in every way. After experimenting with SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 two versions, Microsoft has finally beg

We'll talk about inserting different types of objects in an STL list (Lists)

See an article on your Web site: "Insert different types of objects in an STL list (Lists)." I feel that the answer has not pointed out the nature of the problem, so I put forward my point of view, I beg to correct. I think that the cause of the erro

Monitor Ethernet (1) Packet32 Package description

Briefly: Listening to all the data on the network is a more interesting topic. A wide range of listening programs, all using a more famous development package Packet32. For example, Ntsniff, Ethernetspy, Ntpacket, and so on, there are famous WinPcap

UVa 127: "Accordian" patience data structure topics

Topic Link: Type of topic: data structure, linked list Meaning Send a deck of cards (52 pieces, two lines), starting from left to right,

UVa Stacks of Flapjacks (STL deque&reverse)

120-stacks of Flapjacks Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// &problem=56 Background Stacks and queues are often considered the bread and butter

WCF Technology Analysis 22: In-depth analysis of the WCF low-level exception handling framework implementation principle [last article]

For the previous article (WCF basic exception handling mode: [Previous], [Medium], [next article]), mainly in the perspective of the end developer of the WCF on the exception handling programming model introduced, next, we need to move our eyes to th

Phpxref Use Guide

Phpxref is a very good PHP development tool, it can be a program (such as WordPress) all the functions, variables, constants and other categories of records, generate a list of HTML pages, you can easily find out in this list where a function is defi

Zend Optimizer Configuration Guide

Zend Optimizer is a free PHP optimization software run by the PHP core engine "Zend" founder Zend technology company. According to Zend company revealed that the use of this software in some cases can at least improve performance of more than 30%! Th

Successful recovery case of error truncate of dictionary table

Yesterday, successfully helped the customer recover a failed database. The reason for the failure is that the technician truncate several data dictionary tables in the database, which directly results in the database being unavailable. The database

Logging external device logs using Ubuntu's syslog

Requirements: Use the Ubuntu 8.04 Server version of the syslog record Juniper isg1000 log for 3 months. 1. Allow syslog to record external logs Modify the/ETC/DEFAULT/SYSLOGD to change the syslogd= "" to syslogd= "-R" 2. Define external log types

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