Weui application of JS commonly used information tips on the encapsulation _javascript skills of the projectile layer

Weui application, the use of their own JS encapsulated a few commonly used information tips of the elastic layer The code for the test page is posted behind Several shells are shown below HTML page code: <! DOCTYPE html> &a

Some techniques used by Pl/sql DEVELOPER _mssql

1, automatically select my Objects after logging on by default, Plsql developer will select all Objects after login, if you are logged on as a DBA, To expand the tables directory, it normally takes a few seconds to wait, and the response rate after

jquery make Web page tab _jquery

Page tabs make it easier to use a limited number of pages to show more elements, and using jquery to create page tabs is a very simple thing to do. Share a little tips for making a Web page tab today. ◦ Introduces the required libraries◦ Tab princip

Zend Framework Development Introduction Classic Tutorial _php Example

This article describes the introduction of Zend Framework development related knowledge points. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The Zend framework has been released! While still in the early stages of development, this tut

Nodejs URL Verification (url-valid) Usage _ Basics

JavaScript does URL checking, usually using regular expressions to determine whether the format is correct, for example: Copy Code code as follows: /^https?:\ /\//.test (URL); Of course, there are better detection methods, such

Zend Framework Tutorial The front-end controller Zend_controller_front usage _php example

This example describes the Zend_controller_front usage of the front-end controller for the Zend Framework tutorial. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Main function The core mechanism of Zendframework's MVC implementation is

"Classic source Collection" Project common function encapsulation collection based on jquery _jquery

The examples in this article summarize common function encapsulation for projects based on jquery. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: <reference path= "Jquery-1.8.0.min.js"/> * * div or element centered * @return/j

PHP5 Non-thread-safe and Thread-safe These two versions of the difference analysis _php skills

First of all, None-thread safe is not thread secure, it is not thread security security at the time of execution, thread safe is threading security, thread safety checks are performed to prevent new requirements from starting the CGI of the new threa

Wordpress Album plugin nextgen-gallery add directory to convert Chinese to pinyin solution _php tips

NextGEN Gallery is a famous album plugin in WordPress, unfortunately does not support Unicode characters such as Chinese, this article will describe how to convert a directory to Ruby (when adding an atlas). Take NextGen 1.6.2 as an example: The pa

JS implementation display with reflection of the picture Horizontal Center zoom Show Special Effects instance "test available" _javascript tips

This article describes the JS implementation of the display with a reflection of the image Horizontal Center zoom display function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 tran

thinkphp watermark function to fix PNG transparent watermark and increase JPEG image quality Adjustable _php instance

This article illustrates the method of thinkphp watermark to fix PNG transparent watermark and increase the quality of JPEG image. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: TP comes with the picture class, has

JQuery uploadify Upload plugin appears HTTP Error 302 error resolution _jquery

Some time ago introduced the jquery uploadify upload plug-in use method, I encountered in the use of HTTP error 302 errors, there should be many people in the use of the encounter, this record down: First of all, HTTP 302 is the meaning of the reque

jquery Color voting progress bar Simple example Demo _jquery

I. DemandThe following figure The point is to implement the progress bar. Second, analysisHTML5 new and deleted tags in the article mentioned HTML5 added progress tag. But there must be compatibility issues. The build environment does not apply,

A detailed explanation of the use of Unicode encoding in python2.x _python

I'm sure there's a lot of Unicode and python instructions, but I'm going to write something about them to make it easier for my understanding to work. byte stream vs Unicode Object Let's first define a string in Python. When you use the string type

jquery implements editable table example explanations (2) _jquery

The results we will eventually achieve are as follows: When you click on the Learning Number column, you can edit it: When you click ESC, the action is canceled, and when you click Enter, the modification takes effect (no interaction with the b

PHP5.3 garbage collection mechanism (dynamic storage allocation scheme) deep understanding of _php skills

The garbage collection mechanism is a dynamic storage allocation scheme. It automatically frees allocated blocks of memory that the program no longer needs. The process of automatically reclaiming memory is called garbage collection. The garbage coll

Analysis and _php techniques of deep password plus salt principle

We know that if you hash the password directly, the hacker can get a user's password by getting the password hash value, and then by checking the hash value dictionary (such as MD5 password to crack the website).Adding salt can solve this problem to

A brief analysis of the HTML (), text (), Val () difference in jquery (_jquery)

1.HTML HTML (): Gets the HTML content of the first matching element. This function is not available for XML documents. But can be used for XHTML documents HTML (val): Sets the HTML content for each matching element. This function is not available f

Self-coding jquery plugin implements analog alert and Confirm_jquery

Do not say anything, first picture, there is a picture of the truth:) The vast majority of websites now do not have to take the alert and confirm, because the interface is too stiff. So this plugin is created ... To see the implementation of th

Network programming--socket (Sockets)

Tags: integer value std Technology server-side-Net TOC keyNetwork programmingThe purpose of network programming is to communicate with other computers directly or indirectly through network protocols. In Network programmingThere are two main

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