Web Design tips: Handle Web images correctly

Translator: Nornor as the saying goes, a picture wins thousand words. Whether this is true or false, pictures are an important part of the Web page. Since embedding picture steps becomes simple, we can see that many of the sites are embedded with man

Photoshop Action set of actions

The Photoshop5.5 action set provides us with a convenient image processing function. Not to be exploited, a little pity. And, through the Study of Action action set of the various command combination, you can learn Photoshop to deal with the image of

Effectively promote the data analysis of Digg website of your website

Data | promotion Now the digg.com site is not just a vibrant community and a place to gather news, Digg.com has become increasingly influential for bloggers and owners of websites. It can bring you a lot of traffic to generate revenue, but also make


The main contents of this article: 1, under normal circumstances cgridview implementation of Ajax paging and sorting principle 2, paging and sorting can not AJAX situation Analysis 3, custom paging (rewrite Clinkpager) How to implement Ajax paging an

The/.net of Dynamic Web page principle

I. Preamble I didn't know where to start, so I started with small talk. First of all, very happy to get everyone's support, more happy to meet so many like-minded friends, we would like to learn together and progress together. Is the so-called learn

How Baidu wins in China

Introduction: The latest issue of the United States "Business Weekly" print edition of the cover article on Baidu's success in the Chinese market, the law of in-depth interpretation. The following is an overview of the article: Schmidt said: "He can

JS document properties and Event Encyclopedia

Js Object Properties Document.title//Set document title equivalent to HTML <title> label Document.bgcolor//Set page background color Document.fgcolor//Set foreground colors (text color) Document.linkcolor//not-clicked link color Document.alinkc

Regular expression Example: Find another string in a string

Regular | string <html> <head><title> Regular Expression </title></head> <body> <a href= "./" > Return list </a><br> <form action= "<?echo $PHP _self;? > "method=" Post > In <input

Implement session function in PHP3 (two, cookie function library: COOKIE.INC.PHP3) (translate)

cookie|session| function <?php if (!isset ($__cookie_inc__)) { $__cookie_inc__=1; function Jssetcookie ($CName, $CValue, $CExpr =false) { This function allows you to set cookies after the HTML header tag, Can be supplemented with setcookie functio

SSI use Details (ii)

Detailed below we will introduce each. 1. config command The config command is primarily used to modify the default settings for SSI. which ErrMsg: Sets the default error message. In order to return the user-defined error message normally, the err

Tianya, West Shrine, Kaidi Mister Talk Forum

Editor's note: April 13 20:30, Tianya chairman ' Xing, E Roncy Temple Hutong director Meter, Kaidi Network general Manager Shao, visiting the Power Forum, on the "Forum Status and Development" topic and online communication. The interview text is sor

See how a Domain service provider ignores users!

February 16, 2006 in the first host domain Name service provider registered two domain names, a year down also peaceful. January 2007, the domain name will expire, will renew two domain name for one year, completes successfully. March April, the COM

Design of identity authentication system for Broadband portal website

Design    SummaryThis paper studies the functional requirements of the identity authentication system of Hunan Tietong broadband portal, and puts forward a set of comprehensive solutions from the aspects of unified authentication, authentication sec

WordPress Theme Template hierarchy and common template functions

WordPress is currently the world's most widely used blog system, is an open source of PHP software. Because the user is numerous, so the WordPress community is very active, has the rich plug-in template resources. Use WordPress can quickly build inde

is EJB 3.0 a clone of hibernate?

   SummarySun's EJB 3.0 specification is in its final "sprint" phase, and many companies are busy working to follow this specification. One of the many advantages that the latest version of this EJB specification provides is more prominent in its da

Introductory learning materials for VBScript

VBScript Microsoft Visual basic Scripting Edition is the newest member of the Visual Basic family of program development languages, and it applies flexible Script to a wider range of areas, including Microsoft Inter NET Explorer script and Web server

Install the PHP4 into the IIS5 of the Win2000.

The purpose of this article in IIS is to tell you how to configure PHP4 to your IIS5 under Win2000 professional. I use the Windows2000 professional Chinese version, IIS5 Chinese version and Php4.0rc1-win32. This preview version of PHP4 is a pre-relea

IIS and Apache share the 80-port method

Apache|iis for the debugger, this machine installs IIS and Apache, cannot use 80 port at the same time, now gives the workaround: Method One: IIS5, multi-IP coexistence, IIS for,apache for original addressC:\Inetpub\Adminscrip

. How to generate a static page in net

how to generate a static page: Programme 1: <summary> Incoming URL returns the HTML code for a Web page </summary> <param name= "Url" >URL</param> <returns></returns> public static string geturltohtml (String Url

Your positioning, your life--interpreting the direction of it people

Direction First, about the direction of enterprise computingEnterprise Computing (Enterprise Computing) is a slightly fashionable and pleasant term, mainly refers to enterprise information systems such as: ERP Software (Enterprise resource planning),

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