How does Photoshop divide a picture into 8 pieces?

How does Photoshop divide a picture into 8 pictures of the same size? Do you want to make a personal cover for your album? Small knitting to teach you to use a picture on average into a few of the sam

Good photos easy to start raw format processing

Raw is a digital camera special format, can be called "electronic film", is the original image encoding data. Raw format photos record the digital camera sensor raw information and some of the data ge

Win7 Connection Network Prompts "Local Area connection does not have a valid IP configuration" How to resolve?

Recently, many Win7 system users reflect that when connected to the network, there is a hint that "local connection does not have a valid IP configuration," especially after the router is installed, t

Mac on the pictures to deal with those things with good pictures to help you

Digital post-processing master Usually this view of the late: the software is no longer strong, the perfect combination of professional and convenient, can efficiently handle the perfect work is the m

Getting Started with the ping command

1, the basic knowledge of ping The ping command believes that we are all familiar with but it is not a lot of people who can play the role of Ping, of course, I am not saying that I can let ping play

Win7 System Word document setting the picture has the reflection effect method

A Word document processor that allows you to edit and format text, and sometimes to edit Word documents to make the content more vivid, we'll match the picture. Win7 a picture in a Word document in th

How Apple Mac computers connect printers

how Apple Mac computers connect to printers Before you start Before you add a printer to a MAC, check the following: Choose Software Update from the Apple menu to ensure that OS X is the latest ver

Mac no sound/blue screen/partition problem how to solve

1. In order for the MAC to run the Windows system properly, you must first install the OS X system and then install Windows with the Boot Camp to ensure everything is working. 2, the previous

Windows7 installation Configuration phonegap3.0 (CORDAVO) Development Environment Tutorial

The company was using Windows7, so I had to do a configuration job under Windows, and I wrote it down. The main trouble is to add a few environment variables under the Win7, this piece of place to be

What is the display gamma value?

The gamma value is just an output, representing a diagonal line between the image output value and the input value. (sometimes also used to describe the contrast of the screen) In simple terms, the g

PS will take new photos "as new as the whole"

Old photos always give people vicissitudes, profound impression, so become those "play the feeling" of the best friend. Although digital cameras now have the so-called "old photos" mode, but this kind

WinRAR20 a top-secret trick.

  1. Make self-extracting file If you use WinRAR to compress files, and your friends do not use WinRAR, your data must be compressed before you can give it to him. At this point, we can make the RAR

How to share the fast tooth computer version of WiFi network?

The software market is now bursting with a host of WiFi-sharing software, such as the Cheetah Free WiFi feature introduced in the previous period (see article), and the fast-tooth computer version can

What are the tools commonly used by MAC developers in Apple computers?

for most users, using a MAC for the first time will have a brief emotional reversal. Because it's very different from the Windows system. As a developer, how should programmers use MAC systems? What a

Win7 tip: Integrate IE11.0.3 into Win7 system mirroring

Reference Tutorials: 1, if the user has not yet downloaded IE11 browser, reference download encyclopedia: Win7 version IE11 browser official release, download the corresponding 32-bit, 64-bit version

Win8.1 How do I open an IIS server?


Win8.1 How do I open an IIS server? IIS Chinese name for Internet Information Services is the win8.1 Professional version of the 64-bit system used to build the server tool. We typically install this

How to use Google installer?

1, download the Google installer apk installation files, installed to the mobile phone 2. Open the installed Google Installer, slide the slider to the right to the Google framework and Google

Graphics knowledge Literacy: teach you how to see the video card good or bad

When you buy a video card, in the graphics card parameters, basic can see the display chip, video memory capacity, graphics card bit width, core frequency, memory frequency and other important parameters, these parameters are the composition of the k

360 website Guardian Node problem summary

What is a website defender? We are 360 for the site to provide active protection Service platform, we provide webmaster free web site firewall, DDoS protection, CC protection, intelligent DNS resolution, hotlinking protection, page compression, cach

WIN7 Flagship system installer prompts error code 0x80070422 workaround

WIN7 Flagship system installer prompts error code 0x80070422 solution. When a program is installed in the WIN7 flagship system, a Windows Update Standalone installer prompts an error code 0x80070422, as shown in the following illustration: Workaro

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