How does Excel link two text together?

Some friends complain that the function concatenate of the linked text in Excel is not convenient, and it is not easy to link the text in one area together. But there are some hidden functions in offi

Methods of encrypting and hiding Excel files

If you don't want your Excel files to be viewed by others, then you can set it password protection, use in the save file with the method of encryption can be used to achieve protection purposes, here

Repair and maintenance of hard drive bad track of notebook computer

When you are working on a notebook computer, if you read a file or run a software, it often goes wrong, the system starts slowly, or it takes a long time to operate successfully. During the hard drive

How to turn off the word "self-love" feature

Word is a very good word processing software, its powerful word processing and table editing features to our work brings a lot of convenience, but word is always "unrequited". Enter a URL or email add

How to Word2007 clip art frames

1. Click to select the clip art that you want to edit, switch to the Picture Tools-Format tab, click Picture border in the Picture Style feature sheet, select dashed-Other lines in the pop-up Drop-dow

XP Upgrade win8/win8.1 Tutorial

XP stop service? Microsoft: Yes XP will quit the stage of history? Microsoft: Retire What about XP system stop service? Microsoft: use my win8/win8.1. First of all, XP users need to pay

Application examples of rotation image, distortion correction and equal-ratio clipping in PS

A picture has the hand, it is likely that the image has a tilt, wide angle distortion, there is need to cut the place, the following figure: Equipment: Canon SX130 is [Canon digital camer

How do I access Win8.1 Update's disk space one-click?

Before, we need to press win+i, call the Charm Super menu, and then enter modern computer settings computer and equipment disk space, browse the local disk space footprint. That's how you can access t

How to access Win8.1 update's disk space one-click

1, in the blank desktop Right button, new shortcut 2, enter the following path in the object position: Simplified Chinese system: %localappdata%packageswindows.immersivecontrolpanel_cw5

How do I convert Arabic numerals to uppercase numbers in Word2007?

When you edit a document, you typically type in numbers that are easier to type, but if it's a fairly important document that's likely to be tampered with digitally, it's a bit informal to use Arabic

XP system hard drive bad way to do

XP system hard drive bad way to do The steps are as follows: First, if you have the following symptoms of the hard drive, you should pay attention to the hard drive has been a bad way: (1) Read a f

How Word 2007 Inserts a section break

Insert Section Break You can use a section break to change the layout or formatting of one or more pages in a document. For example, you can set part of a Single-column page to a two-column page. You

JS, jquery to achieve a few minutes ago, a few hours ago, a few days before the time difference shows the code instance

  on Sina Weibo homepage see the time shown behind each Weibo is not the standard year-month-day format, instead, the time difference between the conversion, such as: Published 5 minutes ago, pub

How do the icons for the Win 8.1 UI interface be named, grouped?

1. Click the Start button on the lower left corner of the desktop or tap the Windows key on the keyboard to enter the UI (start) interface; 2. Right-click the mouse in the blank space; 3

Photoshop Pen Tool character Cutout tutorial

In our impression of the pen tool is more difficult to use the PS software, pen tool used most is used to pull the map, the use of clever or very simple, then we will learn the pen tool figure-digging

How to set up a spreadsheet to print out the grid line Ah!

One, Excel table grid line The number of the spreadsheet to print is too long how to hit, I think when someone prints out in the next line, how to set the format of the cell format, in the alignment

Replace color and color range selection

0709 This color-adjustment command is similar to the hue/saturation command We've learned in the previous study, and it's actually a branch of the Hue/saturation command feature. Click the color area

JS determines the type and version of the browser by analyzing the useragent attribute

 javascript is the primary language for front-end development, and we can write JavaScript programs to determine the type and version of the browser. JavaScript can determine browser types in gen

How does the Mac extract the rar file?

1, please open the App Store on the Mac computer first, as shown in the picture: 2. After opening the App Store, click on the "search box" in the upper right corner, as shown in the pictu

Enable word to underline away from the text

When you underline text in Word, the default underline is too close to the text, and sometimes for special needs, you want them to be less "near", looking for a long time in word, and finding that Wor

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