JDBC: Metadata && Get primary key value of Insert record && _JDBC_ processing Blob

Label:I. Meta dataDatabaseMetaData classMany methods are available in the DatabaseMetaData class to obtain various information about the data source, which provides a very detailed understanding of the database information:GetURL (): Returns a

sql2-Sub-query, join query

Label:SQL Common advanced queries include: Join queries, subqueries.Sub-query: Useflowershopdb--subquery: Use another SELECT statement as a condition or data source in a SELECT statement.--Query BLOCK: A SELECT clause.--nested queries: Nesting

Practical T-SQL code

Label:1. Based on the date of birth, the current age isDECLARE @birth datetimeset @birth = ' 1990-01-01 ' SELECT (CAST (CONVERT (char (8), GETDATE (),) as int)-CAST (CONVERT (char ( 8), @birth, as int))/10000(in continuous update)Practical T-SQL

What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK?

Label:What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK? A fact that is happening, Ubuntu is constantly qt!I've been complaining about the software Center,Today a look at the source code, unexpectedly have SOFTWARECENTER/UI/QML branch,Even though it's

Coding Theano under remote ubuntu server from local mac (on local Mac machine, write, run, debug, see-Theano code on remote Ubuntu)

Label:I am a wonderful, recently tinker a set on the MAC coding remote Ubuntu on the Theano code of East, in order to benefit posterity.Overview: It's my programming environment and network environmentI expect to be able to write, run, debug, view

How to make Ubuntu SDK Live USB Drive

Label:For some developers who want to develop Ubuntu mobile apps or scope, and don't want to buy a computer to install Ubuntu OS or reinstall an Ubuntu system on their hard drive, consider making an Ubuntu system Live USB drive. This USB includes

Reprint--From the information theory argument why Chinese is the most advanced language in the world--quoting multiple experimental data

Label:"Reprint" Demonstrates why Chinese is the most advanced language in the world from the perspective of information theory – citing multiple experimental dataChinese Computer Application Research Group (pseudonym: Cold philosophy?) ) I. Criteria

Use VBA to find the number of columns in Excel that are not empty for the first time in a row of columns and the last column is not empty

Label:Yesterday, colleagues had a need to know the month of the first sale of each item, and the month of the last sale. I want to use what Excel function to solve, but found a half-day did not find the right, and finally through the VBA to solve it.

(Tree-like array) POJ 3067

Label:Japan Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 21769 Accepted: 5885 DescriptionJapan plans to welcome the ACM ICPC World Finals and a lot of roads must is built

OC Language-Grammar

Label:I. INTRODUCTION of OC 1. IntroductionIt is based on the C language and adds a layer of object-oriented syntaxOC fully compatible with C languageYou can mix C code, even C + + code, in OC codeApplications that can use OC to develop Mac OS x

Inf-inf Nam

Label:http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Infinity-and-NaN.html20.5.2 Infinity and NaNIEEE 754 floating point numbers can represent positive or negative infinity, and NaN (not a number). These three values arise from calculations whose

Enter a string representing an integer to convert the string to an integer and output. For example, the input string "345", the output integer 345.

Label: Method One: Using the function atoi (const char *nptr) in the C function library, a line of code can solve the problem, but this is not the question of the solution to the idea; Method Two: If we enter the "345", from left to

LA 2965 Jurassic remains

Label:  It's a violent problem, but there are a lot of tricks and details.This question:1, familiar with the bitwise operator, feel different or operation of the force lattice has a higher level2, you can use a number of 2 to represent the

Macro definition

Label:The macro definition is one of the three preprocessing features provided by C, and these three preprocessing include: macro definition, file inclusion, conditional compilation .1. Macro Definitions without parameters:A macro definition is also

"Reprint" Error: ora-28002:the password would expire within 7 days solution

Label: Disclaimer: This article transfers from the network article, reproduced this article only for the personal collection, shares the knowledge, if has the infringement, please contact the blogger to delete.Original XwdreamerOriginal address:

design mode (i) Factory mode factory (creation type)

Label:Design mode one Factory mode factoryIn object-oriented programming, the most common approach is to create an object instance with a new operator, which is used to construct an object instance. In some cases, however, the new operator's direct

"Bzoj 1018" [SHOI2008] clogged traffic traffic

Tags: bzoj oi line tree 1018: [SHOI2008] blocked traffic traffic time limit: 3 Sec Memory Limit: 162 MB Submit: 1811 Solved: 580 [Submit] [Status] DescriptionOne day, because of some kind of cross-over phenomenon,

Proof of Fermat theorem:

Label:Proof: If P is prime and (a,p) = 1, then a^ (p-1) ≡1 (mod p)A: Prepare knowledge:lemma 1. Residual system theorem 2 if A,b,c is any 3 integers, M is a positive integer, and (m,c) = 1, then when AC≡BC (MODM), there is a≡b (MODM)Proof: AC≡BC

The Write function detects that the disk has no space

Tags: developer detects write space offlineWhen calling the Write function for asynchronous read and write, this time it is possible to return the ENOSPEC error code, when this error code occurs, memory pages already have a large amount of data,

OOC, generics, bad design.

Label:Although most of the talk about OOC compiler design, but more content lies in the idea of programming, complexity, maintenance above. I hope this article will help the reader even a little.This article follows CC-BY-NC.= OOC, generics, with

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