Dirty Read | non-repeatability | Understanding of Magic reading and five types of transaction isolation levels defined by spring

Label:The different transaction isolation levels in 5 are defined in spring.1. Isolation_default (This configuration is normally used in both cases)This is a Platfromtransactionmanager default isolation level that uses the default transaction

Learn wpf--using font-awesome icon font

Label:Icon Font Introduction before introducing the icon font, we have to introduce the icon format Iconicon is an icon format, our operating system in various applications include an icon such as the QQ program icon is a lovely penguin, My

Proof of Fermat theorem:

Label:Proof: If P is prime and (a,p) = 1, then a^ (p-1) ≡1 (mod p)A: Prepare knowledge:lemma 1. Residual system theorem 2 if A,b,c is any 3 integers, M is a positive integer, and (m,c) = 1, then when AC≡BC (MODM), there is a≡b (MODM)Proof: AC≡BC

The Write function detects that the disk has no space

Tags: developer detects write space offlineWhen calling the Write function for asynchronous read and write, this time it is possible to return the ENOSPEC error code, when this error code occurs, memory pages already have a large amount of data,

OOC, generics, bad design.

Label:Although most of the talk about OOC compiler design, but more content lies in the idea of programming, complexity, maintenance above. I hope this article will help the reader even a little.This article follows CC-BY-NC.= OOC, generics, with

"Bzoj 1048" [HAOI2007] Split matrix

Tags: Bzoj oi dp 1048: [HAOI2007] Split matrix time limit: ten Sec Memory Limit: 162 MB Submit: 498 Solved: 362 [Submit] [Status] DescriptionA a*b digital matrix is segmented as follows: The original matrix is

Reprint: Elaborate cookie

Label:Elaborate cookiesReprint: http://www.cnblogs.com/fish-li/archive/2011/07/03/2096903.htmlRead Catalogue Begin Cookie Overview The process of writing and reading cookies Use cookies to save complex objects Read and write


Label:OAuth (Open Licensing) is an open standard that allows a third-party app to access private resources (such as photos, videos, contact lists) that the user stores on a site without having to provide a user name and password to third-party

tab swipe tab, comprehensive viewpager+fragment+ custom Tab+actionbar content

Tags: tab tab viewpager move Sliding tab UI1.The second menu tab1,tab2,tab3 is a reference to the online example, the first menu is based on its change.2. MenuThe menu here is implemented in two ways, one through the layout file and one through the

Using the Charcontrol control in devexpress, you need to control the display range of the Axisy axis, and you need to use the control's Bounddatachanged event

Label:The y-axis range of the control ChartcontrolUsing the Charcontrol control in devexpress, you need to control the display scope of the axisy axis, and you need to use the control's Bounddatachanged event, as follows:The code achieves the

XAMPP Related learning Experience

Label:Need to remember: if the XAMPP installed, Apache 80 port has been accounted for, then you have to modify the port number, the port number modified, enter the address must be after localhost or IP plus the new port number. How to modify the

Unzip the local zip archive

Tags: extracting local zip Compressed files Package Com.lapel.activity.html;import Java.io.file;import Java.io.fileoutputstream;import java.io.IOException; Import Java.io.inputstream;import java.util.enumeration;import Java.util.zip.zipentry;import

Reproduced GMT Terrain Data Summary

Label:Reproduced GMT Terrain Data Summary Original address:GMT Terrain Data Summary JasonReprint: Http://seisman.info/gmt-topo-grid-datas.html currently exposed to the terrain data are mainly three kinds: Etopo,

Installing and using Elasticsearch

Label:Elasticsearch is a new member of the open source search platform, the real-time data analysis artifact, developed rapidly, based on Lucene, RESTful, distributed, cloud-oriented design, real-time search, full-text search, stability, high

Reprint--#define Usage

Label:Jency LeeLinks: http://www.cnblogs.com/Jency/articles/C_Cplusplus_define.html1. Simple define Definition #define MaxTime + A simple maxtime is defined, which represents 1000 if you write in the program if (i<maxtime) {...} The

Image Link to Base64

Label:Half need to convert my image to Base64 string so that we can put my image to the server. Now we provide a JS:functionconvertImgToBase64(URL,Callback,OutputFormat){varCanvas=Document.createelement(' CANVAS '),CTX=Canvas.GetContext(' 2d

Introduction to how to use suggest to add automatic prompting features in SOLR

Label:Suggest is a convenient function of the search engine, the key words of the data to make predictions and suggestions, reduce the user's input, the overall effect is as follows:Fortunately, SOLR also provides similar functionality, which, on

The complete process of building a personal blog with Rails + bootstrap

Label:Part 1 -Start with the most basic, create a new project: Rails New Blog-then modify source to https://ruby.taobao.com, add bootstrap gem to Gemfile:Gem ' Twitter-bootstrap-rails 'There is no error executing the bundle install, but there is a

Image processing Image splicing---panorama video stitching

Label:First, the principle of introductionImage stitching is a technology that makes use of real image to compose Panorama space, it will mosaic multiple images into a large scale image or 360 degree panorama, and the image splicing technology

What's @Override?

Tags: java @overridewhether in NetBeans or in the Eclipse development environment, when writing Java code often encounter @override, then @override specific what is it? @Override is pseudo-code, which means rewriting (and of course not writing), but

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