"Translated from MoS article" What kind of audit trail is supported in a 12c database?

Tags: his database using guide 12c and this one OracleWhat kind of audit trail is supported in a 12c database?From: What Audit Trail Types is supported for A 12c Database?(Document ID 1986609.1)Suitable for:Oracle Audit Vault and Database

Database character set and collation (Character set and Collation)

Tags: technical font settings specify weight order character from codeThe database needs to accommodate a variety of languages and characters to support different character sets (Character set), and each character set has its own collation

Access to special characters in the database

Tags: Strong combination ext reg position content string Tar tablehttp://blog.csdn.net/swort_177/article/details/1911084Access problems of special character databaseThe first method is replace, for example, in the storage of the ("") can be replaced

SQL injection

Tags: ADDM Web page ADO NIS International Automation Admin CAB DeploymentAuthor: eng308 published on 2010-02-03 18:25 original linkSQL injection attack is one of the common means for hackers to attack the database. With the development of B/s

Use RPM to install mysql5.6 (simple installation experiment use)

Tags: warning IAT star input does not have hung fat XML error: [Email protected] mysql]# CD/USR [[email protected] mysql]# mkdir MySQL [[Email protected] mysql]# CD MySQL [Email protected] mysql]# wget

Simple application of Memcache

Tags: highlight head algorithm failure else EMC plain manual LANNowadays the internet is rising, the major websites are faced with a big data flow problem, how to improve the website access speed, reduce the operation of the database; as a PHP

Memcached Getting Started

Tags: server linux main program interface developmentMemcached is a free, open-source, high-performance, distributed-object caching system that can be used to hold a number of frequently accessed objects or data, and the stored data is like a huge

"Anonymous function and recursion of Python3"

Tags: exist seed code anonymous function merge Ted Ring SeaOne, anonymous function and built-in function Supplement 1. SyntaxPython uses the Lambda keyword to create anonymous functions. Anonymity means that a function is no longer defined in a

JS primary scripting algorithm

Tags: case cipher through from contains Knowledge Base hunk task linkOriginal linkFlip String Algorithm Challengefunction reverseString(str){ str = str.split(‘‘).reverse().join(‘‘); return str;}reverseString("hello");First, convert the string

compiler language, interpretive language, static type language, dynamic type language concepts and differences

Tags: erlang cal link compatibility C + + kind of programming language change operating systemCompiled and interpreted languages1. Compiled languageThe language in which the source code needs to be compiled into machine code and then executed by the

Sort the binary tree, balance the concept of binary tree and red black tree, and explain the relevant operation

Tags: ase retrieval common 1.2 depth Infinity bar 9.png ack1. Sort binary TreeThe sort binary tree is a special structure of a two-fork tree, which makes it very easy to sort and retrieve all the nodes in the tree.The sort binary tree is either an

Assembly language-Alphabetic character conversion

Tags: byte img According to out flat Har technology upper code1. Title: Uppercase and lowercase alphabetic characters interchange2. Requirements: Enter a character from the keyboard, if the character is a carriage return, exit the program directly,

Arrays and Collection instances

Tags: location htable queue removal threading stack Ram oid ArrayListUsing System;Using System.Collections;Using System.Collections.Generic;Using System.Linq;Using System.Text;Using System.Threading.Tasks;Namespace ConsoleApplication2{Class

An algorithmic problem in front-end interview

Tags: ext share tin Color Information View ref number text(using the canvas solution)Here's an algorithmic question that is a bit relevant and interesting to the front end.Topic:There are several non-specific shapes on a plane, as shown in. Please

Thread-join ();

Tags: print description str getname start mono run Nan SyncFirst, join () method, official description waits for this thread to die waits for the current thread dead;  Source://No parameter, default call join (0) public final void join ()

"Material Design visual Design language" applied styling

Tags: scripting language excitation related features filename photo Lin track size Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: http://blog.csdn.net/allenwellsGithub:https://github.com/allenwellsList of "Material design

NumPy Common Functions (i)--constructing array functions and code examples

Tags: when SAR ATP creat names amp mit object creation tputNumPy is a basic module for the scientific calculation of Python. It is a Python library that provides a multidimensional array of objects, various derivative objects (such as shielded

Common syntax for HTML language

Tags: Radio notation contains BSP support check partial pwd box1. Introduction to HTML* What is HTML?-Hypertext Markup Language: Hypertext Markup Language, Web language* * Hypertext: Beyond the scope of text, the use of HTML can easily be done* *

Classic algorithm 40 Cases: 1

Tags: oid jpg color stat div http thinking width sys1. There are a pair of rabbits, from the 3rd month after the birth of a pair of rabbits every month, the rabbit after the 4th month, a month, a pair of rabbits,If the rabbit does not die, ask the

Win10 run the Cmd method as an administrator

Tags: class operation universal start Attachment flow NIS post tleWin8win10 run the Cmd method as an administrator1. Go directly to C:\Windows\System32 under Cmd.exe right-click to open it as an administrator2. Press Win+q to bring up the search box,

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