Database deadlock

Label:when you recently made a project, insert the update in bulk instead of inserting the original individual into the update database. The advantage of this is that it lowers the QPS (the number of SQL statements), but it also poses a problem,

Debian system language encoding file gb2312

Tags: debian gb2312View the current encoding of the system.# echo $LANGModify the system language encoding.# Vi/etc/default/localeModify the following two linesLang= "ZH_CN. UTF-8 "Language= "Zh_cn:zh"Modified intoLang= "zh_cn.gb2312"Language=

JS Array declaration +split () method

Label:Split () Method:var words = Sentence.split (");"Hello". Split ("", 3)//Can return ["H", "E", "L"]Array declaration:Method One:var a = new Array ();A[0] = "1";A[1] = 2;A[2] = {x:1, y:3};Method Two:var a = new Array ("1", 2, {x:1,y:3});Note: If

Get Spark Program execution progress and exceptions via DEVELOPERAPI

Label:Effect Display:Code: PackageOrg.apache.spark.zpc.listenerImportorg.apache.spark.LoggingImportorg.apache.spark.scheduler._Importscala.collection.mutable/*** Spark's DEVELOPERAPI provides execution monitoring for app, job, and task. * Through

Bitmap four types of properties

Label: public Bitmap (int width,int height,int stride, PixelFormat format,intptr scan0)Initializes a new instance of the Bitmap class with the specified size, pixel format, and

OpenGL Learning Footprints: Model loading Preliminary-loading obj model (Load obj models)

Label:Write in frontThe lighting basics, as well as the materials and lighting maps, and the types of light sources are described earlier, and we have a certain understanding of the use of lighting to enhance the realism of the scene. But so far, we'

CI codeigniter Add Public function global function Custom function

Label:public functions in CodeIgniter can be implemented by helper functions. Create the Common_helper. php file, define the required public functions, and store them in the application/helpers directory. In the application$autoloadarray(' common ');

The practice of data Warehouse based on Hadoop ecosystem--etl (iii)

Label:third, the use of Oozie periodic automatic execution of ETL1. Oozie Introduction(1) What is Oozie?Oozie is a management Hadoop job, scalable, extensible, reliable workflow scheduling system, its workflow is composed of a series of actions made

FTP-------Application Layer protocol

Tags: ftpFTP is the abbreviation for file Transfer Protocol (document Transfer Protocol), and Chinese is called "Interfax protocol". Used for two-way transmission of control files on the Internet. At the same time, it is also an application

Layer2-wan-3 Frame-relay

Label:Session 1 Frame-relay Frame RelayFr was first standardized in 1990. has replaced the X. Technology, which simplifies the 2nd layer of functionality, is a connectivity-oriented data link technology, to provide high-performance and

2016 10th: Working with the system

Label:Big Data Systems recommend this book when you book from Amazon. This book is suitable for a small company's boss to read, when he was busy all day to fire, it must be the company's operating system has a problem. The truth is simple, but

About string building, connecting, finding

Label:Building, connecting, and finding questions about strings in Java1. What are the methods for building a string, here are some ways to build a string: 1, String str= "abc" 2, String Str=new string ("abc");3, StringBuffer bf=new stringbuffer

POJ1904 King's Quest (perfect match for viable edges: strong connected components)

Label:The topic is about giving a binary graph and a complete match, and now ask the points in X to match those points in Y, so that the rest of X can find a complete match.Enumerating and then matching, of course not, will time out.The solution to

The culture of Chinese surnames?

Label:Group Party Secretaries, using data to understand the world, reading cities with data 988 People like to agreeThe geographical distribution of the surname is a regular one, and I have recently done some research in this area with the @ Zhou

MD5 Encryption method

Label: Public Static stringGetMD5 (stringstr)//write-Yourself {//Create a MD5 objectMD5 md5=MD5. Create (); //Start Encryption//need to convert a string into a byte array byte[] buffer =Encoding.Default.GetBytes (str); byte[]

The way of programmers ' cultivation--from small workers to experts

Label:Terminology guru, GuruGuru is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone a "teacher, guide, expert or master" of certain knowledge or field.Law of Demeter, the laws of DelphiThe law of Demeter, abbreviated LOD, also known as the least knowledge

Create a. So file

Label:The first. So files are generated by. c files.. So files cannot be used to view To generate a file:1,gcc-o xxx.c can generate. so files;2, generated. So file to store path, gcc-l/address/-L Xxx-o3, the

JPG to PDF How to synthesize multiple pictures into a PDF file

Label:Generally scan some documents after the formation of the image will be placed in the same folder, but sometimes in order to easily view and manage these pictures, it will be a document composition, so that the content will be more convenient

In layman's ES6 (iii): Generator generators

Label:Author Jason Orendorff GitHub home Page Https:// to the ES6 generator (generators)What is a generator?Let's start with an example:function* quips (name) { yield "Hello" + name + "!"; Yield "I hope you enjoy

West Second Flag

Label:West two flag, English name Shelchi, is located in the Royal Park Northwest Five rings, here has the famous Zhongguancun Software garden, is stationed Baidu Sina NetEase drops and so on well-known Internet company headquarters and a many

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