SQL out all Saturday Sunday date

Tags: des style blog http io ar os sp onSQL out all Saturday Sunday dateCREATE TABLE Satsun ([id] int identity (), [Date] datetime,[weekday] char (6))GoDECLARE @datetime datetime, @weekday char (6)Set @datetime = ' 2007-1-1 'While @datetime <= ' 2

eXtremeDB-The shared memory 80error

Tags: des style io color ar os sp for onThe customers got the shared memory 80error on AIX environment;  Utility Truss is used to track the debug Info,extremedb.registry access error is found.  Release notesdescribed as Follows:these names

Principles of database Transaction management

Tags: style blog http io ar os using SP filesA database is a shared resource that can be used by multiple users. These user programs can be executed serially, with only one user program running at a time, and access to the database is performed, and

Open CHM file under Ubuntu

Tags: ar using SP file HTML BS HTM as applicationThe CHM file format is an HTML file-based Help file system introduced by Microsoft in 1998 to replace the previous WinHelp Help system, which referred to the CHM type file as a "compiled HTML Help


Tags: objective-c traversal Nsenumerator EnumerationEnumeration (Nsenumerator)Traversing an object at each index of an array, you can write a 0 to[arraycount] loop, and Nsenumerator is used to describe how this set iterates.The

Interview question: Implement Lrucache::least recently used abbreviation, meaning is least recently used, it is a cache replacement algorithm

Tags: des style blog http color io os using JavaDesign and implement a data structure for Least recently Used (LRU) cache. It should support the following operations: get and set .get(key)-Get The value ('ll always be positive) of the key if the key

Background Multi-task multithreaded breakpoint download

Tags: breakpoints multi-task background multithreadingForgot:Multi-threaded breakpoint download is not very difficult, mainly is three aspects: 1, according to the size of the file and the number of download threads, determine the size of

_beginthreadex Creating multithreaded Interpretations

Tags: style color io os using AR for strong file_beginthreadex Creating multithreaded Interpretationsfirst, the required header file support#include <process.h>//For _beginthread ()Required settings: Projectàsetting-->c/c++-->user

[Turn] The algorithm of seeking greatest common divisor

Tags: ar strong sp div problem on BS algorithm C + +More subtractive loss SurgeryMore subtractive damage, also known as "equivalence algorithm"On the question of numerator, the essence is how to find the numerator, the denominator greatest common

Windows8 run zxing source code generation and decoding two-dimensional code detailed (including annotations and illustrations can be run directly)

Tags: style blog http io ar os java for SP1 Downloads zxing2.12 This Code configuration environment: Eclipse, java1.6, Windows8, zxing2.13 after extracting the folder inside Core/src the following COM folder into the Eclipse project (the project can

RESTful standards-based web API

Tags: des blog http io os ar using Java forMicrosoft's Web API is published on the MVC4 project bindings on vs2012, and its proposed Web API is completely based on the restful standard, completely different from the previous (as is the SOAP protocol)

Opensuse KDE uses the win (Meta/super) key to open the program menu---Ksuperkey

Tags: win key KDE Ksuperkeyin openSUSE KDE, the win key is used as a secondary key---meta key. and open the Program menu shortcut key is set to ALT+F1, this for the habit to open the program menu with win key person, is indeed some inconvenient. In

JQ achieves jelly shake effect

Tags: style http io ar color sp java on DivThe JQ code implements the Jelly Jitter effect: http://www.huiyi8.com/js/<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

The busy November

Tags: style blog http SP on 2014 problem log adSuddenly found that they began to like writing essays, writing essays have several advantages: one to review the summary of the things done, and then plan what will happen! Tomorrow is Monday, is also

TSCTF writeup

Tags: style blog http io ar color OS using SPThe club had a small CTF to give us these little shrimp play, the results of a water can not be the second of the water is too let seniors disappointed there are wood%>_<%, in fact, then look at

Mahout Collaborative filtering itembase recommenderjob source Analysis

Tags: blog http io ar os using SP java forFrom: http://blog.csdn.net/heyutao007/article/details/8612906Mahout supports 2 kinds of m/r jobs to implement itembase collaborative filteringI.itemsimilarityjobIi. RecommenderjobBelow we analyze the

Object class

Tags: object classObject classThe object class is the parent class of all classes, arrays, and enumerations, that is, Java allows the assignment of objects of any type to the object type.Variable when defining a class is no oil extends keyword for

Bzoj 3052 WC2013 Candy Park with modified tree on MO Team

Tags: bzoj bzoj3052 tree on the MO Team block treeTopic: Given a tree, each point has a color, provides two kinds of operation:1. Ask the σv[a[i]]*w[k on the path between two points], where a[i] represents the color of this point, K indicates that

Into the world of Erlang

Tags: des http io ar os using SP java filesHttp://erlang.group.iteye.com/group/wiki/1407-to-enter-the-world-of-erlangInto the world of ErlangAs programmers, we have upon hearing a lot of "industry dynamics", "technological innovation", has been

Conversion between binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal

Tags: SP bs nbsp Learning method Computer Relationship BR MathematicsOne, the conversion between decimal and binary (1) Decimal conversion to binary, divided into integers and fractional parts ① whole number of parts Methods: In addition to the 2

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