UML relationships

Tags: role Bubuko impact INF color administrator personnel include situationAssociation relationshipAssociation refers to the relationship between the performer and the use case, also known as the communication relationship, if a performer can

[Leetcode] 773. Sliding Puzzle Sliding Puzzle

Tags: sel out type rar eal an ALS Lin siteOn a 2x3 board , there is 5 tiles represented by the integers 1 through 5, and an empty square represented by 0.A move consists of choosing and 0 a 4-directionally adjacent number and swapping it.The state

The mkdir-command uses

Tags: execution structure not combined directory tree current directory default Directory tab bodymkdir: Command1. Detailed command"Feature description"The mkdir command is a combination of the bold letters of each word in make directories, and its

Write a NPM package for use on the browser side

Tags: targe port exception Access cannot iterate the use. com root directoryThis article has been published by the author Wu Weiwei authorized NetEase Cloud community.Welcome to NetEase Cloud Community, learn more about NetEase Technology product

Appearance mode (facade)

Tags: declaration exce an abstract private test row ASE StatFaçade?If it is in accordance with the development model of rup+, with the iteration and increment, the software code will be more and more large, the relationship between the modules will

Soft Test--original code, anti-code, complement

Tags: fix calculation method BSP multi-table computer Software Design presentation Area recommendationsRecently in the preparation of soft test software designer exam, there are a lot of basic software engineering knowledge and computer based

Reactor (Dead Knock 2)

Tags: selected tin idt tor att his face interface center and"Text" Netty Source dead Knock 2:The legendary God-like reactor reactor patternDirectory of this document1. Why is the reactor mode2. Introduction to the reactor model3. Fatal flaw of multi-

An expression that verifies a number

Tags: [] integer numeric floating-point number decimal positive integer negative floating point1 Number: ^[0-9]*$2 N-bit number: ^\d{n}$3 Number of at least n digits: ^\d{n,}$4 m-n digits: ^\d{m,n}$Numbers starting with 50 and non 0: ^ (0|[ 1-9][0-9]

Ansible Automated Transport Koriyuki YAML Introduction

Tags: ping seq based on expression support err cannot introduce EvelYAML is a format used to express data sequences and is highly readable due to the reference to many other languages. YAML is the abbreviation for Yaml Ain ' t Markup language. The


Tags: up and down execution back ABC CTI IMG NTB without OLE1. Variable Promotion--VAR defines common variables, with variable elevation--Let block level scope {} no variable promotion--Const constants cannot be modified2. Template

Django Models Related

Tags: admin 14. Ice index Integer creates a unique choice rateModels of the relevant knowledge1. Autofield: The self-increment integer type. An int field that grows based on ID2. Integerfield: Integer type3. Bigintegerfield: Large integer type. When


Tags: lap poj include + + Math case violence name i++First, test instructions: The ground area is 1*1,2*2,...,6*6 high for the H of items, in order to use the least packaging boxes of these items, wherein the size of the box fixed to the bottom area

Enterprise Management system front-end separation Architecture Design Series one permission model chapter

Tags: Permission control save introduction to allocation DAC here basic TED Data protectionThe previous time with Vue and react wrote two back-end management system Templates Vue-quasar-admin and 3YAdmin. RBAC-based permissions control is

Development trend of children programming experience sharing scratch programming cat

Tags: images VPD World Primary School proc HTML experience sharing RoCE ShaDevelopment trend of children programmingJuly 2017XXX publishes artificial Intelligence development plan, promotes children's programming education to national

Using Mathematica and scipy to clarify the definition of Jacobi elliptic function

Tags: how to specify a destination variable to implement a COM module repeating IAMThis, this, that, that Jacobi, the Oval function SN and CN resemble trigonometric functions sine and cosine. They appear in applications such as nonlinear vibration

Machine learning "Four" decision tree

Tags: none produces structure return associated value data format image1, decision tree Introduction 1.1 Decision Tree OverviewDecision Tree algorithm is a tree-based classification algorithm, which can extract the tree classification model from a

How to convert FLV to MP4 using a video format converter

Tags: Load video nbsp Lin file format conversion img based on development addVideo refers to a series of static images continuous image changes per second more than 24 frames (frame) screen above, according to the principle of visual persistence,

A complete process for bitcoin transactions

Tags: partial trace detail ignore associated standard account XID scriptThis article explains the contents, purposes and results of Bitcoin transactions. The explanations below apply to novice and intermediate Bitcoin users.As an encrypted currency

Elasticsearch Basic Knowledge Essentials QA

Tags: kernel bubuko actual application enc hold JVM program change scoreThis paper is a record-based blog for studying and collating the achievements of others. In this unified thanks to the original author, if you do not understand the basic

September Engine Room Index

Tags: count mode switch Cat Manager ESS account Ace PassRoom:Network switch Device Simple configuration1. View device information:[Huawei]display version2. Viewing and modifying the system time[Huawei]display Clock3. Modify the device nameChange the

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