Variables/Math Operations/Sub-processes/basic operations, etc.

Label:Snake stick, I always forget the snake stick, the memory is getting worse#!/bin/bash#!/usr/bin/env BashThe shell is also a language of weak data types, stating that variables are variable names = variable values, and of course all variables in

"Common Algorithm Thinking Analysis series" stack and queue high-frequency problem sets (modified version)

Label:This article is the third of "common Algorithm Thinking Analysis series", Analysis stack and queue-related high-frequency topics. This paper analyzes: 1, can query the most value of the stack, 2, with two stacks to achieve the function of the

Complete random arrangement of arrays

Label:The Array.prototype.sort method was mistakenly used by many JavaScript programmers to arrange arrays randomly. Recently done the front-end Star Plan Challenge Project, a realization of blackjack game problem, found that many students used

Written question 57. Leetcode OJ (44)

Label:This problem is a similar regular expression match, but I found that the difficulty of the problem is more difficult than the previous problem of a few grades. As the title shows: '? ' Can match any one character, and ' * ' can match any

1102. Invert a binary tree (25) "Binary Trees"--pat (Advanced level) practise

Label:Topic Information1102. Invert a Binary Tree (25)Time limit MSMemory Limit 65536 KBCode length limit 16000 BThe following is from Max Howell @twitter:google:90% of our engineers with the software you wrote (Homebrew), but can ' t invert a

The maths problem of bzoj3209 flower God

Label: 3209: The number proposition of the flower God Time limit: ten Sec Memory Limit: MB Submit: 1612 Solved: 746 [Submit] [Status] [Discuss] DescriptionBackgroundAs we all know, the flower God over the years by

Let users not copy, select

Label:Body { -webkit-user-select:none; -moz-user-select:none; -o-user-select:none; user-select:none;}This CSS must not be placed in the *{}, or it will appear input cannot inputLet users not copy, select

VS2013 key (all versions)

Label:Visual Studio Ultimate Key (key): Bwg7x-j98b3-w34rt-33b3r-jvyw9Visual Studio Premium Key (key): fbjvc-3cmtx-d8dvp-rtqct-92494Visual Studio Professional Key (key): Xdm3t-w3t3v-mgjwk-8bfvd-gvpkyTeam Foundation Server Key (key): MHG9J-HHHX9-WWPQP-


Label:Http:// of these methods can update resources at a glance, but there are essential differences betweenSpecific definition can Baidu, I do not post here, Light

Server (SMTP/POP3) address and port summary for common mailboxes Server address: (port: 110)SMTP Server address: (port: 25)126 e-Mail:POP3 Server address: (port: 110)SMTP Server address: (port: 25)139 e-mail:POP3 Server address:

Get host-related information using the GetHostName () function and the gethostbyname () function

Label:From (): Returns the standard host name of the local host.The prototype is as follows:#include <unistd.h>int GetHostName (char *name, size_t len);Parameter description:This function

"Original" DIY tools----Xsmartnote [Beta 3.0]

Label:First, the previous wordsBefore I started, I always struggled to finish the tool, because the last time I gave it a code was more than a year ago, referring to your own hands-on tool----Xsmartnote [Beta 2.0], this blog post, many of the park

Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnosis Update to latest version

Label:Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnosis Update to latest version: 2016.5 xentry Das Win 7/win 8 HDDFree of charge: Https:// note that the software has not been tested, please do not venture to try! But Mbstarshop offers

The concept model of RPC and its implementation analysis

Label:Today, distributed applications, cloud computing, microservices, as one of its technical cornerstones of the RPC you know how much? An RPC technical summary article, the number of the next 5k+ word, slightly longer, may not be suitable for the

Transaction Library Transaction ISOLATION LEVEL

Label:In order to quickly synchronize data needs, I staged two Python scripts, that is, two process synchronization data opened, the results of the server reported the database deadlock exception, through the troubleshooting Code and database log

Conversion between binary octal decimal hexadecimal

Label:one or 10 conversion between binary and binary(1) Decimal conversion to binary, divided into integers and fractional parts① Integer PartMethods: In addition to the 2 method, that is, each time the integer part divided by 2, the remainder is

Chapter One introduction to Network programming

Label:1.1 OSI Reference Model1. Physical LayerTransmission media, such as twisted pair and coaxial cable.2. Data Link LayerResponsible for error-free transmission of data in frames at two adjacent nodes. This layer is responsible for establishing,


Label:Reports or deletes duplicate rows in a file. Syntax Uniq [-c |-D |-u] [-F fields] [-s characters] [-fields] [+characters] [InFile [OutFile]]Descriptionthe uniq command deletes duplicate rows from the file. the Uniq command reads the standard

The difference between four-layer and seven-layer load balancing

Tags: four layers and seven layersSummary: Play based on the MAC address is two layer (virtual MAC address receives the request, then assigns to the real MAC address),Based on the IP address play is three layer (virtual IP address receives the

1. Basic questions

Tags: Basic question: 1. What is the difference between get and post submission methods in a form? A: Get is a send request HTTP protocol to receive via URL parameter passing, while post is Entity data, you can submit a large amount of information

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