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WiFi or WLAN apps are already popular today, and mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and even LCD TVs can share the home's broadband through WiFi.

Today PC6 to share a simple fool tutorial, hope to help you. Maybe for a lot of people, setting up a router is a small case, so this tutorial is a bit of a swim!

Note: The following tutorials are suitable for most tp-link routes, and other routes can be appropriately consulted

1, first is the connection, (below) the telephone line which enters the room outside is also the broadband line, connects to the cat (note: The telephone line is 2 cores thin wire).

Then use a 8-cell cable to connect the blue jack of the cat and wireless router.

Finally, the 8-core network cable connected to the computer host box behind the network card jack (square-shaped socket).

2, open the computer, with the right mouse click on the desktop "Network Neighborhood", and then point attributes, anthology to connect, point properties. You will see the following Figure dialog box:

The Point property pops up another dialog box, clicks Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then points to the property

Press the figure below to enter the appropriate IP address, child code mask, default gateway, preferred DNS server, and alternate DNS server data. And then click OK. All the way OK

3, open the browser, in the address bar input and then enter

4, the browser will pop up a dialog box to let you enter your username and password:

Under normal circumstances Tp-link routing user name is admin, password is also admin, input after the point to determine (specifically according to your wireless router brand, you can see the instructions or the bottom of the router).

The wireless router interface is then entered:

5, click the Settings Wizard, and then pop-up dialog box select "PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial)" and then click Next:

6, in the pop-up dialog box to enter the Internet account and password (that is, telecommunications or netcom to your broadband username and password), point next

7, set up wireless parameters, according to the following figure set, wireless security options can be selected WPA-PSK, PSK password add 8 number on their own, but I want to remember. (Other computers need to enter this password to connect when using wireless connection) then click Next

8, the last point to complete

This way, the wireless router setup is complete!

Supported, but not comprehensive enough. If you want to phone WiFi access, you also need to set up DHCP, the general router default is not open. Automatic IP, mobile phone is unable to connect.

Turn on DHCP server functionality

The role of the DHCP service function:

(Automatically assign IP addresses

Routers do not turn on this feature to connect the router's computer must manually set IP and DNS to access the Internet

Turn on this feature to connect the router to the computer automatically get IP can be online.

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