PS Copy beautiful goddess Avatar

Copying requires a strong sketch skills, these are wins, especially when the facial features are painted with a very low transparency of the brush slowly depict dark and high light, part of the natural parts with smear and fuzzy tools to slowly sprea

Resolve Flexbox Cross-browser Compliant bugs

As early as September 2013, when I tested my solved by Flexbox project, I found a bug in IE10 and IE11 that sticky footer actually didn't paste at the bottom of the page. I spent a lot of time to solve the problem, but I never succeeded. At first, I

Home-made Web front-end framework recommended –nec (NetEase)

Nec NEC: A better CSS solution. The NEC framework is a very good CSS framework that includes specifications, frameworks, code libraries, and more.NEC Official website: Specification Do you often encounter the following ques

How to prevent and solve the problem of the website is Hung horse

Tip: I am here to discuss the blog has recently been an example of ARP attack, annoying to death. The manifestation of the site by the IFRAME Hanging horse, pop-up a large number of pornographic sites, the problem appeared 11 hours, these 11 hours in

Cultural heritage-the story behind the 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival gift

The Mid-Autumn Festival gift project to the hands of our team, everyone hopes to hand over the excellent answer. But what is the best? Is it going to be cool? Are you going to do it with a visual originality? It seems that these are not all the answe

"CDC-branded vitamins" micro-Cloud promotional Video project summary

Micro Cloud is a smart cloud service that Tencent has crafted for its users, which can easily sync files, push photos and transmit data between mobile phones and computers.Currently spanning Apple, Android, and Windows, the mobile-era users provide t

HTML Basic Concepts

Briefly introduce the basic concept of HMLT, suitable for beginners. What is an HTML file?The English full name of HTML is hypertext Marked Language, Chinese is called "Hypertext Markup Language".Unlike the general text, an HTML file contains not onl

Discuss the principles and techniques of website keyword selection

I believe that a lot of webmaster friends know to promote a flow of keywords, you are the first to go to Baidu to check the word Baidu index, for I just launched a new station, you can Baidu index lower the first to do, and so on after the promotion,

Problem with excessive RSS information (RIO)

We should create a new directory (similar to "to study" or "Accept auditing") and move all such seeds into the directory. Every weekend, we remove the seeds from the new catalog that are no longer of interest, thus achieving effective management of t

Static web site converted to RSS tools


This article is translated from Rachel Goldstein, the original author of Do you have a static website? Maybe you want to convert some content into RSS or add an RSS feed to your site? Then the list below will make you very

How to understand the semantic HTML structure

HTML structure is the skeleton of the page, a page is like a house, the HTML structure is steel reinforced concrete walls, a house if there is no steel reinforced concrete walls that is a pile of bricks, can not live people, can not work. I believe w

SQL server2005 (database security and referential integrity)

--Create Login account Create login username with password= ' password ' --Create a database user Create user username for login username ---Grant the user the right to query the student table, as well as to grant it further authorization to othe

Full cross-domain high adaptive solution for IFRAME

See this demand is in the dark, but also can handle a knowledge point. Haha, after a day's struggle, sure enough, and after the Yiwen fly guidance, in the Cross-domain problem solving also has a breakthrough (not through the hash). See demo, compatib

Frame-window markup with good HTML

frame window is a complex page technology, the Application frame window allows users to browse the contents of different Web sites in the same browser window, you can send query commands in a small window and receive query results in another small wi

Quickly transform XML files through XSL

XML can only focus on the description of data and file formats, and the display aspect of the work is given to the typesetting style sheet. Layout style sheet: CSS and XSL. Where XSL is well-suited for XML. Recently, I like XML programming, but also

Securing IIS servers on the external network

Securing IIS servers on the external network About IIS server security consists of six main steps: 1, use the Security Configuration Wizard (Configuration Wizard) to determine the minimum functionality required by the Web server, and then disable ot

Personal server Setup is actually very simple

When you plan to build a personal server, you should consider some relevant factors: the service to be provided on the server, the hardware configuration recommended by the relevant service software, including the speed of the manager, the size of th

Mobile front-end-picture compression upload Practice

Previous colleagues have talked to me about the mobile end with canvas compression pictures and then upload the function, recently had a bit of free time, so I practiced a bit. Demo effect links are posted at the bottom of the article. On the mobile

Cross-browser common events

Cross-browser Add event function addevent (obj, type, fn) {if (Obj.addeventlistener) {Obj.addeventlistener (type, FN, false);} else I   F (obj.attachevent) {obj.attachevent (' on ' + type, function () { (obj);});} Cross-browser Remove eve

jquery Document Fragmentation DocumentFragment

What is the document fragment? Description of the reference standard, DocumentFragmentis a lightweight document object that can extract some of the document's trees or create a new document fragment, in other words, a document caching function. Wha

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