Label:Database: How data is stored Plist (Nsarry nsdictionary), can only store arrays, dictionaries, but cannot have custom objects in arrays and dictionaries Preferences: Also cannot store custom objects Archive: Store custom

Ubuntu Install and view installed

Label:Description: Because of graphical interface methods (such as Add/remove ... and synaptic package Manageer) is relatively simple, so here is a summary of how the terminal packages are installed, uninstalled, and deleted through the command line.

Algorithm to do the problem sequence

Label:Initial: I. Basic algorithm:(1) enumeration. (poj1753,poj2965)(2) Greed (poj1328,poj2109,poj2586)(3) The method of recursion and division.(4) recursion.(5) Construction method. (poj3295)(6) Simulation method.

"Unity" 3.3 makes a model with 3DS Max 2015 and imports it into Unity

Label:Categories: Unity, C #, VS2015Date Created: 2016-04-05 first, three-dimensional software introductionDue to the relatively weak modeling function of the game engine itself, both professional and freedom can not be compared with the

SSH Chinese documents

Label:SSH Chinese documentsSSH is a security protocol created on the application layer and transport layer, which is used to replace the poor security telnet and secure login.SSH is currently a more reliable protocol that provides security for

OS Version Research

Label:1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose of writingThe main purpose of this article is to compare the various versions of the operating system used in the current project, analyze their characteristics and stability, and ultimately recommend the appropriate

Initial understanding of ASCII

Label:ASCII: The United States Standard Information Interchange code, is now the most common single-byte encoding system. Here is a simple understanding of what the code means. Coding is the process by which information transforms from one form or

Use of Sqoop-20160410

Label:1 Import and Export database1) List all database commands in the MySQL database# sqoop list-databases--connect jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/--username root--password 1234562) Connect MySQL and list the table commands in the database# sqoop List-

Leetcode---Integer to Roman

Label:Title:Given An integer, convert it to a Roman numeral.Input is guaranteed to being within the range from 1 to 3999.Main topic:Enter an integer number, convert it to Roman numerals, and range between 1--3999. Ideas:before doing this question

Translation Gamma Correction

Label:I_dovelemonDate: 2016-04-10Source: Http://,CSDNSubject: Gamma Correction, ShaderIntroductionRecently in the study of PBR (physical-based Rendering) related things. So I looked at a few

Nmap Help Documentation

Label:What is Nmap?Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a tool for open source network probing and security audits. It is designed to scan large networks quickly, but it is also no problem to scan a single host with it.Recommended to use CTRL+F when

Matlab Curve drawing

Label:One. Two-dimensional data curve1.1Draw a single two-dimensional curveThe basic of the plot functionThe calling format is:Plot (x, y)where x and y are vectors of the same length, respectively, for storing Xcoordinate and y-coordinate

Aasm rule of scoring sleep stages using EEG signal

Label:Reference:aasm (2007). The AASM Manual for the scoring of Sleep and associated events:rules, terminology and Technical specifications. (Westchester: American Academy of Sleep Medicine).♥basic knowledge 1. Stage of Sleep Span style= "

Middle Note (v)

Tags: progress management, cost management--March 23, 2016V. Progress management and cost managementI. Project SCHEDULE Management1. What are the six processes involved in schedule management? Remember(1) Definition of activity, (2) Activity

CoreData modified data Model error The used to open the store was incompatible with the one used to create the store

Label:During the development of the iOS 6–core Data application, the app starts with the following exception message:Reason = "The model used to open the store was incompatible with the one used to create the store"the reason for the above exception

Zookeeper official documents--Overview

Label: Zookeeper: distributed Coordination Services for a distributed application  Zookeeper is a distributed, open-source, coordinated service framework that serves distributed applications. It exposes a range of basic operational services,

FUNC: Unified Network Controller

Tags: Func network controllerProject background:Lab Environment:VMware Workstation 11Under the centos6.5 systemFunc server: ip: firewall off Setenforce 0Func-controlled end: ip: firewall off Setenforce 0SECURECRT (SSH remote


Label:The first to make a T2 traveler, see BZ above the number of people more.I didn't think too much at the time of the exam. Flashed over the pieces of thought, then did not then.Big vision above has the puzzle, unexpectedly is a junior high

Debian Change timezone time zone

Tags: Debian replacement time zone[email protected]:/backup# tzselectplease identify a location so that  time zone rules can be set correctly.

Common MIME Types

Label:The abbreviation for MIME type is (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) represents the Internet media type (Internet multimedia type), MIME uses a simple string composition, It was originally designed to identify the type of email attachment,

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