"Turn" CodeIgniter configuration of database

Label:The CodeIgniter database configuration file is located in application/config/database.php, which defines a two-dimensional array of $db, with the following reference file: 123456789101112131415161718 $active_group = ‘default‘;$

Combine strings according to a field value--SQL

Label:The process of doing the project, encountered a problem, the sameID, the record of different value want to merge into a record,value is separated by comma, search the solution from the net, tidy up as follows, Memo. First, string MergeTable

Set echo on/off,set term on/off,set feedback off,set heading off command (RPM)

Label:1.termorder:When used in conjunction with the spool command, the Sqlplus output can be canceled, and the query results exist only in the spool fileSet term on: The query results are displayed both in the spool file and in the Sqlplus;Set term

An approach to the problem of-N queen by algorithm-backtracking

Label:Problem Description:This week's data structure job requires a program to judge the case of all Queens entered as N, and the queen is roughly a lattice of all the different rows and diagonals on a n*n board .Clues to the use of the book to

Win32 Multithreaded Programming Reading notes

Label:Why multithreading? Multithreading is not necessarily the best, the right is the best.The main advantage of multithreading is cheap, start fast, quit fast, share core objects with other threads, it is easy to realize the great dream of

A method that allows each object in the Nsarray array to be called

Label:1.[Array valueforkey:@ "title"]; Returns An array containing the results of invoking valueforkey:using key on each of the array ' s objects. causes each object in the array to call the Valueforkey: method, and the result of invoking the

RABBITMQ Message Queuing application

Label:RABBITMQ Message Queuing applicationOne of the core middleware of the message Communication component net Distributed system, the application of the system with high concurrency, the decoupling of the various components of the dependent

EXE file Encyclopedia

Label: exe file edit lock 1. EXE File executable program that can be used for floating positioning in the operating system storage space. Under MS-DOS and Ms-windows, this type of file extension is exe. binary executable files

Normal index, unique index, primary index, foreign key index, composite index, non-primary index, clustered main code (clustered index), single-column index, multicolumn index

Label:It is strongly recommended that you read the first reference to see this blog post, because the implementation of the underlying data structure is not prepared here.Index: index is the data structure that helps MySQL to get data efficiently.

The value of the parameter mode in the fopen () function

Label:FILE * fopen (const char * path,const char * mode);The parameter mode string represents the flow pattern.Mode has the following pattern strings:R to open a read-only file, the file must exist.r+ open a writable file, the file must exist.rb+

SVN common commands

Label:SVN(Subversion) is a free, open-source project source code versioning tool. Currently, the vast majority of open source and Enterprise code management uses SVN as the code version management software.Subversion stores files in the central

US satellite hits lunar test for water cost $ more than 70 million

Tags: U.S. satellite hit the moon test if there is water cost $ more than 70 million650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7F/14/wKiom1cSWf3h0DMjAAG6EVtcd9Q781.jpg "title=" 20091009121228fe419.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1cswf3h0dmjaag6evtcd9

Seventh week assignment is temporarily filed in the morning and changed to XML.

Label:of XMLImportant areas, such as DTDs, XML schemas, XSLT transformations, XPATH retrievals, XML bindings, XML parsingThe basics of XML, such as namespaces, checksums, attributes, elements, and so on.1:XMLWhat is it?XML Extensible Markup Language

Memory management: Stack area, heap area, global zone, literal constant area, program code area

Label:I. Preliminary knowledge-memory allocation of the programThe memory used by a program compiled by C + + is divided into the following sections1. Stack (stack)-Automatically allocated by the compiler to release, store the function parameter

[ab initio mathematics] 179th Triangle Elementary Transformation

Label: plot summary:[Machine Xiao Wei], accompanied by [engineer Ah Wei], entered the middle of the end of Dan's cultivation,The goal of this practice is [trigonometric elementary transformation].Drama Start:Star Calendar April 15, 2016 15:32:35,

Zlog study notes (level)

Label:Level.h/** * */#ifndef __zlog_level_h#define__zlog_level_h#include"stdio.h"#include"Zc_defs.h"typedefstructzlog_level_s {intInt_level; CharStr_uppercase[maxlen_path +1]; CharStr_lowercase[maxlen_path +1]; size_t Str_len; intSyslog_level;

Data deduplication (de-duplication) technology Research (published on SourceForge dedup util)

Label:Dedup util is an open source Lightweight file Packaging tool that is based on block-level deduplication technology that effectively reduces data capacity and saves user storage space. The project has been created on SourceForge and the source

Machine Learning: Weka Evaluation class source code analysis and output AUC and cross-validation introduction

Label:In the evaluation of machine learning classification results, the area AOC under the ROC curve is a very important indicator. Here is the call to the Weka class to output the AOC source code:Try {//1. Read in the data setInstances

Field-driven design in my eyes (RPM)

Label:Original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/richieyang/p/5373250.htmlFortunately participated in a number of field-driven projects, read a number of articles, but also saw some nondescript architecture, feel the field drive has a further

Object-oriented advanced--the basic concept of interface and the polymorphism of objects

Label:Interfaceneed to master the definition format and use of the interfaceMastering the relationship between interfaces and abstract classesSpecific content:interfaces are the most important concepts in Java, and interfaces can be understood as a

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