Transform in Transform

Article Introduction: today we will explore the use of Transform-style and perspective related properties in transform. Today we will discuss with you the use of the transform transform-st

Emmet: Tools to significantly improve front-end development efficiency

Article Introduction: Emmet the concept of fragment to a new level: You can set the CSS form of expressions that can be dynamically parsed, and then get the corresponding content based on the initials

jquery Mobile Tutorial: The button component of jquery Mobile

Article Introduction: in this article, let's take a deep look at the button component of jquery Mobile, which lets you familiarize yourself with the dynamic creation buttons, disable buttons, and enable buttons. This article gives us a dee

XMLHTTP component related Technical application data

Xml Remote management technology of database An important link in the modern application of Internet based WAN is the remote monitoring of database. First of all, a brief review of the Internet Database Remote management technology development proce

Web Design Specification Summary: A good set of Web page production specifications

Article Introduction: In order to improve the efficiency of teamwork, it is convenient for the backstage staff to add the function and the late-stage optimization maintenance, the output high-quality documents. Once the specification document is conf

Page Builder the way to practice

page [The purpose of this article]: to share with you how to learn Web-standard web-based Web production. [This article is suitable for the crowd]: Web making beginners. Friends who have a certain base of page making and want to learn or are learning

Web effects-Simple timeline implementations

Previously seen on the internet, there are a lot of people write the timeline effect, so they also imitate write write.Here's how to write your own solution (transverse and longitudinal axes).Simple timeline effect is easy to implement, but if you ne

What is the response layout, how the response layout is designed

Article Introduction: Let 's talk about response layout This little thing today, including what is the response layout, the pros and cons of the response layout, and how the response layout is designed (the response layout is implemented via CSS3 Med

Install V8JS extension under Win7 installation Mac:mac

Recently interested in the V8 JavaScript engine, found that PHP has a v8js extension, on its own MacBook Air mounted a play, recording the installation process. 1. Install V8 Javscript engine. Follow the instructions on the wiki

Prototype.js Common functions and usage

The name of the function Explain Example Element.toggle Alternately hide or show Element.toggle (' Div1 ', ' div2 ') Element.hide Hide Element.hide (' Div1 ', ' div2 ') Show

Div Center Display Problem Rollup

  One, single line center vertically If there is only one line of text in a container, it is relatively simple to center it, and we just need to set its actual height and the height of the row line-height equal. such as: div {   &nbs

Backbone.js Series Tutorial One-backbone.js introduction

JavaScript in the Web application development front-end technology and back-end technology logic and run a larger proportion of the share. In order to help maintain and iterate prior logic and modularity, the MVC pattern has become increasingly popul

Backbone.js series six: Constructing Backbone objects

Backbone constructors I say backbone is simple because backbone only four constructors can be typically instantiated (basically, they are first inherited or subcategory). These four constructors include: Backbone.model = function (attributes,

Understanding document.all[]:D OM Document Object model

Article Introduction: talking about document.all and Web Standard. 1, DOMWeb standards are now hot and hot, but here's a document.all[that doesn't meet the standard. Dom--document object model, which provides a way to access document objec

jquery Plug-in--Multilevel Linkage menu

Introduction Development, there are many places to use the Linkage menu, each time before the linkage menu to write again, the code reuse rate is very low, a few days ago again encountered the problem of linkage menu, summed up, found that can develo

Jquery implementation layer drag, support callback function

Recently in writing a CMS Content management system, the front desk is basically using AJAX asynchronous request server, through ASHX processing, return JSON format processing. Because of the need for a more user-friendly interface, so the use of the

CSS3 code example: CSS3 make Web landing form

Article Introduction: This form effect is very common, but its production method is very innovative, which used the old technology is @font-face make icon, Box-shadow make shadow, the most bright spot is the use of Calc () function to calculate the v

Jquery.imglazyload Picture Lazy Load Component

First, the preface When too many pictures are requested in a page, and the picture is too large, the speed of the page access is very slow, the user experience is very unfriendly; use the picture lazy load, you can reduce the pressure on the server,

Alternative no refresh, linkage drop-down list box (level two +xmlhttprequest)

request|xml|xmlhttprequest| Refresh | no Refresh | dropdown | drop down list Two-level linkage Drop-down list, from the idea, roughly divided into the following steps: One: Triggers the onchange event for the first Drop-down list. Two: After the proc

JS imitation Taobao details page menu bar Intelligent Positioning effect

Similar to Taobao details page menu bar Smart positioning for everyone is not unfamiliar! As shown in the screenshot below: That part of the red box! Basic principle:is to use JS to listen for scrolling events, when the page's scrolling distance (

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