Unity Performance Analysis

The following are the ports used by the Unity Analyzer: Multicast port (multicastport): 54998 listening Port (listenports): 55000-55511 multicast (unit test): 55512-56023 You should access these ports within the network node. That is, when the p

Uboot 2016.05 compiling Uboot.bin and SPL

1: $ (srctree)/makefile the all target in Makefile compiles the corresponding file. Let's take a look at this. All target all: $ (all-y) # always append-so-arch config.mk ' can add custom ones All-y + = U-boot.srec u-boot.bin system.map u-boot.cfg

PDFBox Implementing Text Extraction

First, IntroductionApache PDFBox is an open source, Java-based, PDF document-generated tool library that can be used to create new PDF documents, modify existing PDF documents, and extract the required content from a PDF document. Apache PDFBox also

Aurora Push Steps

Cover Chart: About the Aurora push, I also counted to do a few times, the following will give you a brief summary of the problems I have encountered when doing.    The following file, you need to import the Aurora

XML-related technologies

XML-related technologies The following is a list of XML technologies. XHTML (extensible HTML)More stringent, more pure XML-based HTML versions. XML DOM (XML Document Object model)Access and manipulate the standard document model of XML. XSL (Exte

Quadratic Bézier curve length

Quadratic Bézier curves is defined by second order polynominal, Andcan is written as where T is real parameter with the values in range [0,1]. P ' Sare respectively curve starting point, Anchor Point and the end point. Derivative of the quadratic Bé

Tangent spaces (Tangent space) normal mapping (normal Mapping)

// Please specify the source: Http://blog.csdn.net/BonChoix, thank you ~) Tangent spaces (Tangent space) Switching space, same as local space, world space, is one of the many coordinate systems in 3D graphics. One of the most important uses for swit

Stacks, queues

Pre-Knowledge: Stack: Remove the top element of the stack: S.top (); Determine if the stack is empty: S.empty (); add element x to stack: S.push (x) Popup top: S.pop (); Number of stack storage elements: S.size () Queue: Determines whether the queue

Spring Technology Insider: The implementation principle of Spring AOP (I.)

I. Overview of SPRINGAOP1. AOP ConceptAOP is the abbreviation for aspect-oriented programming (plane-oriented programming). Wikipedia explains the following:Aspect is a new modular mechanism for describing crosscutting concerns (crosscutting concern)

Aop Method-level interception

says that AOP has to mention several concepts: Facets: Some of our own business methods. Notification: The operation to be started when intercepting. Pointcut: A specific intercept of a business point. This may still be a bit abstract, for example, h

Simple triangular drawing of Directx11 HelloWorld

Learn the SDK and make a simple triangular drawing in d3d11 to familiarize yourself with the Direct11 drawing process. This article refers to the basic demo of the previous Directx11. The relatively Directx11 basic demo, which draws a triangle in Dir

Two of canvas knowledge points

1. Add an array of map methods: /* * The map method is defined on Array.prototype, so all arrays can access the * Syntax: array. Map (callback function) * Function: Receive the return value of the callback function, t

Flash operation of STM32

Speaking of STM32 's Flsah, our first reaction is to install the program, in fact, STM32 on-chip flash not only used to install the program, but also to install chip configuration, chip ID, bootstrap program and so on. Of course, flash can also be us

Latex formula number, inline formula, formula space, long formula wrap, inline hyphen symbol

first, the formula number\begin{equation} X (k) =\sum_{n=0}^{n-1} x (n) e^{-j \frac{2 \pi}{n} k n}=\sum_{n=0}^{n-1} x (n) w_n^{kn},\quad k=0,1,..., N-1. \end{equation} Next paragraph (1)Add Begin{equation} and End{equation}, the formula will be a

Use Valgrind to discover memory leaks and illegal memory operations

Original address: http://www.cprogramming.com/debugging/valgrind.html The translation will inevitably be due to personal level and there are inaccurate places, please more criticism, the above is the original link, we can also go directly to see. Val

HDU 5072 coprime-tolerant principle

coprime Time limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:262144/262144 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 1460 Accepted Submission (s): 571 Problem Description There is n people standing in a line. Each of the them has a unique ID number. Now th

XML namespaces

XML Namespaces The XML namespace provides a way to avoid element naming conflicts. Naming Conflicts In XML, the name of the element is defined by the developer, and a naming conflict occurs when two different documents use the same element name. Thi

"Balance Tree" "NOI 2005" Maintenance sequence

339. [NOI2005] Maintenance series ★★★★☆ input file: seq2005.in output file: Seq2005.out Simple contrast time limit: 3 s memory limit: "Problem description" Please write a program that requires maintaining a sequence that supports the follo

De-illumination non-uniform MATLAB algorithm and code release

Other Original blog Http://blog.csdn.net/baolinq Mainly see the third part of the can, the front is some other common basic image methods. Adaptive correction algorithm of illumination nonuniformity image based on two-dimensional gamma function In th

XML Editor

XML Editor If you want to learn and use XML very carefully, you will certainly benefit from the use of a professional XML editor. XML is text-based XML is a text-based markup language. One important thing about XML is that XML can be created and edi

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