"Translate" uses Vuex to resolve authentication in Vue

Translated text link: Scotch.io/tutorials/handling-authentication-in-vue-using-vuex My translation station: Www.zcfy.cc/article/handling-authentication-in-vue-using-vuex In traditional ways, many people use local storage to manage the tokens

Service splitting and service discovery of microservices

This article is the sixth of a series of courses on "Internet high concurrency MicroServices architecture practice" The first five articles are: The cornerstone of micro-service-Continuous integration Access layer design of micro-service and

Introduction to "original" Nginx

First, Introduction Nginx (engine x) is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy service as well as a IMAP/POP3/SMTP service. Nginx was developed by Igor Saisoyev for the second rambler.ru site of Russian traffic (Russian: Рамблер), the first

JVM runs memory allocation and recycling

This article from the NetEase cloud community Luzon Sheng The biggest feature of the Java language compared to the C language is that programmers don't have to worry too much about Java's memory allocation and recycling, because all of this, Java's

Docker Basics

First, the Docker system architecture Daemon processResponsible for the creation, operation and monitoring of containers, as well as the construction and storage of images. docker demoncommand to start the Docker daemon. Docker ClientCommunicates

Spring Basic Series--AOP weaving logic tracking

Original works, yes, but please mark the source address: www.cnblogs.com/V1haoge/p/9619910.html In fact, in the previous source code interpretation, the part about weaving is not clear, those front, back, surround, abnormal, such as how the

Prometheus and Alertmanager Combat configuration

Prometheus Timing Database First, PROMETHEUS1, Prometheus Installation 1) Source Code installation Prometheus Install package latest version: prometheus.io/download/ wget https://github.com/prometheus/prometheus/releases/download/v2.3.2/ prometheus-

Feature Engineering

In the establishment of the model, it is hoped that the model has good predictive ability, but on the other hand, it is hoped that the model should not be too complex, so that it can have better interpretation and applicability. 1.

You don't know. JS (2) in-depth knowledge of closures (very important)

A long time ago wanted to write a blog about closures, but always worried about not enough to write completely, not good enough, anyway, or to my understanding of the closure and everyone to share under, longer, hope to read patiently.Defined To be

Babel usage and BABELRC configuration details, want to do the front-end architecture, refused to smattering ...

Babel Official Introduction: Convert ECMAScript 2015 and later JavaScript code to an older version of the browser or to a backward-compatible version of the JavaScript code in the environment. In short, it's about converting incompatible JavaScript

MyBatis Initial use (Idea's MAVEN project, super verbose)

Create a Maven Project 1. Select New item on the menu File | New | Project 2. Select the LeftMaven Since we are just creating a normal project, click here Next . 3. Enter GroupId andArtifactId In my project, GroupId

test20180907 Day1

T1 256mb,1secT2 512mb,3secT3 512mb,1secScore: 150Question One restaurant topic background The copper penguin is the boss of the Penguin restaurant, and he is planning how to make his earnings this year more profitable.Title Description There are n

Non-blocking Connect

1. Non-blocking ConnectWhat's the use? You can make the three-way handshake equal to the processing of general data, not always connect trying to re-connect or spend a RTT time. And the RTT time varies from a few milliseconds to a few seconds,

"Long-term updates" to modernize the. Net configuration refers to the north

1. Celebrating the era of. NET Standard I don't quite mention that . NET core, for me, future development will be based on. NET Standard, not just for the future , but also for the past ; not only. NET core can be facilitated . NET Framework can

MacOS Docker Installation

Tags: com targe png ROP eating live Restore run successInstalling with HomebrewMacOS we can use Homebrew to install Docker.Homebrew's Cask already supports Docker for MAC, so it's easy to install with Homebrew Cask:$ Brew Cask Install Docker==>

Powershell Escape character

Tags: Shell dex does not have an object case empty identify location documentTalk today about the escape character for PowerShellWhat is an escape character, the escape character in the upper-left corner of the keyboard and ~ is a key that uses the

Make ubuntu16.04 automatically install ISO image

Tags: support htm host bin guid dell server Word Jin ReleaseDownload Ubuntu image installation, interactive mode need to manually configure a lot of things, in order to quickly install, special production automatic installation image, easy to

SELinux article translation Supplement

Tags: targe htm name sem proxy rules types file descriptor CHMOriginally I just wanted to write a CGI program in Python (Python will run shell scripts, shell scripts have IO operations) performed by the Apache server, resulting in a bunch of

A brief talk on "algorithm micro-interpretation" 01 Fractional planning

Tags: ini john img up and down solution People PAC XPL ArmElementary Introduction to 01 fractional planningThe so-called 01 score plan, see this name, may think of 01 backpack, actually grow similar.This algorithm is required to "cost-effective" the

Springboot using Mybatis-generator

Tags: dep autowired pom Self efault complete database learning beginning This article describes how to use Maven and Mybatis-generator together. Brief introductionMybatis-generator is a convenient plug-in provided by Mybatis, which can

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