How to install orb-slam2 in Ubuntu, and run up in real time with a Monocular camera __ Library

The latest is orb-slam2, which supports monocular, binocular, and rgb-d interfaces.Install prerequisite software: For convenience. It is best to download the library first under Windows (note the download version of this). Not mounted on system disk

Fabric CA User's Guide __ block chain

Fabric CA User's Guide Certification Authority The features provided are: identity registration : or connecting to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) as a user registry; issuance of a registration cer

Learning plug-in Architecture (ii) _ Plugin

The first address is here: Thank all friends for their support, but also thank a lot of friends who put forward valuable opinions. First answer the first article why not COM. The author is going

Turn 200 lines of code to achieve one of the block chain-----The simplest block chain __ block chain

Write a block chain of your own with only 200 lines of go code. 2018-01-30 12:49 Coral Health 1 0 Read 203 Block chain is currently the hottest topic, the majority of readers have heard of bitcoin, and perhaps the intelligent contract, I believe we a

Google Daniel Jeffrey Dean

I joined Google in mid-1999, and I's currently a Google Fellow in the Systems Group. My areas of interest include large-scale distributed systems, performance monitoring, compression techniques, information Retrieval, application of machine learning

Zoj 3763--plasma Field (geometry, mathematics) __ Mathematics

Title: Although the topic is a bit long, read it carefully and find nothing ... Give a piecewise function R (t) on T: When 0≤t≤t, R (t) = C*t When T < t≤t*2, R (t) = c * (T * 2-t).

Strengths and weaknesses of LLVM ' s safestack Buffer Overflow PROTECTION__LLVM

IntroductionIn June 2015, a new Memory corruption exploit mitigation named Safestack is merged into the LLVM Development Branch by Pe ter Collingbourne from Google and would be available to the upcoming 3.8 release. Safestack was developed as part of

Distributed Systems notes-web Service design patterns__distributed

CMU 95702 Distributed Systems notes. A brief introduction to XML-RPC, SOAP, REST Three Web service implementations and RPC, message, Resource three kinds of patterns.Web Service Implementation Scenarios There are three major Web services implementati

Pytorch Learning __pytorch

First, Pytorch introduction 1, the descriptionPytorch is Torch in Python (Torch is a neural network using the Lua language) and TensorFlow comparison Pytorch established neural network is dynamic TensorFlow is a highly industrial of static graph Ten

Time series correlation algorithm and analysis steps __ Time series

First of all, from the point of view of time can be a series of basically divided into 3 categories: 1. Pure random sequence (white noise sequence), this time can stop the analysis, because it is like predicting the next coin which side is as irregul

Fabric Source Analysis-consensus module __fabric

Just these days to have a need to help customers magic change fabric-v0.6, put some hyperchain advanced characteristics of the past, take this opportunity to read before the source in the comb.The following is the fabric Consensus module source analy

Fabric Source Analysis 6--grpc Service __fabric

Fabric Source Analysis 6–GRPC Service GRPC Introduction GRPC is a multilingual open-source RPC technology developed by Google, which is used in fabric to implement remote calls between client and server. For example, the client defines an RPC servi

A Wizard ' s Guide to adversarial Autoencoders:part 2, exploring latent spaces with adversarial autoen__adversarial

"This article are a continuation from a wizard ' s Guide to Autoencoders:part 1, if you haven ' t read it but are familiar wit H The basics of autoencoders then continue on. You'll need to know a little bit about probability theory which can is found

Spring Boot automatic configuration (auto-configuration), @EnableAutoConfiguration, spring beans and Dependency injection __spring-boot

automatic configuration (auto-configuration) Automatic configuration (auto-configuration) is one of the most important features of spring boot, because the feature is based on the classpath of the application (this is mainly based on Maven Pom.xml de

Consistency hash (consistent hash) _ Load Balancing

Introduction to consistent hash algorithm The consistent hash algorithm is a distributed hash implementation algorithm proposed by MIT in 1997, and the goal of the design is to solve the hot issues in the Internet. The consistent hash algorithm propo

Lightweight micro-service architecture and best Practices _ architecture

first, micro-services will become lightweight Architecture needs to be designed by people, who are called architects. Many people may not have given the architect the title, but they are doing the work of architecture. We believe that the structure o

Language Master Anders hejlsberg__ language

Language master Anders Hejlsberg Introduction 1.Anders picture Anders Hejlsberg, a Danish who studied engineering at the Danish Univ

Logo language __logo language with graphic programming

February 6, 2012, Tiobe published the February 2012 list of programming languages. Objective-c last month's rally, the share has already entered the ranks of 7%. And the top of Java and C still occupy the first two nouns. The Python language is accel

Block chain Introductory Tutorial __ block chain

See: The Block chain (blockchain) is now a big hit, with a lot of news media reporting that it will create the future. But there are very few introductory articles that are easy to un

JNI ERROR (App bug): Local reference table overflow (max=512) __jni

This is a bug that I accidentally tested when I took on someone else's work. The reason is that a function is called continuously in a loop in the JNI layer, which returns the Jobject type, and each time the function produces a local reference, whic

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