QT Compilation supports Firebird database

Tags: qt cuzn embedded Database sqlFirebird is a typical embedded database. The so-called embedded database, simply that does not need a separate database server installation configuration, only in the application software to join the client

Two ways to set the database compatibility level and the difference

Label:Ext.: http://blog.csdn.net/htl258/article/details/5696325--Two ways to set the database compatibility level--To set up compatible SQL Serve 2005 as an example--Law One:ALTER DATABASE database_name SET compatibility_level = 90GO--Law II:EXEC sp_

Euclid and the extended Euclidean algorithm

Label:Turn from online Daniel Blog, speak of easy to understand.Original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/frog112111/archive/2012/08/19/2646012.htmlEuclidean algorithmEuclidean algorithm, also known as the greatest common divisor method, is used to

Specifications recommended by Delphi Programming 2---naming conventions

Label:1.1. Formal parameter naming recommendationsThe name of all formal parameters should be used to express its purpose. If appropriate, the name of the formal parameter should preferably be prefixed with the letter A, for example:Procedure

OCCI handling different types of char string variables

Tags: Oracle char OcciIssue Background :An old application, the original application is written in proc, 9i Library, now the application needs to use OCCI instead, which has a query logic: SELECT ... where upper (state) =upper (: 1).(Please do not

Rand () and srand () GetTickCount function usage

Label:Standard library <cstdlib> (included in <iostream>) provides two functions to help generate pseudo-random numbers:function one: int rand (void);Returns a random integer between [seed, Rand_max (0X7FFF)), starting with the seed

A program-to-print Fahrenheit-celsius table with floating-point values

Tags: c c language Floating-point and integer division printf width and precision widths and precisionGo to my personal blogAnother program to print Fahrenheit-celsius table with decimal integerThis program is presented as below.#include <stdio.h&

How to set the kernel dump

Label:about how to set up kernel dumps1. Kernel dump function(1) The greatest benefit of a kernel dump is the ability to save the state when the problem occurs.(2) As long as the executable file and the kernel dump, you can know the status of the

The difference between a variable declaration and a definition

Label:Original: http://www.cnblogs.com/GavinDai/archive/2011/10/24/2222735.htmlWe are in the program design, always use the definition of variables and the declaration of variables, but sometimes we are not very clear about the concept, know how it

Using SNMP to monitor server performance

Label:Basic concepts and classification of system monitoring:A Overview of System monitoring: How to scientifically, systematically and efficiently monitor the overall and detailed operation of existing IT architectures is a very important part of

Socket Programming Practice (9)--Socket IO Timeout setting method

Tags: timeout socket socket Select Concurrent LinuxCitation: Timeout setting 3 scenarios1. Alarm Timeout Setting methodCode implementation: This method is less used with void sighandlerforsigalrm (int signo) { return;} Signal (SIGALRM,

How the Reset circuit works

Label: The role of the reset circuit in the power-up or reset process, the control of the CPU reset state: This period of time to keep the CPU reset state, rather than a power on or just reset the completion of the work, to prevent the

CentOS7 LVM add HDD and expansion

Tags: LVMI. Introduction of LVMLVM is shorthand for Logical Volume Manager (Logical Volume management), which is a mechanism for managing disk partitions in a Linux environment. LVM converts one or more disk partitions (PV) into a volume group (VG),

Network information security attack and Defense learning platform (base off write up)

Label:Title Address: http://hackinglab.cn/index_2.php---------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Where is key? (http://lab1.xseclab.com/base1_4a4d993ed7bd7d467b27af52d2aaa800/index.php)Solution: Check the

Encryption using CBC mode of the crypto++ Library (ii)

Label:There is already an article about the encryption implemented using the crypto++ library, but the code is not completely considered, so it re-sent a secondC + + Encapsulation:#include"Zyaes.h"#include<string.h>#include<stdio.h>using

Trigonometric Formula

Tags: Sin (a+b) =sina*cosb+sinb*cosa  sin (A-B) =sina*cosb-sinb*cosa  cos (a+b) =cosa*cosb-sina*sinb  cos (A-B) =cosa*cosb+sina*sinb  tan (a+b) = (TANA+TANB)/(1-TANA*TANB)   Tan (A-B) = (TANA-TANB)/(1+TANA*TANB) Commonly

CMD common commands

Tags: ftp mysql telnet cmd cmd command Win7 Run commandWin+r, is to run the command shortcut key. The following 3 must know:Ping It is a command to check whether the network is unobstructed or the speed of the network connection. As an administrator

10 minutes to understand character set and character encoding

Label:Original: http://cenalulu.github.io/linux/character-encoding/ Lu Junyi This article will briefly describe the concept of character set and character encoding. And some common diagnostic techniques when

Hadoop Family Learning Roadmap

Label:The Hadoop family of articles, mainly about the Hadoop family of products, commonly used projects include Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase, Sqoop, Mahout, Zookeeper, Avro, Ambari, Chukwa, and new additions to the project including, YARN, Hcatalog,

fopen () function

Label:1.2 file input and output function keyboard, monitor, printer, disk drive and other logical devices, the input and output can be through the file management method to complete. And the most used in programming to be considered disk files,

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