Bash tip: Find the intersection of sets, the set, the difference set, the symmetric difference set

It's easier to turn on the internet than to use awk. Given two files a.txt and b.txt, each row is a record (assuming there are no duplicates), the intersection of two sets is required, the set of sets, the difference set, and the output results in

Vertica convert local time to GMT time

In the use of the Vertica database, a scenario is encountered in which the program collects data from the cluster in the same area and writes the same table, and then we need to display the data in GMT time. At this point we can provide the time zone

HBase Client api-filter List

The first two articles say how to filter data using a single filter, but in many cases we need to do a combination of filtering, such as logic and logic or queries, at which point we can use filterlist to implement. FilterList also implements the fil

Docker Yum install RPM packet Error Rpmdb checksum is INVALID:DCDPT (pkg checksums): ...

Today, in the use of dockerfile to make Docker mirror, suddenly found that can run "run yum install-y sudo" Suddenly ran an error, the following errors: Rpmdb Checksum is INVALID:DCDPT (pkg checksums): sudo.x86_64 0:1.8.6p3-29.el6_9-u the command '

Establish a connection between container

In the Docker section, you see how to run a service in Docker container through a network port connection. But port connectivity is just a way to interact with services or applications that run in Docker container. In this section, we will simply rep

interface-oriented Programming (II)--programming example-T2?? s Notebook-Blog Park

interface-oriented programming (II.)--programming example This series of "interface-oriented programming detailed" will be divided into three parts:An explanation of interface-oriented programming (i)--Thought Basics (published) In this article, the

The complete use of Detachedcriteria and criteria in hibernate

The recent use of Spring and Hibernate in projects has made it easier to apply Criteria in the Query methodThe design can be flexibly based on the characteristics of the criteria to facilitate the assembly of query conditions. Now summarize the use o

Wlib Framework Usage Considerations

Multiple data sources are submitted at the same timeMultiple data sources are modified at the same timeW.isready = true; The agreement was put to the lastSh.reloadonedit to load data again when it represents point editing, the editor must sh.reloadon

The method of using criteria to realize the not-in function in Hibernte

I've always liked the criteria, but I don't like to use HQL. The in method provided in the property class has three:Public criterion in (Collection values)Public criterion in (object[] values)Public criterion in (Detachedcriteria subselect) However

Enter a date to calculate how many days apart from the current system date (get the system time, get the date and date, and format the SimpleDateFormat; Enter dates for similar operations)

Package;/*** Enter a date to calculate how many days apart from the current system date (get the system time, get the date and date, and format the SimpleDateFormat; Enter dates for similar operations)*/Import

[summary] Video and audio codec technology 0 Basic Learning methods

Did not find the reprint function where ... So I can only copy it over. Always want to video audio codec technology to do a simple summary, but suffer from the time is not sufficient, has not been able to complete. Today has a lot of free, and final

An algorithm for time comparison

Some time ago in the teacher assigned a CRM project, in which the project needs to do a schedule-related reminders of the function, think about it if the timer control every second non-stop execution polling time list, is not a good design ideas, at

T-SQL All-at-once Operation parsing

Tags: mil normal principle OP pac height query statement STR exampleSQL supports the concept of a so-called simultaneous operation, meaning that all expressions that occur during the same logical query processing phase are computed at the same time.

Database optimization

Tags: tle pre mode CAD. COM inno Electronic Date class repetition, select the most applicable field propertyMySQL is good at supporting large data volumes, but in general, the smaller the tables in the database, the faster queries are executed on it.

Spring (v) Bean definition inheritance and dependency injection

Tags: using static factory method RGS Getbean IMP--SSE Pat oneOne, bean definition inheritanceA bean definition can contain many configuration information, including constructor parameters, property values, and container-specific information, such

Summary of target detection algorithm

Tags: workflow proposal ESS pseudo code 9.png cost understanding equal HTTPSTransferred from: detection is the foundation of many computer vision tasks, and it provides reliable information

Spring Cloud Source Analysis (iv) Zuul: Core filter

Tags: error effective class line modify base name client life cycle customizationI believe you have a basic understanding of spring cloud Zuul through the article "Spring Cloud Building MicroServices Architecture (v) Service Gateway" previously

Map four ways to get the key and value values and sort the elements in the map

Tags: void ref ASN comparison size archive util ITER main classThere are four ways to get the value of the map, the four methods are divided into two categories, one is to call the Map.keyset () method to get the value of key and values, the other

Spring Interface Documentation Note: @ApiOperation

Tags: Title add API document SPINGMVC good swagger API attention sizeSpring Interface Documentation Note: @ApiOperation@ApiOperation It's not spring's own note, it's in swagger.Com.wordnik.swagger.annotations.ApiOperation;@ApiOperation and @apiparam

Automatic Updates for WinForm using advanced installer

Tags: Content pen version complete after the. exe ASE img INF installation packageOriginal: Automatic update for WinForm using advanced installer Advanced Installer is a packaged program that is based on Windows Installer and extends a number of

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