The realization method and crack of Excel "project cannot be viewed"

Method One (shared-level locking) 1, the first to Excel files for general VBAProject "Project password protection." 2, open the file to protect, select: Tools---> Protection---> Protection and Common Workbook---> tracking changes to the co

Application framework of Excel data dump database

Introduction: How to transfer the data in Excel to the relational database, has always been a topic of concern, this paper proposes a solution, that is, using the Apache POI to a certain Excel file to the database table mapping rules to parse the dat

IBM Notes plug-in signature verification mechanism and its application

Introduction With the popularity of the Eclipse rich client PLATFORM,RCP, more and more features come in as Plug-ins. This allows the enterprise, in addition to its own development of plug-ins, can also choose to use Third-party-provided plug-ins. B

An introduction to Object-oriented language (III.)

One of the main characteristics of the traditional object-oriented language based on class is the inseparable connection between inheritance, subclassing and subtyping. Many of the object-oriented language syntax, concepts, from these three. For exam

Excel Formula Application Encyclopedia

Excel Formula Application Encyclopedia 1. Abs function Function Name: ABS Main function: Find out the absolute value of the corresponding number. Use format: ABS (number) Parameter Description: number represents a value or a referenced cell that

Mydumper: A Practical multi-threaded backup tool

Mydumper is a high-performance multi-threaded backup and Recovery tool for MySQL and drizzle. Main Features: 1, lightweight, written in C 2, the execution speed is mysqldump 10 times times 3. Consistent snapshots of transactional and non-transact

The method of struts2 in the page representation

In Struts2, the front-end page represents a simpler implementation of internationalization. The simple application STRUTS2 provides the support internationalization the expression to be able to quickly and conveniently the internationalization realiz

Common problems of Ewebeditor and their personal use experience

Ewebeditor is a very useful tool and it's nice to meet. is a very popular online editor. Now I'm going to share with you some of the problems and solutions that I have recently used ewebeditor. (here first, I'm using the Flying Fish Modified version

MFC message Image Implementation dynamic Menu

When we refer to the implementation of a dynamic menu, our usual practice is to use the GetMenu () function to get a CMenu class pointer, and then invoke the CMenu class method AppendMenu, InsertMenu, Modifymenu, Removemenu, and so on. This paper int

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application Development (II.) (1) Database interface The local database is produced by the computer. Dbaseii as one of the earliest and still-used systems is a typical local database. The data for the local database management system is stored on a local hard drive.

Generating method of random number with arbitrary distribution-VC Program Realization method

Summary: Random number in the actual use of very much, such as game design, signal processing, usually we can easily get the average distribution of random numbers. But how do we generate random numbers of other distributions based on the average di

15th chapter-Application and programming of data access Parts (II.) (4)

Properties of 15.5.1 Tdatasource parts The Tdatasource part has the following attributes in addition to the name and tag attributes that are owned by other parts: DataSet property: The name of the dataset from which the Tdatasource part obtains dat

CToolBar Extended Class Ctoolbarex

We know that the tool bar in the program is generated in the CMainFrame, the class is CToolBar, it is very complicated to use. For this reason, the common functions of CToolBar are encapsulated, which generates an inheritance class Ctoolbarex, which

16th chapter-Application and programming of data browsing Parts (II.) (1)

When displaying the record information in a database table in the Tdbgrid part, if Tdbgrid uses a dataset part that is dynamically generated during the run, Tdbgrid shows that the records in the database table display the record information in the ta

17th Chapter-sql Programming (i) (3)

17.3.3 How to get the active data through the tquery part When we introduce the ttable part in the previous chapters, we know that the data obtained from the database through the ttable part is active, i.e. the user can edit the data directly throug

17th Chapter-sql Programming (i) (1)

SQL language, as a general structure query language in relational database management system, has been adopted by many database management systems, such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix and other database management systems, which support SQL language. De

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application development (d) (2)

Introduction to Database structure The structure of the iblocal database is defined by the InterBase Server Tools Interactive SQL tool (ISQL). To define a database with isql, you first build a database with the Create DB command, and a new

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application development (d) (1)

An overview of adaptation The so-called adaptation is to convert desktop applications into Client/server applications. Adaptation is a very complex subject, not described here in detail. This section describes the most important aspects of

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application Development (III.) (1)

3. Installed software projects When you install the InterBase SQL link driver, the following items will be installed on your workstation. Table 18.7 installed file names ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Project description ────────────────

12th Chapter-Exception Handling and program debugging (i) (5)

12.1.3 part Exception class Generic Part Exception class Common parts exception classes are commonly used in three: Einvalidoperation, Ecomponenterror, Eoutofresource. Where einvalidoperation and eoutofresource are defined in the controls

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