The first part of the program design contest of the ninth Hunan College students

Preface: This set of questions can not be found anywhere, the CSU can not submit the above. Finally in Hunan Normal University OJ found, but this normal university OJ is not good to use, each submission must be login again do not say, still do not su

Etheric Square and block chain

I. The relationship between the ether Square and the block chain From the history of the Block chain, the first birth of bitcoin, there is no block chain of this technology and terminology, and then the industry from the bitcoin extract the technica

Cocosbuilder + cocos2d-x-luaproxy Resolution in the CCB editor the multi-language text replacement of the label

From: Cocosbuilder + cocos2d-x-luaproxy Resolve multiple-language text substitution in the CCB editor We use Cocos2d-x + LUA to develop the game while using Cocosbuilder as the UI editor. You need to place a label in the UI, such as Cclabelttf, but

RTSP to rtmp and save as MP4 file

A background: Users need to watch the video through flash or mobile phone, and most cameras are RTSP protocol, so need to do a relay. Resources:

Automatically generate code based on Cocosbuilder files

This article mainly tells how to generate the corresponding code according to the CCB file generated by Cocosbuilder, mainly to generate COCOS2DX corresponding C + + file as an example to illustrate. Reprint please keep the original address: htt

Docker container port IP programming and Port dynamic expansion

Once the Docker container is started, the parameters cannot be changed. The most common change in the production environment is the port mapping, in order to solve this problem, then first of all planning, this article listed two port planning scheme

SMTP command line

SMTP command line 2008/08/24 10:45 Define the process of the SMTP protocol, and write a mail-sending program accordingly.1. SMTPSMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): A transport protocol used by e-mail messages to transfer from a client

The principle of DHT technology

introduction of Peer-to-peer and DHT technology Peer-to-peer in the mind can be said to be the Internet thought/spirit/philosophy is very concentrated embodiment of common participation, transparent open, equal sharing (reminds me of the previous s

DokuWiki Configuration Modify upload file type and size

Upload file typeThe settings for the upload file type are configured in dokuwiki/conf/mime.conf. If the old version is not supported, add the following in mime.conf:Docx!application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentxlsx!app

Summary of date functions in hive

Summary of date functions in--hive: --1. Time stamp function --Date-time stamp: number of seconds from 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC to a specified time Select Unix_timestamp (); --Get the current time zone's Unix timestamp Select Unix_timestamp (' 2017-09

Callback vs Async.js vs Promise vs Async/await

Demand: A, read a| in turn b| C three files and terminates immediately if there is a failure.B, simultaneous reading a| b| C three files and terminates immediately if there is a failure.First, callback 需求A: Let read = function (code) {if (code)

Six, transplant uboot-set default environment variables, perfect u-boot

Document Time: 2018-08-14 Cross compiler: arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2 Ubuntu version: 16.04 Uboot version: 2013.10 1, modify uboot default environment variable The Uboot serial print information obtained in the previous section is as follows: As you can

Common cross-platform Ides how to add parameters to the main function and execute correctly

1. ECLIPSE-CDT How to add main function parameters: Open Eclipse, create a new project, create a new source file, for example in C, write code like this: #include <stdio.h>//int argc: The command line has several strings//Char *argv[] means: A

The Magic of Decay: Concise log specification

Last week, a day's time to write a log slice, everyone is very supportive of cooperation, the internal modules are used together. Technically it is a aspectj, there is no difficulty. The key is to make a lot of modules to use together, to form a

InnoDB Information Description

Tags: author memory read output operation AST inventory OOP databaseInnoDB is the most critical database storage engine ever developed for MySQL database, which not only supports transactional features, but also has rich statistics to make it easy

"Ubuntu" Replace download source

Tags: remove ROP modification etc Ali Deb ICA hkust TechnologyUbuntu, when we use apt installed software, will use the official website to download software, but because of the domestic transfer too much, and the speed of the download is very slow,

"Micro-Service Architecture" Springcloud Eureka (service registration and Service Discovery Basics) (ii)

Tags: pom.xml lease Cells Pack Infrastructure Component ACK host interfaceThe previous article explains Springcloud components and concepts, and then explains the use, principle, and role of each component of the Springcloud component, which mainly

Up posture: Spring Boot 2.x start the whole process of source code analysis

Tags: arraylist www. Exception time add singleton new T EOF Sys"Spring Boot 2.x start the whole process of source analysis (a) Import class analysis" We analyzed the Spring boot entry class Springapplication source code, and know its construction

Up posture: Spring Boot 2.x start the whole process of source code analysis

Tags: loader CTI TAC is the information character of a webapp protectDirectory Springapplication instance Run method running procedure Summarize "Spring Boot 2.x start the whole process of source analysis (a) Import class analysis"

WIN10 How to enter Safe mode and how to enter the system backup restore.

Tags: Power boot Interface Universal latest security Settings Data locationWIN10 How to enter Safe ModeMethod 11. Press and hold the power button to shut down.2. Press the power button to boot.3. Repeat steps three times.4. Confirm that the screen

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