Kdbchk:the amount of space used is not equal to block size

Label:I. Checking the data filesNote: The bbed operation should be performed in the Shutdown database mode[[email protected] controlfile]$ DBV file=/u01/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/datafile/test_01.dbf blocksize= 8192dbverify:release

Spring Core source code interpretation one of the ASM4 User manual translations ASM Introduction

Label:Chapter One: ASM introduces 1.1 asm motives:Program analysis, generation, and conversion techniques can be applied to many scenarios:1. Program analysis, from simple syntax parsing to complete semantic analysis, can be applied to find

Algorithm problem of 2-channel factorial

Tags: algorithmsTo the 51nod new UI to do the problem, by the way, here are 2 factorial questions,1003 factorial back 0 of the numberHow many 0 are behind the factorial of n? The factorial of 6 = 1*2*3*4*5*6 = 720,720 is followed by a 0. InputA

Atitit. Attilax Summary of Secure Signature digest algorithms

Label:Atitit. Secure Signature Algorithm Attilax Summary1. MD5 (not recommended) The result is a 128-bit binary, only a 16 binary string is 32 bits 12. the length of the cipher string after encryption using the SHA1 algorithm is a bit more secure.

IE (Part One) confusion about browser mode and text mode in the browser

Label:What is browser mode and text mode?Often use IE developer tools of the classmate, must have seen the browser mode and text mode, for these two nouns, comprehensive related documents explained as follows:Browsermode, which is used to toggle the

Use of bitwise operators

Label:In this article, let's take a look at the objective-c bitwise operator . There are various operators in the objective-c language to handle the special positioning in numbers, as shown in the following table: Symbol

12 Very good chrome cookie management plugin, Developer's Essential cookie Plugin

Label:Cookies are the most commonly used feature of developers, and this article describes some of the cookie chrome plugins that are commonly used in the chrome store, with a total of 12 chrome cookie plugins that make a collection for developers

"Bzoj 1018" [SHOI2008] clogged traffic traffic

Tags: bzoj oi line tree 1018: [SHOI2008] blocked traffic traffic time limit: 3 Sec Memory Limit: 162 MB Submit: 1811 Solved: 580 [Submit] [Status] DescriptionOne day, because of some kind of cross-over phenomenon,

Proof of Fermat theorem:

Label:Proof: If P is prime and (a,p) = 1, then a^ (p-1) ≡1 (mod p)A: Prepare knowledge:lemma 1. Residual system theorem 2 if A,b,c is any 3 integers, M is a positive integer, and (m,c) = 1, then when AC≡BC (MODM), there is a≡b (MODM)Proof: AC≡BC

The regular expression matches the Roman number and returns the match to the value

Label:The landlord of the two days to deal with a demand to match the Roman numerals in the string in a number of strings and take these Roman numbers for a series of operations. In the degree Niang on the search for a long day also did not find

Introduction to SNMP

Label:Introduction to SNMPI. Introduction of SNMPSNMP refers to a simple network management protocol. It belongs to the application layer protocol in the TCP/IP five layer protocol. It provides a simple and convenient mode for managing individual

UVA 10023-square root (hand square root)

Label:Title: UVA 10023-square root (hand squared root)Topic linksTo seek the square root of a given number.Problem-solving ideas: With two points but this number is too big, it has timed out. After reading the problem, we find that we need to

ImageMagick split transparent PNG, merge jpg, and Alpha Mask

Tags: ImageMagick picturesTransparent PNG images occupy a large space and can be split into JPG images and PNG images with Alpha only. Here you use ImageMagick for splitting and merging experiments. ImageMagick version: 6.9.0-q16Test with Bird.png

Day 4th -2015-1-19-openframeworks Series Third Lecture-Object-oriented ball

Label:Yesterday's tutorial, there are so many things to talk about, so instead of talking about nothing. One big reason is--I'm delusional to let allThe level of the reader can read. This is in fact absolutely impossible. Because, everyone has

What are the file formats, common file formats (Chinese-English comparison)

Label:File format a total of 308 26 kinds, in our daily life can be used to really a few of the few, small compilation sent up to share with you!AAce:ace Compressed file formatAct:microsoft Office Assistant FilesAif,aiff: Audio Interchange file,

A new understanding of recursion

Label:Today I saw a discussion on SICP on recursion. Understand a truth:形式上是递归的不等于本质上也是递归的。If a function is formally recursive, that is, he calls himself. Not equal to this function is recursive in nature, it is possible that this function is

Constant pointer, pointer constant, pointer constant pointing to constant

Label:The three nouns, though very raozui, are very accurate. The semantic analysis of Chinese language can easily separate the three conceptual areas.A) constant pointer.Constants are adjectives, pointers are nouns, and pointers are the center of a

General Audio Protocol Introduction && knowledge and technical parameters of audio coding

Label:(reprint) Common Audio Protocol IntroductionIntroduction and comparison of common audio protocols for conference TV white PaperFirst, the digital audio principle: The sound is actually a kind of energy wave, therefore also has the frequency

Custom View Implementation Ring Seekbar

Tags: ring seekbar Custom ViewThe Seekbar provided by the Android system are straight-line. But sometimes we need to use the seekbar of other shapes, then we need to customize the view to implement. Here just implements a ring-shaped, similar to the

tab swipe tab, comprehensive viewpager+fragment+ custom Tab+actionbar content

Tags: tab tab viewpager move Sliding tab UI1.The second menu tab1,tab2,tab3 is a reference to the online example, the first menu is based on its change.2. MenuThe menu here is implemented in two ways, one through the layout file and one through the

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