sql2008-2012 How to turn on remote connection configuration

Tags: data name new user SQ win Server property Server dataOne, remote connection port settings (a key step)1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager on the server. Select the protocol->TCP/IP for the SQL Server Configuration Manager->sql

Mysqldump Practice

Tags: mysqldump; Backup principleBackgroundIn the daily maintenance of the database, we often use a logical backup, that is, the use of mysqldump to export a small amount of data. A backup with a larger amount of data will use the Percona xtrabackup

SQL Injection Tool Practice

Tags: codec encountered shell encoding range timeout 1.7 Sch Search-Type injection netProgram IntroductionThe Super SQL Injection tool (ssqlinjection) is an HTTP protocol-based self-package SQL injection tool that supports SQL injection anywhere in

2017-2018-2 20179204 "Network attack and Defense practice" 11th Week study summary SQL injection attack and practice

Tags:--SQL database Password control hack search type inject log ali sig the 1th section studies the principle of buffer overflow, at least for two kinds of database differential study 1.1 principle Inside the computer, the input data is

Enhancement of the WITH clause of new features and functions in oracle12c

Tags: Test table No fun CTE Test 1.0 Line Date Enc1. SettingsCreate a test table.DROP TABLE test PURGE;CREATE TABLE Test ASSELECT 1 as IDFrom dualCONNECT by Level <= 1000000;2. Functions in the WITH clauseThe WITH Clause Declaration section can

SQL Injection Detail-forwarding

Tags: database end management based on exists database type tree Common GREForward from flying boy if there is infringement please contact delete1: What is SQL injectionSQL injection is an attack that inserts or adds SQL code to the input parameters

centos6+apache2.4+.mysql5.6+php5.6.30 of Lamp architecture

Tags: lamp1 ifconfig2 Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth03 Service Network restart4 Ping www.baidu.com5 Mkdir/root/.ssh6 chmod 700/root/.ssh7 Cd/root/.ssh8 VI Authorized_keys9 rebootTen Vi/etc/selinux/configRebootIfconfigInit

Things to do after the installation of Ubuntu

Tags: and user plain Baidu login title admin Android ChromeFont recommendation sourceLantern can set the global proxyAfter installing Ubuntu, install the Gnome themeBefore installing GNOME, upgrade your system:sudo apt update$ sudo apt upgrade

MAC Upgrade OpenSSL Installation Tengine

Tags: also has core with Col directory concat com alt module"Reprinted from 51179297""Upgrade your Mac's OpenSSL"Terminal OpenSSL version View versions, should be 0.9.8sudo rm-rf/usr/bin/openssl delete your own OpenSSLDownload the latest OpenSSL

Spring Security Oauth2 Permitall () method Small note

Tags: access Java engineer JPA emptying architect Red Cheng handle based on Weasel in a chicken farm on the edge of a monument, wrote: "Not brave to fly down, how do you know that you are an eagle to fight the sky?" ” Since

Spring MVC annotation in-depth study

Tags: ber template variable returns exception handling auto put stat RTT version@Controller @Service @Controller and @ComponentRegistering an action into the spring context, the Bean's ID defaults to the first letter of the class name

"Leetcode algorithm" Roman to Integer

Tags: string Plan xxx case TCO res else NAT ringThe 13th question of LeetcodeRoman numerals is represented by seven different symbols:,,,, I V , and X L C D M .Symbol Valuei 1V 5X L C


Tags: overloaded function functions cannot have a unique scope by creating a basic setUnique_ptr replaces the original auto_ptr, pointing to the object is unique, that is, the same time can only have unique_ptr point to the given object (and

Iron Music Python_day41_ Thread 01

Tags: level own TPS priority page reference address TPIIntroduction of threading concept into background processBefore we knew the concept of the process in the operating system, the program could not be run alone, and the program would be allocated

compiler language, interpretive language, static type language, dynamic type language concepts and differences

Tags: between machine view expansion including BSP policy different execution filesHttps://www.cnblogs.com/zhoug2020/p/5972262.htmlCompiled and interpreted languages1. Compiled languageThe language in which the source code needs to be compiled into

Melted down re-creation of multi-threading

Tags: task properties for Call () get ADC sys parameter COLFour ways of creating:1. How to create and start multithreading by inheriting the thread class2. How to create and start threads by implementing the Runnable interface3. How to create and

Smart Contract Language Solidity Tutorial Series 1-Type Introduction

Tags: Blockchain smart contract solidityNow the solidity Chinese document, either the translation is too bad, or too old, decided to re-translate.In particular, criticized the Geek Institute named "solidity official document Chinese version of"

Pointer array array pointer function pointer function pointer array pointer to function pointer array

Tags: BSP error http one-dimensional array amp result calculator assignment exists1. Array of pointers: arrays of pointers, arrays of pointers1 int *arr1[// store 10 array of shaping pointers 2char *arr2[4]// Array of 4-character pointers 3char

Machine vision Algorithms and applications reading notes (algorithms)

Tags: model filter Gaussian smoothing Alpha amp i+1 detail Parameters Prim1. Data structure 2. Image Enhancement 1. Grayscale Value Transformation 2. Radiation Calibration 3. Image Smoothing 1. Time domain Denoising Method 2. Spatial domain

WINDOWS10 vs2015 compiling 32-bit nginx with Nginx-rtmp-module module

Tags: Pre path source open STC file tar.gz Roo als1 Download the necessary softwareDownload msys:http://xhmikosr.1f0.de/tools/msys/msys_mingw-w64_gcc_610_x86-x64_full.7z from http://xhmikosr.1f0.de/tools/msys/.Extract the Msys from the msys_mingw-w64

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