Blizzard hash to make an integer hash

questions raised We often use it in the project to detect if an array B has the data in array A.Scenario 1: Put the data in B into a bitmap and then use the data in a to probe.Cons: If the data in B is sparse, such as [1,2,900,800], the bitmap is ex

Jobhistory Search Intelligence

Preface Hadoop cluster troubleshooting work must have used jobhistory, this is a very useful "sharp weapon", why so? As the name of the tool, this tool can help you find the history job ran the information, and the information records are very detai

Several ways to parse dump

In the development debugging process, often encounter mobile phone/device crash or dump, memory dump is an important way to analyze the system Crash/dump In the process of Qualcomm, if the device occurs dump, the log of the dump will be cached to a c

The mathematical basis of machine learning: Vector Chapter

Preface In the above, I briefly summarize the basic operation of the Matrix, and give two examples of application. In this article we continue to talk about vectors. Vectors are the basic concepts in linear algebra and are the fundamental data repre

easypr--Development Details (3) Gaussian blur, grayscale, and Sobel operators

In the previous article, we learned about all the steps in the platelocate process. In this article, we analyze the first 3 steps, namely Gaussian blur, grayscale and Sobel operator. One, Gaussian Blur 1. Target The image denoising is prepared for th

Introduction to machine learning--talking about neural network

Introduction to machine learning--talking about neural network This article transferred from: feel is very full, especially suitable for contact with neural network novice. Sta

Xgboost Source Reading Notes (1)--Code logical Structure

A. Xgboost Introduction Xgboost (EXtreme Gradient boosting) is an efficient, convenient and extensible machine Learning Library based on the GB (Gradient boosting) model framework. The library was started by Chen Tianchi in 2014 after the completion

Xgboost Source Reading notes (2)--tree construction of exact greedy algorithm

In the previous article, "Xgboost source reading notes (1)--code logic structure" to introduce the logical structure of Xgboost source code, but also briefly introduced the basic situation of xgboost. This article will continue to introduce the Xgboo

Unconstrained optimization Problems

It is estimated that some readers will find this topic to be very mathematical, and natural language processing does not matter, but if you have heard the maximum entropy model, conditions with the airport, and know that they are widely used in natur

Stm32 Debug--Get Memory data

Before doing STM32 development in order to obtain the STM32 chip internal data into a variety of methods. The first is to use the serial port to send data, and later the system updated to WIN10 after the serial drive is incompatible, so found another

"Autotools-gnu Autoconf, Automake and Libtool Practitioners ' Guide" chapter I

Preface This article is based on the translation of the first chapter of Autotools-a Practioner's Guide to GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool, omitting some of the statements. Body As the preface says, the GNU Autotools is designed to make life e

Construction of lamp environment under Centos6.2

  Install order: apache,mysql,php PHP needs to be installed last, because you need to configure the installation path for Apache and msyql when you install PHP. One. Source code to install Apache, from the official website to download the suffix

"Vision-camera 0" OPENCV Call USB Industrial camera

OpenCV videocapture Capture Camera Environmental win7+vs2010+opencv2.4.9 Camera3.cpp: Defines the entry point of the console application. // #include "stdafx.h" #include <opencv2/opencv.hpp> #include <iostream> using namespace CV; using

hadoop--search engine, inverted index

the use of inverted indexes The key step of the search engine is to set up an inverted index, the so-called inverted index is generally expressed as a keyword, followed by its frequency (the number of occurrences), location (in which article or page,

Analysis of the invitation code generation

Original address: Now the web will often need to generate some invitation code, activation code. The need is unique and random. Here's a summary of some common methods for gen

Ubuntu Exprot,source and Basic symbol description

Shell and Export commands After the user logs on to the Linux system, a user shell is started. In this shell, you can use shell commands or declare variables, or you can create and run shell script programs. When you run the shell script program, a

Experience 1--Upload Resource Introduction, case analysis details

1. File Upload Overview • to implement the file upload function in Web development, you need to complete the following two steps: • Add an upload entry to a Web page • Read the uploaded file data in the servlet and save it to the local hard drive. Ho

The game of elimination

When I learned c a long time ago, I got out of the game (Joseph Ring), but I was interested in only two days. Today I saw a Java also has a similar problem, feel the use of object-oriented to do more appropriate ... Title: 30 people stand in a circle

Play eclipse3-dubug, pour jar packs, rewind items, install Plug-ins, and considerations

Please respect other people's labor achievements, reprint please indicate: Http:// One: Debug Debug Statements Please respect other people's labor achievements, reprint please indicate: Http://

About CPU Cache--The program apes need to know.

Tags: another images int \ n Memory data cannot be struct EVEL AST This text address: Let's take a look at a mind map of all the concepts in this article.Why do I need a CPU CacheAs

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