Installation and configuration of the monitoring tool cacti under centos5.4

Installation Requirements: CentOS5.6 Mysql Apache Php Net-snmp RRDTool Spine--Non-essential Cacti environment required for deployment of cacti "Install MySQL" Rpm-qa|grep-i MySQL #系统自带 Yum install MySQL mysql-server mysql-devel #安装 "Install Apache

MFC "App, Doc, view class" differences and contact

MFC App,doc,mainframe,view each pointer to each other, first of all, the execution order of these four classes is App->doc->mainframe->view. The App class is the SDI as the "program" entrance somewhat like the C language of the main () funct

Nginx Load Balancer + backend node Health Check Install deployment documentation

1. Download Nginx Download, the latest version is 1.11.5 Address: PCRE (Nginx installation required dependency package) download Address: Nginx_upstream_check_module

QT5.4.2MINGW Compiling configuration opencv2.4.9

1 Download the tools you need (1) Qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw491_opengl-5.4.2.exe 842M Download Address (2) OpenCV for Windows (Opencv-2.4.9.exe 348M) Download Address

Wireshark Source Code Analysis

It's not that I don't want to answer your questions, folks. Yes, I don't know either. Not misleading. I hope everyone helps each other. See if you can help those small friends who ask questions to reply. These are reproduced, if there is no way, you

Custom View Exercise-Kanji keyboard

Custom View Exercise-Kanji keyboard Practice Source Android custom keyboard final effect diagram of Chinese character keyboard Basic Knowledge The following is excerpted from the above article First, soft keyboard introduction The implementation of

Open Source Enterprise im-Free Enterprise instant Messaging-Embu interconnect entboost 1.6 Release

Embu connected Enterprise IM entboost Release v1.6 version, major version update content: Embu Enterprise IM increase view online roaming messages (online chat history), support emoticons, screenshots and voice messages; Embu Enterprise IM to find a

CENTOS7 installation Redmine

CENTOS7 System Installation Redmine Project Management method: Because of the wall, we need to modify the image source of Ruby and Gem 1. Install the CentOS System Package and Compatibility Pack first Yum-y Install pa

Maven2 configuration file Settings.xml parsing

Brief introduction: Overview When the various configurations in Maven run, such as Pom.xml, do not want to bind to a fixed project or are to be assigned to a user, we use the settings element in Settings.xml to determine these configurations. This in

UTF-8 of the Unicode implementation of "character encoding series four"

Before starting this article, I've already made a distinction between Unicode encoding (that is, code point) and Unicode encoding implementation. Otherwise, you will have no sense in the following. History We know that the ISO 10646 committee defines

Apache Common function Combat

Apache is the first Web server to use, and a in LAMP refers to it. It is widely used because of its open source, stability, security and other characteristics. A previous article has documented how to build a lamp architecture, building is only the f

Use FFmpeg video format conversion, video capture, video capture, screen recording

FFmpeg is so powerful that you can do your job with a few simple commands.Put Darkdoor. [001-100].jpg sequence frames and 001.mp3 audio files use MPEG4 encoding to synthesize video files Darkdoor.avi:$ ffmpeg-i 001.mp3-i darkdoor.%3d.jpg-s 1024x768-a

Implement the Set Frame (10): The realization of double-linked list

I. Data structure of doubly linked list 1. What is a doubly linked list? Doubly linked list is for the single-linked list, we know that each node of the single-linked list has two fields, one is the data field, the storage element node data, one is t

Keyboard input A word in English, capitalize the first letter of each word

In Python, there is code that can implement this function directly str2 = "Hello nice to meet Print (Str2.title ())There are a couple of similar features Convert #将字符串中的大写转化成小写 lowercase to uppercase print (Str2.swapcase ()) #就第一个首字母大写 Other low

Chrome News Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type Text/plain warning resolution

After installing VS2012, Chrome will report Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type Text/plain when the page is loaded. This is because VS2012 changed the Windows registry when it was installed, and changed the type label for p

Forward agent/Reverse proxy/transparent proxy/transparent mode

1, forward agent (forward) is a server between the client and the original server (Origin server), in order to obtain content from the original server, the client sends a request to the agent and specifies the target (the original server), The agent

Deep understanding of distributed transactions

Reproduced from:Blog Park I introduced spring's transaction principles in the previous issue (see Deep understanding of the spring Transaction principle), the spring transaction is essentially a stand-alone transaction and is guaranteed by the databa


Set nocompatible SOURCE $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim SOURCE $VIMRUNTIME/mswin.vim Behave Mswin Set Diffexpr=mydiff () function! Mydiff () Let opt = '-a--binary ' If &diffopt =~ ' icase ' | Let opt = opt. ' I. ' | endif If &diffopt =~ ' Iwh

The difference between ROWID and rownum

rowID and rownum are rarely used by database developers, because most of the data is batched in enterprise database development, but it is still used by other database personnel.rowID and RowNum are virtual columns, but their meanings are completely

Linux_ the executable program into a service __linux

To create a service for an executable program When the Linux system is started, we can see that a lot of service programs are started one by one (that is, those with a blue [OK] line behind them), and these programs that run in the background play an

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