The difference between FIFO and GPIF

What is FIFO(First Input first Output, FIFO queue) This is a traditional sequential execution method in which the first entry instruction is completed and retired, followed by the second instruction.1. What is FIFO.FIFO is the initials of the English

Introduction of encryption algorithm and selection of encryption algorithm

Introduction to Cryptographic algorithms I. Cryptography INTRODUCTION According to records, in 400 BC, the ancient Greeks invented the replacement code. 1881 the world's first telephone secrecy patent appeared. During the Second World War, the Germa

Base64 Code Explanation

The following is reproduced from: Developers are sure to be familiar with Base64 coding, and whether or not they have a clear understanding of it is not necessarily. In fact, Base64 is simpl

ftpclient upload and download files, Chinese garbled problem solved

Use class: Problem Description: When creating Chinese catalogs and uploading Chinese filenames, the Chinese characters in the directory name and file name are garbled. Workaround: Google on the Internet some info

Several common solutions for simulating harsh network environments

first, using Fiddler to simulate the poor network environment   In solving the daily support needs, often encounter some user feedback some can not easily reproduce the bug, a large part of the bug is due to the user's own network environment fluc

Fully understand the difference between hadoop1.x and hadoop2.x from the perspective of Hadoop development

Questions Guide 1.hadoop1.x Retrofit If it is two jobtraker, what do you think solves the problem. 2.hadoop1.x Retrofit if it's two jobtraker, you don't think there's a problem. 3. What do you think of hadoop2.x yarn? In view of my interview mentione

ORA-01652: Unable to extend temp segment by 128 (in Tablespace temp)

Yesterday, the system submitted approval flow has been reported "system busy", to view the background, found to be "ORA-01652: unable to extend the temp segment by 128 (in the tablespace temp)", this indicates that the temporary table space is insuff

Unreal Engine 4--multi-cast Delegate and the realization of the observer pattern

This blog describes the use of Multi-cast delegate in UE4 and how to implement the Observer pattern using Multi-cast delgate. Delegate The role of delegate is to bind an object to its function, resulting in a function that can be called globally. Thi

Wild Talk series of high performance customizable distributed generator

Liu Bing, nickname, open source technology enthusiasts, high performance Redis middleware Nredis-proxy author, the current research direction for Java Middleware, micro-services and other technologies. first, what is the distributed generator We sho

Add MIME mappings for IIS Publishing

The test release encountered a small problem, involving the previous no contact issues, recorded. Background: Features require that video be called from the server, enabling the ability to browse videos in a Web page. Problem: Your own video is ".

JDBC Connection mysq servertimezone settings

MySQL always returns a problem, 8 hours earlier than the actual time. Check that there is a problem with the time zone configured in the URL of the JDBC connection, first jdbc:mysql://172.xx.xx.xx:3306/test?useunicode=true&characterencoding=gbk&

You may not need redux.

The original address: People always choose redux before they really need redux. The starting point may be, "even if I don't need it now, I'm going to use it for the future scalabil

Use the LS command to view a list of files and directories

Basic Features List ls The most basic form will display the current directory of files and directories $ lsNote that the list of the LS command output is sorted alphabetically (by column) -F parameter makes it easy to distinguish files and director

CentOS6.5 modification Time

After installing the CentOS system, it is found that the time is different from the present time, because we chose the time zone when installing the system is Shanghai, The CentOS default BIOS time is UTC time, so the time is different. At this tim

How to optimize your JS code

The execution efficiency of JS code often directly affects the performance of the page, sometimes, to achieve the same function, different JS code often in the efficiency of a lot of differences, and sometimes just because of our writing habits cause

Ubuntu Environment Variables--Add and remove

Turn from: Note: 1. The author's system is Ubuntu 13.10, where environment variables are set in similar but different ways in other Linux distributions; 2. Here take the environment variable

Problematic file:/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/easy-install.pth.dist__python

Did not expect to install OpenERP on FreeBSD will encounter this problem: ===> registering installation for py27-setuptools-2.0.1 as automatic installing py27-setuptools-2.0.1 ... pkg-static:py27-setuptools-2.0.1 conflicts with py27-distribute-

To add an automatic email function to a program

to add an automatic email function to a program(2009-09-19 00:21:31) reprint Tags: smtp email it Category: Development Recently in the development of the Department of software products to add the crash, a lot of research on

The usage of strcmp and strncmp

strcmp and strncmp are used to compare strings, and the difference is whether the specified length string can be compared. strcmp C + + functions, comparing two stringsSet these two strings as STR1,STR2,If STR1==STR2, return 0;If str1 > str2, retu

The use and analysis of RABBITMQ

1. Introduction The solution coupling between systems is simply an MQ (message system) approach, while in many MQ scenarios, the more extensive and higher-performance open source projects are RABBITMQ. RABBITMQ is written in Erlang language and is in

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